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Upcoming PK event

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This event is for everyone, although in practice only the high level attack/defense/magic/summoning players have a chance.


The objective:

There are 3 forts in KF. The contest will last for 30 minutes. At the end, the objective is to be the only one left in whatever fort you chose.

In the event there is more than one person from different guilds in one of the forts, the contest will continue until that fort is occupied either by one person, or by people from the same guild.


The rules:

Pretty much anything is fair game, so you can do whatever you want, with the following exceptions:

a. You are not allowed to go in the fort before the contest, log out, then log back in at the end of the contest so you are in the fort.

b. One fort has a small non PK tower. Going in and out of that tower during the contest is strictly forbidden.

c. No summoning of weak animals (below bear or goblin). Weaker animals won't do anything but cause lag.

d. No teleport to range in the fort near the end of the contest.

e. We might add some new rules in case someone points out some obvious cheats.


The prizes:

There will be 10 prizes, 3 for each fort, and one special prize for the best player that didn't win in the contest. How we determine the best player is subjective, and I will make the decision based on player feedback and my own observations. Some factors will include the number of kills, tactics, etc.


The fort prizes will be distributed like this:

In the event a fort has only one player, he gets to chose his prize, and the prize for other two people not himself or his character. The most obvious decision would be to give the prizes for the fellow guildies, but the winner can decide to give the other two prizes to whoever he wants.

In the event more than one player from the same guild is in one fort, but less than 4, each will chose his own prize. If 2 players are in the fort, they both get a prize and the one with most kills decides who is the 3rd player to get the prize. If more than 4, the prizes will be assigned based on the number of kills. If there is a draw, they can decide who gets the prize, or if they can't reach an agreement, I will decide who gets the prizes by throwing a dice or somehing. Yes, you won't see the dice, so you'll have to trust me on it.


The players will not be allowed to chose what item they want, mainly because many of the prizes are new, secret items. So instead they will chose a number from 1 to 20, and I will have a secret list where to each number an item will be assigned. Again, you will have to trust me, as this list won't be made public until after the prizes were assigned. The items will not be given until everyone decides what number they want.


Among the prizes there will be about 12 new items (I didn't count them), and some existing items, including a 250Kgc prize, courtesy of the IRON guild who got fined for illegal multiplaying :icon13:


The time

It will be in a weekend, around 10 PM GMT. Not this weekend, but either the next one or the one after that. Preferably on a Friday. The exact date will be announced after the update.


Other info:

There will be 3 new summonable animals, all requiring animal nexus 5. We will have an Arctic Chim, Yeti and Giant. So the summoners are adviced to get that nexus and stockpile ELE, EME and EWEs.


For comments related to the contest, see this thread: http://www.other-life.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=28065

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