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European clinic for computer game addicts...

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Check out the link to this BBC news story about a new clinic for young people in Europe who are addicted to computer games...






And I quote:


"These games can be designed to keep the players going, there's no pay-off, it's like climbing a mountain with no top. They're not in their rooms playing games about collecting flowers. They're up there for 18 hours a day playing computer games about killing people."


So as I'm not a Pk'er and spend most my time Harvesting flowers I'm allowed to get addicted to EL. This amused me and thought I'd share it... All you PK'ers better book yourselfs in :D

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If a gamer said he wanted to go out for the night and meet people we'd throw a party

Keith Bakker

Oh man i would wish to kick his ass for this...i mean come on!There are people whose entire life is gaming(Fata1ity?) and yet they are doing fine....sigh....ok....."not" so fine ;)

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