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Fals Acusations

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SHeesh got me banned from contest on what reason ?

Let me tell u !

He gave me the scorr he got to some1 else wihtout even looking at my stuff!

I got plenty of witnesses that saw me say "How can u make me a score? i didnt even gave u the stuff?"

I said that at least 20 times !


Dont Get ur players wrong please !!

CLear MY NAME !!!



IF i must ill post a 5 post long chat log with everything that was said at the contes !!!


Please CLear my name

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here is the proof i found when aislin told me to do it !

EVEN THE harm was done i built my reputation from day 1 of EL got destroyed in a couple of minutes by her :( ! SAD ! great job


[22:21:54] [PM from philbert13: hello]

[22:21:57] [PM to philbert13: hi]

[22:22:02] [beyonce @ 3]: Buying a/d/p/c pots pm me

[22:22:15] [PM from philbert13: i think you got banned from contests under false reasons]

[22:22:21] [Achaja @ 3]: I am Selling 60 FIRE ESSENCE for 3 Gold Coins each. I buy RAW MEAT! - PM me with INV or LOC :P

[22:22:22] [PM to philbert13: mr ?]

[22:22:28] [PM to philbert13: me ?]

[22:22:31] [hitmens @ 3]: selling 150 reasoning potion [pm me for prices]

[22:22:33] [PM from philbert13: i think they gave my score of 79 to you]

[22:22:47] [PM from philbert13: your score is listed twice and mine isnt listed]

[22:22:53] [Vooten @ 3]: SELLING: 1 Steel Long Sword - 500gc ea | 1 Conjurer Cloak - 4500gc ea | 5 S2E's - 550gc ea | PM me with HELP for more info!

[22:22:57] [PM from philbert13: i was scored right after kylara]

[22:23:23] [PM from philbert13: chance is on, im trying to get this cleared up]

[22:23:44] [PM from philbert13: in the forums, it says you cheated and i dont think you did, i think the mods made a mistake]

[PM from philbert13: just thought you should know]

[22:24:18] [PM from philbert13: maybe between the two of us, we can get this cleared up]

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My deepest apologies. You are clear of charges. You are allowed to continue with competing in events. No words can describe with the sorrow I feel at the moment for falsely accusing you. We all make mistakes. I hope you will forgive me.

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Calm down, I spoke to you ingame and we will get this settled.

Please keep in mind how many people there were all trying to not only give their stuff and get a score, but trying to talk to her in various channels and pm's.

Nobody wants to have you on that list. If there was a mistake made, it will be corrected.

Please do not yell and rant at somebody who worked their tail off for days for this, and has done and is doing their best to make it go smoothly amongst countless people.

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