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Diary of a common man

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Totally screwed up chemistry today o.0


Bad boy! :evil: 20 alchemy points off.

(Did I mention I'm a chemist?)


Although I don't think n00bs (note: NOT newbies) will understand it anyway...


I suppose you're right. The ones that would understand, wouldn't need the hint :P

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Hehe... Real N00bs dont even WANT to learn...

Here's some more on the story:



Blackened Light, Day 32


After we hiked a lot in the forest and set up a camp once more, Tiwo asked me why I'm writing this Diary. Maybe I should write down why.


A long time ago, my sister gave me this Diary for my birthday. I knew how to write, but all days were the same. Once in a while something happened worth writing about. Those were my first entries. Once I first met Tiwo, I wrote almost daily, so much things happened. I ripped out the first few pages because that's not interesting compared to the rest.


Tiwo asked me something else, how I came up with the dates; Blackened Light isn't an official seison. Fall was about the only real seison. After that, it seemed like someone whispered those names into my ear. I must say most of the names pretty much cover up the feeling of that time. When I told Tiwo his eyes grew big, and he mumbled something about me being the real one.




I wonder what he meant by that?



Blackened Light, Day 33 - Gaining of Knowledge


Today I woke up, knowing I controlled the Sigil of Knowledge. I told Tiwo, he just smiled and said I was destined to.

We're still heading east, I can see a hill in this huge forest. Maybe that's where we are going. There's only one problem, the closer we get to that hill, the denser the vegetation is, and the more monsters we encounter. We now constantly walk with a Barrier of Power around us, so we don't have to fight every little monster.



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 1


We made it. We are walking up that hill right now. On top of it is the strangest thing. A platform, starshaped. Out of the middle blue bubbles rise to the sky. Tiwo pushed me in. I could feel every particle of my body being shattered, only to be repaired hundreds of miles away. It hit me, it was a teleporting device.

We ended up in a beautiful place, the vast plain of perfectly green grass was only interupted by red and yellow flowers. Everything was covered by a bright, white light. There was a hill, much like the one the teleporter was on, only that the teleporter was replaced by some sort of tempel. It had no walls, only pillars that supported the wonderfully painted roof. There seemed to be no specific entrance. An even brighter light than the light which covered these fields, shone from the inside of the Tempel.


Tiwo told me to stay at the foot of the hill, while he's going to ask for an audience. I'm wondering who I'm going to meet?





*Not too much this time. I've got loads of the story planned already though, but I gotta see Star Trek :P


Oh yeah, I gotta study French too o.0 Darn it.

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:) French was easy anyway...



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 2


Tiwo told me to get into the Temple, that's all I needed to know. So I did. When I entered the Temple, I could see an old man, who had white clothes, a snowwhite beard which was almost as long as the man himself, and an oak staff. We had a nice conversation. I'll quote it:

Old man: 'So, you made it. You're a bit early, but that doesn't matter.'

Me: 'Early?'

Old man: 'Yeah, it's good to see you're catching on so quickly. Your skills are improving at a higher rate then we ever expected.'

Me: 'What do you mean by that?'

Old man: 'Ah yes. You don't know yet. I'll tell you why you are here. You know how our civilisation got destroyed. I was one of the few who didn't get affected by that 'cure'. In those times I was a great wizard, although my name is now long forgotten. I killed myself, making sure my spirit would stay intact in this place. I lost all my nearly powers in the process, only one remained. The power to awake a person's sleeping talents.'

Me: 'I don't see how I fit in...'

Old man: 'I was just coming to that. I did all this so that one day I could help our world getting normal again. I am here to give our Hero's their skills. You are our Salvation. A special Hero you might say, which all other Hero's tried to be, but were not. You are going purge this land of the Evil.'

Me: 'Wha-'

Old man: 'I know you figured out Time. So you must know that there are two things you lack right now: Skills and Time. Knowledge you have already. After I've given you your Talent, you need to go to the counterpart of this place, a vast desolate plane of ice and fire, where you can get Time. I wont tell you how to get there, Tiwo will lead you. Once you have Time, you should be able to figure out how to get rid of the Fog, and make all creatures normal again.'

Me: 'Aha. So basicly you're telling me I gotta save us all. Right. I'll do my best then.'


The old man didn't seem to be pleased with my sarcasm. I think he kinda meant it. After our conversation the man gave me potion, sending me to sleep.



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 5


I woke up today, the man said he finally awoke my slumbering Talents. I'm gonna get some more sleep now. Tomorrow Tiwo and I are heading for that counterpart of this place.



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 6


I can feel everything being much easier to learn, the old man did his work properly.

The old man sent us back to the dark forest we came from, but the teleporter was gone. We're heading North now, Flying over this forest.



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 7


My hand's tired of writing so much. So I enchanted a feather, it'll write the things that happened every day. Why didn't I think of this before?


I think I can see a sea at the horizon, we're heading for it.



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 10


The last three days it was just plain flying. We finally reached the sea I saw. We set up a barrier and went to sleep, after we'd slain some orcs.



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 11


We Flew away from this Continent, away from the fog. When we were a few kilometres offshore, Tiwo grabbed my hand and Teleported us away. We're on a cliff now, over the edge is nothing but an empty dark, sometimes that dark is shattered by a red glow, coming from deep down.



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 12


This morning Tiwo jumped off the edge, I followed him. We are still falling. The darkness has changed, the red glow we saw from above now constantly burns from beneath. I wonder how we're getting out of this?

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is it end or you gona write some more? :oops: i would be happy if i could read all the story :oops: . I think the story what is here is GREAT!

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It's not the end :) Internet f*cked up at my place, so I couldn't post. But here's some more:



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 13


The red is changing, there are little spots of white-ish blue in it now. We must be falling at great speed now, although I don't feel the wind anymore.



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 14


I now see what those colors are. The red is lava, coming out of the ground like a fountain. The blue is water, most of it ice, but around the lava fountains it's smelted. It seems magic, ice and lava together... Maybe it is magic. But a pretty powerful one, I'm wondering who'd cast such a spell anyway?


Evening edit: Around noon Tiwo said we should slow down by Flying. It was weird, pushing myself up, but still falling down. We made it to the iceplane, but we got no place to sleep. Everywhere lava is flowing just under the ice, we don't know where the next erruption will be.



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 15


We can see the hills in the north coming closer with every step. But we gotta walk a long time before we will get there. And all that time we wont be able to get any sleep...



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 21


We are about halfway to the hills now. We finally found a place to sleep in this Godforgotten place. Its a small island of dirt in this sea of ice and fire. But as ugly as it is, that dirt is worth more to us than the most beautiful island back home...



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 27


We made it to the beginning of the hills. Ten miles away is a strange looking rock, it's shaped like a hand conjuring an energyball. I think we're going there tomorrow.



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 28


Those ten miles looked way easier yesterday. Loads of turns and impassible obstacles made us walk about three times those ten miles. On this soggy soil, thirty miles is much.

This evening we arrived at the Hand. In it's palm was door. I think we're entering it tomorrow.



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 29


We entered the Hand. In it was a wide plain, much like the one were I got my Talents - only it's not lovely, every plant has died due to lack of water, every flower has been chewed on and spit out again by the hungry creatures that roam these lands. On a hill was a Temple, it looked like the one I saw 28 days ago. Only a red light shone from within.

Tiwo said I had to make a decision there, a hard one. I wonder what that decision is?`



Paradise of Wisdom, Day 30 - The Loss of Innocence


I entered the temple today. In it was a chair, it that chair a horned red man, with a tail. I think that was a dragon, in its humanoid form. I'm not sure though. That creature asked me, in a low thundering voice, if I was prepared to sacrifice my soul for the sake of the world. I said I needed some time to think about it.

I don't know what to do. Did I come this far, just to lose my soul? Somewhere within, I have known I was going to try to save the world, but at what cost? I wish I never started this journey... I wish Tiwo never met me, and the other way around. And that is something I never wished before...

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Heh :) The first stories I ever wrote were on this forum :) It might be in my blood or something o.0



Endless Agony, Undated


I must be out of my mind. The morning after that dragonish man asked me his terrible question, I answered with a mere yes. For a second the man's eyes lit up, as if a fire burned from within him. Then, everything went black.

I woke up, I don't know how much later. Tiwo was standing next to me, his beard a few inches longer. He told me I was in the Chamber of Time. An eternity here took about a second in the normal world. This is where I could train. I wouldn't age, nor die of exhaustion, hunger or wounds. I didn't need to sleep.

It was Training all day long. If you can speak of days...

I write this after what seemed a thousand years. Give or take a few decennia. I know I am the strongest person ever. I know I am ready for my trial. It seems I am the only living person that hasn't gone mad in here. But I want to get out, and clear the world of it's evil.



The Purge, Day 1


Everything went black once more. When I woke up, the dragon was standing next to me, the fire in his eyes still fading. 'Already back?' he asked me. I didn't answer. I stood up and Teleported away, right through the fog. When Tiwo didn't come along I went back. But there was no Tiwo anymore. The dragon said Tiwo was only here to aid me in my journey to perfection. That journey was complete. Now, Tiwo was back where he came from. Some might call that place heaven. Other's the Eternal Plains, or, as the dragons do, Eternal Lands.


I am on my own now, ready to fight the world. But I will miss Tiwo more than anything. I lived with him for over a thousand years...

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The Purge, Day 2


I went to search for the wreckage of the ship that crashed into the medicine today. I found the spot, right now I'm on a hill several miles away. At the foot of the hill dense fog swirls and curls around, above the crashsite a green smoke rises into the skies. I bet that's the medicine, escaping from it's vault.



The Purge, Day 3


I Flew towards the crashsite. When I got close to the medicine, I started to feel very happy, all anger faded out of me. I knew this was bad, I might get mad after an overdosis. So I flew back. Right now I'm working on a plan to get rid of the medicine. It's pretty hard, considering it might explode...



The Purge, Day 4


I went out to get some of the ingredients I need for a special ball. I'm glad I can Teleport, it would take me months to walk everywhere.



The Purge, Day 7


Finally found all the ingredients. I've put them together in a small, red ball. I added some magical effects. If I throw this ball in the vault, it should consume all the medicine, leaving only water. The fog in the direct area of the ball will be more dense though...



The Purge, Day 8


It worked excactly as I thought it would. Only the fog is way more dense than I expected. I'm gonna get out of here, before I get totally mad...



The Purge, Day 9


This morning I woke up with an idea in my head: since I can't get rid of the fog; I might be able to lock it up somewhere. Although I don't know how. Yet. The big problem is that the creatures constantly refresh the fog by breathing. But I will find a way.



The Purge, Day 10


I just casted a huge Aireal spell, a strong wind is blowing all the fog to a certain point in the sea. Once all the fog is there, I shall send it into space.



The Purge, Day 26


Finally I got rid of the fog, or atleast the bigger parts. I sealed the huge cloud inside a magical ball. It wasn't easy to conjure it; it has to last forever, and it has to be really strong. But I think I managed.

With all my might I was able to get that ball into the endless darkness called space. We're rid of that now.



The Purge, Day 27


The only thing left is the fog breathed by the creatures, and the creatures itself, ofcourse. I'm thinking of a way to fix them, but I can't figure anything out.



The Purge, Day 31


I found a way yesterday. The only problem is that it involves me killing myself, so if it goes wrong there's a huge problem. I'm going to recalculate everything a few more times.



The Purge, Day 32


I think everything will go well. But I want my story to be completed. I enchanted my feather, so it'll write in this diary for a day after my death. I just gotta cast that spell now. I hope it works...



The Purge, Day 33


Nothing happened. And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. I didn't even get hurt... Maybe I have to recalculate my physical strength and ethereal power...



The Purge, Day 34 - The Beginning of the End


OK; this is it. I'm going to put a stake through my heart for this one. If the spell fails, I wont be able to do anything...


Feather Edit:

This Evening I completed the spell. Although I am perfectly dead, the spell failed. It even made things worse. The fog hasn't disappeared at all, it only went invisible, never to be seen again. The society were I was born might think the fog is gone, and try to do all kinds of weird stuff. But they'll probably die trying.


I can even explain what happened. The moment I staked myself, my powers were released into the 'wild', some of it was taken over by the fog. That invisible fog will be more powerful as the visible one...



Final Note, by the Feather


If anyone stumbles across this diary, please try to get rid of the fog. I don't know how, I do know why. If you do, the civilisation you and I lived in will return to its original state, leaving out all the violence. Without the fog the violent creatures will turn friendly again, ensuring worldwide peace. You might find yourself living next to an Orc or a Minotaur.


I hope you can achieve what I could not.


A mere common man.







Tadaaa. Might change some stuff in this post... I'm not completely happy with it. So any critisism would be cool :)

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Very, very nice.


I'll collect the bits and pieces and print it out tonight, see if I can give some constructive criticism. I honestly think this is the best storyline I've seen so far.

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Wai! I'm gonna make some changes in names, edit out the spelling errors and see where I can improve the story a bit more. Any suggestions would be nice :)


Smart, Thanks!

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OK; Grum PMed me some things that should be better, I changed them. Once more, a big thanks Grum!

If someone else happens to stumble on something bad, just tell me, I'll change it.

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Guest Kaldrax
Blackened Light, Day 10  


Now I can see why we didn't Fly over the Lake, all sorts of weird birds are vulturing above it, looking for fresh prey. Each time a horde - that's the best word for it - flew over us, we took a deep breath and a long dive. The water isn't that safe either though, loads of mad fishes in there...  


How did he write while swimming?

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He wrote it the day after :)


But you're right, I'll change it. Thanks for the help :)

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Geelef, I really like this story. I especially LOVE the ending. :P


However, it's not very relevant to EL, so I don't think we'll be able to include it in the main calendar of events, but would it be okay if I put it under Misc. stories? This could be like an "Alternate Universe" kind of story.


Alternatively, you could work on it to change it so that it'll fit in with the rest, and get included in the main story. It would mean getting rid of the bit about the elves splitting the continents, maybe making that dragon-man thing to be an incarnation of Tiral, maybe changing the place names and such. The use of the essences and the metaphysical aspects of Time are very interesting, though...I'll have to think more about how to incorporate them in - if you want to. But what this can do is to be the event that sparks off the Extermination of the Dragons, because of the fog of violence.



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This musta been burried in layers and layers of stories lol.


Goodness Lyanna you dug this great story out.


by the way Geelef I read every last day and overall it is a great story. I can not really say much negative about it, which lets face it I love to do lol.

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Thanks Arafin, and Lyanna ofcourse, although she's gone...

Ehh, to the perosn who's taking over Lyanna's old job: use it as you like, edit it if you please, if you really want me to change lots of stuff in it, just tell me, I'll be doing it in no time :P

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Well, basically, the creative control is in your hands. Do you want to weave it into the central storyline (see the sticky), or keep it as an alternative EL history story? What changes to be made will be dependent on that decision. It's up to you.



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