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Travels before NordCarn

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This is the story of Nordrer, son of Nordreg of the last order. Written down by Portren, son of Prectren of the last order and told by Kordren, keeper of the writings. Note: All races spoke elven then.


“The blackness, oh how dark it was for I could not see and the clan could not also. We groped like spiders, trying to find our way out, always fearing the slightest noise in the eternal blackness. We had one rope that tied us all together, and for food, we ate what we had when we came in. We dwarves forgot much of our lore and we changed from what we knew. But, of the utmost importance our task was to carry the name Dvar forever.â€


“Many years we spent trying to find our way back out, and one by one we were dying. Strange creatures not seen by the dragons killed us without us knowing. The line would go limp, and we would untie the unfortunate dwarf and lay him to rest in the darkness. Our eyes tried to find things that they could not see. Straining to see even a glimmer off rock, but even that was hidden to us. Finally, as we had begun to lose all hope, planning to give up together we saw light.â€


“Like the promise of Dvar it shone upon us, we saw where we were for the first time in many years. For many of the newborns, it was their first time seeing light. The deep cavern was made of uncarved stones; natural formations were all around us. The creatures that had haunted us turned away from the light and they ran. We watched their coats of shiny hair ran until they were lost in the blackness. We dwarves looked at each other and saw ourselves for the first time. Scraggly beards, scrawny shapes, torn and beaten clothing, and faces with such hope and determination as if they were fresh from rest. We ran.â€


“Towards the light we went to! All of us screaming the name of our God, and running with our muscles straining. Sweat poured from our faces, for we had not known how far it was. But still we continued, and we shook our heads at the rocks as if they were our enemies. The creatures howled inhumanely and began to come upon us, as if edged on by the light or by their God. On all fours they ran and they had long noses with no teeth in their mouths. We learned as some of the slower and younger were killed that they used their claws to make them into bite size pieces. The light prevailed as we got closer and they were beaten off.â€


“And that is how we managed to get out of the tunnels of the gods a few years ago†Nordrer says. Every year he had to teach the 10th year dwarves the same thing. “Was I there?†asks one, wearing wolf skins. “No, you were not yet born†didn’t they listen? He had said it was 11 years ago. “Now, each of you is a full fledged clan member†As usual they danced around in great glee, if only we were all that happy.


Nordrer spotted Grupfer getting the clan ready to move again, so he walked over the cold winter grass to talk. “Is it safeâ€? Nordrer asks. “You ask me that every time when we need to move again, I have to say that it is. Do we really need to translate it into our new language?†Grupfer asks with a hint of sarcasm. “Of course it is, it is too dangerous to have just one.â€



“We are North of where we started off†says one of them early in the morning. The clan is moving, on carts, donkeys, ponies and foot. They tried to stay close together, so they would be better defended. Most wore clothing of fur skin and sometimes wool. Weapons were sparse, and most were relics. “I know, the signs are correct, He would not let me forget†It was true; Dvar had given him a painful, imprinted vision of where they would need to go.


The weather warmed, and the dwarves welcomed it to their cold bodies. If they had known what it would bring, they would have cursed it. But for now, they basked in their short lived joy that would end in screams. For as the weather warmed up the orcs came out of hibernation. They would need fresh food to replenish after their long fast. Like ants, they came out of their caves and holes.


It was hot, unbearably in this land. It was wet, they ate cold food and they could not stay dry. Many caught strange fevers in the land that they were in. Heavy sweats, a fiery in the body, or an icy chill would kill faster than the rate in which it would heal. They were not meant for or used to the Land north of Tirnwood.


“Gather together!†he shouted as strange creatures jumped upon them from the low hanging cliffs. Tall and muscular with green skin and were taller than the Betrayers and the Learned ones. They scooped up dwarves with glee for they were good meat, and the dwarves were helpless to stop them. Screams erupted in the night and the orcs with their prey left them. “Why was Dvar powerless to help us?†I wondered.


They soon discovered that while Mortos’ creatures were stronger, they were more afraid of fire. The dwarves used this to drive them away when the orcs came, and soon it was discovered to be the best defense. No longer were children allowed to roam free, and no longer did the dwarves welcome the warm weather. “There is the pass we must go through†Nordrer says, gazing upon the twin peaks, later to be the beginning of the worst of their travels.


Before they reached the twin peaks they were assaulted. The chief of the Yurd clan had heard of the good meat in the north. They marched, their long legs made strides that carried them faster than the dwarves. Soon, it was inevitable that they would fight on the marshes before the pass. To do a battle that would decide the fate of the Dwarves.


The dwarves held their circle. Wielding flaming branches they held them bravely in front of them. Balzex, the chief of the Yurds came upon a tall boulder, “It is useless to try to run fools! Make it easier on yourselves by giving us your flesh!†He says in their harsh elven tongue. “Never, upon the name of Dvar and my clan Carn, you shall not eat us till we all fall.†says Nordrer in elven. “So be itâ€




The orcs howled and roared, they came near enough to scare the dwarves. “Mortos provides a feast, he is with us.†A few dwarves bravery fails, and they drop their flames. Others then buckle the lines in. The orcs attack the dwarves with the force of a hammer, many die and many are taken for fresh food. Fear is in the air and the dwarves panic to find a way out. Some do, and one of the Dwarves, Nordef gets clubbed by a fist to the ground. His brother Nordrem comes and saves him. The remaining Dwarves flee.


The dwarves are heart broken, they had failed. Most of their clan was now dead and their hope of getting to the Promised Land faded. “We have a hope still†says Nordef “We can summon Dvar to save usâ€. They argue for a while, but then agree it is the best thing for them to do.


They chant “Dvar, we summon thee†again and again in Elvish. The ground shakes and out of the ground grey smoke forms. These turn into flame and there is black and red flame on either side. A hooded man with all the colours and none of them stood in the middle of these flames. “I welcome my sons of stone†he says in his Godly voice. “Your hope relies on not failing and to be stronger than stone. You must be harder than steel to break, and to be reliable, do not let fear enter your hearts!â€


Nordrem questions “We need you to kill the Orcs! Or at least do something to help us out†Dvar in all his Glory says “I cannot†which are his last words known to be directly spoken. With that he fades back into the ground.


“We will defend the pass; we must stop the Orcs once and for all. We will be stronger than steel and kill them all!†They raise up a cheer among their ragged and thin ranks. The Dwarves spread out along the cliff, infused with Dvar’s gift of Berserk. In the night the Orcs come again. “At last, we find the food easily. I am glad to be gone of my winter pains†says Balzex.


Once again Balzex goes on top of a large boulder. “Your race are all fools, you and your Carn die he—†A dwarf had thrown a rock at Balzexs throat; and he collapses on to the ground. This act enrages the Orcs, they charge upon the dwarfs. But the Dwarfs stay as firm as steel. They throw rocks and they burn orcs in the Glory of Dvar. “Are these the same one we fought before†the orcs say. Soon, most of the Yurds are dead, and they deal with Balzex by beheading him.


Upon leaving entering the marsh they see the dead. Many, many elven bones and armor lay on the ground. Upon a tree lies the inscription “The battle of the Elves. The animals have been slain, glory to the High elves, united once more.†The dwarves look warily around, but they see no sign of battle, or enemies.


“Another sign of the Prophecy, there is the halo of Aluwen, there lies the land that is promised†Says Nordrer pointing to the mountains of Tasengaurd. “We shall take the only route I see, over the mountainâ€. “Is it wise, or will he kill us all?†they mutter to themselves.


They climbed the frigid mountains high above the marshes of what is now called Tasengaurd. The ice penetrated even the heaviest cloak, and the cold was everywhere. They could not escape it; only by the means of Mortos would they be warm. Many chose that path, dying in the frigid airs, thinking they were warm. Other took tumbles off the cliffs, or died from malnutrition.


Upon the second week of their travels Grupfer slide upon ice and managed to cling to a frozen rock. In his other hand he held a scroll that shone with white light. He throws the scroll up, and it lands near the cliff, a slight breeze would push it over the edge. “I can’t hold on much more†he cries. Nordrer comes upon the snow banks. “I will save youâ€. He says in front of all the dwarves who were petrified. For the scroll on the snow was their only True Scroll from the Betrayer.


“Take the scroll, take the scroll you fool†Grupfer cries desperately. “Who cares what the paper is! We have the translation in Dwarvish, you are flesh and bone and cannot be copied.†With that he lifts Grupfer from the cliff just as the scroll falls, to where it lays today.


“Dvar must not have meant us to go this way, for if we continue we will all soon die, we must go back to the marshes†Says Nordrer. They travel back to the marshes, and lose even more Dwarves by the mountain. “What a miserable place! Marshes that are hot and foul and mountains that intend to kill you by cold!†They complain.


When they were upon the wet marshes yet again they saw a passage of rough stone. “Let us go figure out what this tunnel is†Nordrer commands. Upon reaching them there is writing on parchment. “Here, we dug till we got to the other side, holding off the animals that call themselves brethrenâ€. “Dvar smiles upon us, for here is the land which he spoke of!â€


When they reached it the Dwarves found a basin formed by a long lost battle. “This place I shall name Nord Carn, for its founder, and for its clan. May this place be our final destination!â€


If you guys think its crap, just delete it. Im still a bit new to writing. Although I read tons, the difference is distince.

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Interesting story :wub:


It is not "crap", but it also does not really fit that all races spoke elvish, the dwarves forgetting their lore, the dwarves wandering around aimlessly for years etc.


At some points it sounds like a story-board rather than a story, if you get what i mean.

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Interesting story :)


It is not "crap", but it also does not really fit that all races spoke elvish, the dwarves forgetting their lore, the dwarves wandering around aimlessly for years etc.


At some points it sounds like a story-board rather than a story, if you get what i mean.


Yes I understand, I first tryed to let Nordrer be the point of view, and later on I changed it. Which, most likely isnt a good thing. Ill try to make it change the view, add more detail and change the "strange" things.


Thanks for the response, hopefully this will make me better at writing.

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