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Ring of Power requires only one binding stone

Crown of Mana and Life are manufacturable (crafting)

Two new rings, under crafting: Ring of Mana Destruction, which removes 20 mana from the opponent during combat, and Ring of Massive Mana Destruction which removes 50 mana. Both rings require common ingredients.

Increased the price of the Thread to 2 gc, decreased the drop rate from spiders, made it manufacturable under crafting.

The gold ring and silver ring give more experience.

The Medallion and Ring Molds are now manufacturable. So is the Mortar & Pestle.

Gypsum requires knowledge in order to harvest.

Some small exp and level adjustments for some of the low level manufacturing items.

New negative perk. Find out for yourself.

And the cherry on the cake: Now the items required to manufacture (hammer, needle, molds, etc.) can be lost, although the chance is pretty low.


The new formulas can be found at: http://www.eternal-lands.com/manufacture.htm

One last thing: The new rings were not properly tested, please report any problems.

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