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Server Update

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The vial seller sells in bigger quantities.

Tanta also sells in higher quantities.

New item: Enriched Death Essence. The chance to make it is considerably higher than other enriched essences.

New summonable monster: Phantom Warrior. Requires 1 enriched death essence, 5 bone, 10 life essences, summoning 57.

New summonable monster: level 60, requires 1 serpent stone, 10 death essences, 20 life essences.

New random day: Stakhanov Day

Decreased the gold drops from Phantom Warriors

Two new potions: Potion of Alchemy and Potion of Potion. They are currently 'buyable' only, but they will be 'potionable' in the future.

Made the teleport to the other continent portal room spell require level 50 magic.

Changed the images for the potion of invisibility and potion antitode.

Fixed a potion of invisibility bug where you were able to drink it just as someone attacked you and stay invisible during the fight.

Added support for auto manufacturing. For the time being, until a client update, the implicit quantity is 5. However, if you move that can be stopped. Later on, once the client support is available, you will have the option to select how many items you want to make.

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