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The Game

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Don't know if this belongs here... please move it if there is a more fitting location


The Game


Displaced, misplaced

misfits and

malcontents of all colours

creeds and



Brought together and

forced apart

from corners


and near.


Strangers in a land

at first virtual,

but made real

by its



As capable of stirring love,



and hate as real

as any Real Life passion.


Just a game

but made more by

its players.

And play we do

in our hundreds.


Open to all yet exclusive

Under a God as capricious

as he is benevolent.

Welcome to the game...

Are you ready to play?

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Very well done. :hehe: It's rare to see good poetry here. I like your themes and structure. Would recommend reducing Real Life down to small letters though. It would read slightly better, I think. The capitalization introduces a pause in the phrase which throws off the rhythm. Other than that, it's really good. I especially like your alliteration and wordplay during the first two stanzas. Too bad it couldn't be continued throughout. The themes come across quite strongly too.



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Mmmmm... with regard to your initial comments, please see the reply I posted to The Pk'er. I expected to post these and for them to sink without trace.



For this one, the capitals in "Real Life" were instead of EL and cos of the "real" in the line before...


Glad you liked it


Thank you for the comments

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Really nice job Johnny,

I really liked it :blush:

Keep on writing!



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