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Sry for the new topic aisi i couldnt find another topic about summon even tho i know there is 1 somewhere!

I accidentally found out that 2 months ago EL got some new creatures in summoning skill !

So i went so armed orc / gob / cyc etc !!


Now my suggestion is cant devs make a Giant to be summoned?

It's also as a role play spell since in the times of wizards and stuff like EL has , lots of wizards and lets say gods had Giants defending they lands , secrets or treasures !!


How about giant summoning !

it could look like this


Animal nexus required 6


 5 wooden hammers 20 raw meats 20 bones 15 life ess 1 wooden shield 1 serp sword or stone !

(note: wooden hammer and wooden shield - to make him look like he does all brown - leather equiped and wooden hammer) :)

Roja made us unicorn - i wanna summ 1 :) please roja :)

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Too cheap formula for giant. I would suggest tit axe instead serp, since 2 giants can kill almost everybody in el :)

Recommend level could be 65-80 :P

Exp could be 10-15k


Then yeti could be 6 animal nexus, 10 level less than giant, 5k exp and


25 Polar bear furs

15 Raw meat

15 Bones

15 Life essences

1 Titanium Serpent Sword

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Why are these high lvl monsters have no ELE?


Because those people are no summoners and know nothing of the skill :hug:

I am summoner, I have rank 4 at Selain! :omg:


Those les can be changed to 2-5 eles, so you can spend more money to summoning :devlish:

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