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My old dead computers

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I have difference hardware and componets from mant of my old computers (Most dated 95'-98)

plus one new working Xbox (Orig vers) which Includes a 100GB harddrive.

I have a shell of an old computer

3 different HD's (a 5Gig 3Gig and 100Gig)

2 different DVD drives (Samsung, and Toshiba I think)

1 CD drive (Standard samsung)

Would I be able to recreate a computer using my Xbox and my other parts of 3 other computers to make a semi usable computer? (With windows XP? current is Windows 95) I have the XP installation disk.

I dont know what other crap I have with the computers. I think the best ram I have is 32mb. (Which would be easy to upgrade) and a Pentium 1 prosseser (Sux)

How you I go piecing together all of the best parts into one computer?

I know it probably wont work, but I want to try anyways



I dont know really what my point was for posting but I guess you could maybe figure it out

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Actually its strange, That night we had a family friend over and she said she had a broken cpu in her trunk, and said she would give it to me (She said it was broken).

I took it apart to see what it specs were, and not bad it had pentium 3 prosseser, New 80 GB HD and 64MB ram. I put it all back together and powered it on, I havent had a problem with it, Ive been using it all week.

I love the Windows XP Professional it came with...

It was just what im looking for... Im trashing the old computers.

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is that steve irwin siggy of u actualy a dead msg ingame ?

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silly question scarr, it says 'steve irwin' as 2 seperate words, a username can't be in 2 seperate words, so my guess is he put in his filter: the_knight = steve irwin


and then he kept suiciding t'ill he ended up with this.

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