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Gambling at the EAF

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An event like the EAF is a great opportunity to bet. Not only can you win money while betting on your favourite fighter, but you also support the winner financially. The winner will have a small percentage of the total amount that was bet.


The rules for betting on a fighter are these:

- You can place a bet on a fighter, right before the battle takes place (probably an hour in advance).

- The minimum of a bet is 100 gc. There is no maximum.

- After the battle you can collect your winnings.

- For now all bets should be placed at Nidan. Hopefully this will soon be overtaken by a bot.

- After the winner is announced, all the money that was bet will be counted.

- 3% of this amount will be given to the winner of the fight.

- 1.5% of this amount will be given to the loser of the fight. (or the one that finished second, to make it sound a bit more positive :))

- 1.5% of the amount will be divided over the organizers of the fight. (Avernus, Dushan, Zaer, Nidan and the announcing Moderator)

- this leaves 95% of the total bets to be divided equally amongs the winners of the bet, of course taking into acount the amount of money they bet.


An example:

In total 100k was bet.

The winner will get 3k

The loser will get 1.5k

The organizers will have 1.5k to divide in 5 equal parts (300gc each)

that leaves 95k for the winning gamblers.


Lets say playerA and playerB have a fight. You have bet 5k on playerA. Because playerA was slightly in an underdog position the total amount bet on the fighters was: 35k on playerA, 65k on playerB.

The total amount of cash to be divided is 95k. The ration was 35:65, which means for every gc you bet you get 0.95 * (1+(65/35)) = 2.71 gc. You have bet 5k, so that makes a nice 5k*2.71=13571gc!


Now let's say playerB has won and you have bet 5k on him. You would then get 0.95 * (1+(35/65)) = 1.46gc per gc you bet. Which makes 5k*1.46= 7307 gc.



These are the rules, if you don't agree with them: Please DON'T bet. No whining afterwards please.

If you do agree on them: Happy Gambling! :dry:

Edited by Nidan

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perfect how long until u get the bot to do this that will be so pr0 it gonna be gamble or a new one? and if any1 has any ideas on this help nidan out :dry:

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The winners from the fight between WarAxe and Hardcore have been paid out 4.75 times their bet!


Some problems which i should take of of next time:

- let betting be available a bit longer before the fight. A lot of people werent there in time to bet

- make a minimum of 100 gc. Someone bet 3 gc this time... :pirate:


Also i should have remembered the fee for the winner, which i will pay out of my own pocket for this time :pirate:


But overall, i think it wasnt that bad :pirate:

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I have created a bot named EAFBot, if it is allowed to run on the main server, it will be used in the next event.

It has not been tested extensively yet, so when it will be put on the first time, the max bet is 100gc. If all goes well, the time after that there will not be a maximum.

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