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Setting Prices - New items

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Well i think no1 wants to happen like it happened with iron stuff, every noobie having full iron set by harvesting 10k lupines .... :)


SO im waiting suggestions of starting prices !

IMO they should be over the npc prices ! who hasnt got antisocial their win who has it well keep market on track ???


So most used items as i saw till now are : TIT shield , Cutlas, Rapier, Tit cuises and greaves!


These are my price suggestions imho :


Tit shield :

1k from tit. bars

20k from hydro bars

200gc from fes

4k from binding stone


+10k for manufacturing it


35.2k (35k to be round number)




Cutlass i wont make like above ....since all ppl sell it for 32k so guess its set and the ores are in non dangerous areas




Im selling for 38.5k


1,5k - tit bars

10k from efes

27k from hydro

200gc thread + leather


+15k manu level


53.7(53k to make it round )



Tit greaves:

900- tit bars

10k -efes

20k - hydro

150gc - minorities



+10k manu level


41.05g (41k)



I dunno i guess its exagerating but u use both FP when making bars when making swords for bars fes and stuff so thats also a cost !!!


Please ur opinions !

I dunno if we should only take opinions from manuers!!

Can i get it Sticky too please?

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i like your idea to keep market on track, but most ppl who r anti have a friend that will buy things from npc for them, and ppl r going to sell for under the npc price anyway

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really is a good idea but happy_g said the true , the anti use other peoples to buy things so is impossible make more expensive from npc...

THe NPC prices should be more expensive anyway,

Nobody wants work for free...

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The rarity of the metals involved will make these items hard to make for people. I don't know how many people will want to risk their necks in pk zones to get the hydro and wolfram for any of the new stuff. I see the value of those ores and bars going up up up...especially with people demanding the armors and weapons.


I don't think the market prices should be worse than npc prices though unless it is unavoidable. Equal, maybe, but not higher. There are not enough anti-social people to rip off to support the idea of higher market prices than npc's. That is obviously your intention....to rip off the anti-social.


Once I get the ability to make the new armors and weapons, I will Not lose business to NPC's. That idea just sickens me.

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If my ideea is to rip off antisocial ....for ur matter my level in manu is not high enough to succesfully make enough armors/weapons to sell around! so clearly ur accusation is no good from the start !

I just said to keep prices up !

Heres 1 scenario for u :

X: selling "new armor" for 50k

Y: selling "new armor" for 45k

X:selling "new armor " for 30 k

20 Noobies coming: *going harvest liliacs *

20 noobies returning: WTF FULL "new armor" set

And is it just me or u have just joined soon and didnt saw how price of EFE dropped from 15k to 2.5 in couple of months and how market got spammed with "iron plate sets"



But it's also true no1 can impose their prices to others thats why i asked and also topic is set to "LETS SET PRICES TO NEW ITEMS" not "THESE ARE...."

Im still waiting ur prices opinions havent seen 1 so far(show some numbers)

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mabey the best answer is to sell them 1-2kgc under npc price


edit:the hard part is getting everyone to not undercut someone else

Edited by Happy_G

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Actually, why SHOULD we sell for less than NPC?


It doesnt have to be that way, NPC dont have to sit mixing, so its our time and efforts you are paying for plus the delivery.


IMO selling slightly above the NPC price also works well, since you are dropping the stuff off to the buyer and saving them the implied costs of time n travel to the NPC they would otherwise buy from anyways...


(In some cases this may include a telering and teleroom essies)


But thats just me, feel free to cut your own profit margins at your leisure :)



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would suggest having the npc charging an extra 10 % of cost .......would encourge the sale from players to players

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