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Guest Werre

Hello, I have a slight problem

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Guest Werre

Hi, my character is Werre and he has been banned recently. I have talked to Chance (the mod who banned me) and I understand why my char was suspicious. I was advised before starting the game (I knew someone that had played previously) that I should only concentrate on my harvest level to stock up on materials and sell many for money so that I can go faster later. I did not see anything suspicious in this, but now I do. If unbanned, I will go ahead and reset (like I had planned to do after stocking up) and work on my other skills so I do not seem so suspicious. Also, he said that he thought there was more than one person playing from where I'm at and I honestly have no clue what to do about that. I connect to the internet using a wireless server on my college campus (maaaany people are connected to it) and it is quite possible that there is another person that plays EL and happened to be on at that time. So, I would be extremely grateful if my case were given consideration and I hope I get unbanned because I have been waiting forever to get started on the rest of the skills (can you imagine?!?!).

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