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and when there was potion capes <3

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3


I should pull Tum or 007 in here.

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omg 1 click harvests ... thats how i became fluent on using a mouse ....:(

cost me a few though ...

and tele nexus to naralik .. most fun i ever had

i some how came lucky with bear though i spent 99% of time harving lilacs at votd flower shop (just outside)most gc i ever made

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i remember back before manufacturing something didnt have a wait time u click u got what youi wanted...good old days and yes id taker the click of death back in trade for harvesting exp running out for the hour to be gone :(


PS i remember teh Brian_Huting and Elise me miss them both :P ooo and P_L_A_T_Y_N_A


sry for underscores forum not let me put her name she was a baddie :)

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I remember the Manu god being implemented and Frak paying newbs 10k per rat tail. I started my vast millions that first batch of tails. :rolleyes:

Tit bars were 15k each.

I made like 10k steel bars to get my alch level to 60, and countless pants were made in general stores throughout EL for my level 60 manu.

I remember the bag jumpers in stores would try to get peoples manu'ed stuff to sell to trik.

I remember no LadyWolf, but we did have the loudmouthed psycho broad (plat)....and that was just as bad.

Only a couple of lame PK guilds back then, but I did business with most of them.

Tornado and Aquarden had the first master cape.

You could store food, but who cared....you didn't need it for anything except harvesting.

The game was fun.

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Talking to other people in the guild I'm in, I realized that, in terms of EL, I'm old.

I was just wandering who else remembered things from a while ago, when EL was a diffrent place. For instance, I remember when you got hit by a teleporter while harvesting, you got sent to Naralik, or having to click each time you wanted to harvest something, instead of clicking and waiting. So, how else out there is 'old' and remebers these things?


Old? lol


Old is when there were no skills in the game and all you did was chat with the other players.


and imaginary splinters from sitting on the isla prima docks all day. or trying to navigate white stone without a map (#beam me up scotty)...


and debating game mechanics on entropys homemade forum page :icon13:


heh, he should never have listend to me :P

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