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Server Update

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New random day: Day of Recycling.

New random day: Murphy's day.

Changed some of the summonable animals nexus (lowered it)

Summonable stones are in the game now (to be manufacturable soon under the summoning skill)

New books (for the summoning stones, and the new potions).

New file for the bots and spiders: online_players.txt (available shortly after the server restart). This file has the players (not the bots) online, space separated, no html or anything else. All the bots and services using the html version MUST switch to using this file instead.

Fixed the 'ghost in hell' bug. We worked about 2 weeks to track this bug, and we are very happy that we fixed it. This also fixes some other bug, where bags of your inventory 'randomly' poped out in some locations enabling items duplication, under certain circumstances. Fortunately, no one knew how to reproduce this bug, so the item duplication was very very low (we know this by observing the logs).

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