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Guild Hosting

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I just recently got Guild Portal to ad EL to its supported game. Check it out if You need site hosting. They have a lot of cool features.




The new LLL site is still being worked on but here it is if you want to see an example. http://guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=75990&TabID=656051





*** I have nothing to gain from this and I have nothing to do with guild portals. They just have a nice set up and I thought I'd share :P ****

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Guild portal offers a nice free site for Guilds and Clans, there is one catch however and that is 1 or 2 advertisements on your portal site.


However you can pay a fee of $25 to remove the advertisements from your portal & I beleive been free there is a limit on posts in the forums (dont quote me on that go look yourself).


The site offers a nice easy public place for your guild to run their site and also ally with other sites.

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