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Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

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Great song, if you can bear with one lasting (way) more than 3 minutes :) ... Vanden Plas - Silently, can't stop listening to it atm :)


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Guest Trojan_Knight

I hate that gummy bear song. Actually I'm joking. But i do hate it, cuz once ya hear it.. All ya do for the rest of the day, is sing the tune to yaself. And there is absolutely nothing you can do. To get that song out of ya head lolz.


~~> me <~~ ;)

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wow...thanks for that Natsume :icon13:

What a performance :)


I love too much music to post here so I'll just add two of my favorite Canadian bands and I'll stop.


Broken Social Scene


Anthems For A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl


Cause = Time


7-4 Shoreline


Fire Eye'd Boy



Pitter Patter Goes My Heart





Pulmonary Archery


Boiled Frogs



This Could Be Anywhere in the World



Polaroids Of Polar Bears


Water Wings


Counterparts and Number Them



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