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Help Me Please!

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Ok, Heres the problem:

I have a 1-2 page paper on what causes magnetic pull to a computer, and what damage it could do to it, And its due tomarrow.

Please help me if you know, I Googled it and Absolutly nothing came up, I really need help.

If you know anything about this please post here!

Once again the Players from EL can help someone in RL!




Please only post if you know stuff about it thanks!


And can someone please get me a lonk to something that explains this?

Thanks again

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Some sites to browse through with information on both sides of the arguement, some cross referencing and some definitions.


Dont forget to cite your sources ;)










What they basically state is that a very powerful magnet may affect some of your computer componants if they are close enough for long enough. I will let you read the rest.



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