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who thinks i should be a mod

Should i be a mod?  

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  1. 1. Should i be a mod?

    • yes
    • no
    • shut up cause ur stupid

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I say no because its simply not your decition, if a mod was needed then the developers would ask you themselves not the other way around. So i think this post is pretty pointless.

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um, just like you want people to post why now it would be nice to know why you would like to be a mod in the first place >.<.


What could you contribute to the development of EL?


what difference could you make that other mods cant.


Or is mod just some title that you want to experience before you quit in the future distant or near?


Eh, well It's not my place but since you asked I sayed no =P.


for the same reason I could of said yes.


Yes or no... does it really matter? Video game admins have to run on a dictatorship inorder to keep constant stability. If I wanted you to be a mod it wouldnt matter, if 100 players say they would quit unless you became a mod it still doesnt matter.


If you junkpacketed EL's harddrive... err then it would matter =P But not in a good way =D.


Oh well gl =D

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well i know damn near everything, cept C programing, also im not a spammer like freakin rebel,and noobs get spots even tho theve been playing for 2 DAYS!(alstria). Plus ive played since the begining, bout march i started :cry: :oops: but i deleted my char for about 2 months then came back in july so :P

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