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Night of the Shadowcaster

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Night of the Shadowcaster

by Damned_Angel


As the tale of the Shadowcaster has long faded in the hands of time, the people of Seridia have forgotten about The Great Pyramid of Elandria; which once stood high, within the very heart of the Forest of Shadows.

As time has passed, only the high initiates of Elandria's Secret Council know that in just one night, that wonder of the ancient times was turned to ashes by the most powerful elemental storm the world has ever seen.

Many, many nights have passed since that moment, and year after year the water, the wind, the fire and the earth have finished the work of the devastating storm, covering the ruins and burying them in the depths of what we now know as the Marsh of Morcraven.


Each year, in the first day of the winter, the members of Elandria's Council gather in a secret location to worship their goddess, to remember the past and to uncover the future. At the end of the ritual, the high Priest opens a silver box, from which he takes two black crystals. By inserting them into a strange device, a vortex of power is created that links all those present. In this moment, each one has access to the ancient knowledge and can deposit there all he finds important for the future. When the vortex is closed, the High Priest returns the crystals to the box, and, using the power of his forerunners, hides it within magic itself.


Then the best of the disciples is asked to come forward, and he is told the story of Ariel, the great priestess of Elandria that saved the ancient alchemy knowledge from the wrath of Mortos's High Priest, Decebaal.

"One day, a strange messenger came and asked for an audience with the Great Priestess, saying that he bears a message from Mortos, the God of the Gods, the ruler of the world. Ariel knew that this moment will come, she was prepared for everything. In her soul she was happy in a way, because two of the Temple's alchemists who had left the pyramid a long time ago with two crystals of knowledge sent her a message that they have reached a new continent, where, using the new knowledge they had acquired, they had hidden the precious knowledge from the eyes of Mortos, focused in that time only on the battle with Aluwen's forces.


With her mission accomplished, she received the messenger of Mortos, who proved to be the high priest himself, the powerful Decebaal.

"I come to claim your knowledge for my powerful god's weapons. Join us or disappear forever under the feet of Mortos", said Decebaal, then proudly look into her eyes.

"First of all", she said, "let me welcome you as a guest Decebaal. Since our gods aren't enemies, please take a seat"

"I want your answer now, Ariel", replied Decebaal. "Will you give me your knowledge or not?"

"The knowledge of alchemy is not mine to give Decebaal", said the priestess.

"Then all of you shall die like the rest", said the high priest, turning around and leaving the quarters. Smiling, Ariel asked for the members of the Council to join her in the room of shadows. Everyone knew that this was the end, and slowly, she looked at each of them nodding, they knew what they must do, focusing all the power they had into one spell, they destroyed the temple of Elandria! Decebaal did not have the time to leave the temple and did not have the time to understand what killed him.


Those who passed through Morcraven said, many years from the storm, that at night strange shadows are wandering through the region.

No one knew their origin, so they thought that somewhere in the marsh, there is a strange Shadowcaster that tries to speak either with the alchemists from Elandria's church, or with the warrior of Mortos that died in the storm... Maybe the initiated alchemists know the answer...

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