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Since I haven't updated this thread in a while, I'll just mention that I'm still working on the map editor (integrating eye candy with it). Current status: you can place things like fires and edit bounds. Need to allow them to be height-adjusted, there's a bug in specifying things like sizes, needs some refining on effects that take bounds, need to be able to reselect existing effects, and everything needs to be able to saved. After that, we'll need to find a good solution for windows users and the new effects options will need to go in.

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Bug \o/

Pointparticles strike again :dry:


This is at the waterfall in northwest Bethel, can get coordinates if needed.


Advanced video tab: everything except frambuffer support, shadowmap is 512;

eye candy tab: enable eye candy and blood set. max 28, min 15, light columns 10, played around with max idle from 17 to 25 (didn't have a visible effect on the effect mentioned below). (capped fps at 28)


FEATURES: default but with X86_64, ZLIB and without AUTO_UPDATE and CUSTOM_UPDATE.


Let me know if you need more information, system specs etc. (ATI Radeon Mobility X700, 128 MB, latest stable drivers 8.35.5; gentoo linux, Turion MT 32, 1GB RAM)


Here are the pics:


with point particles on



with point particles off




edit: official server, 'old data' files

Edited by Ermabwed

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Just an update: Apart from dealing with incremental improvements (such as new effects) and bugfixes, map editor work is done. All map-placable effects can now have custom hue and saturation levels, and in general are more adjustable.


On to get NEW_LIGHTING to the point where it will be a default option, by adding in material properties for individual materials. :P That should address the one big holdup -- that some materials, such as snow, need a higher ambient.

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