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The Gentle Kisses of Twilight Consume Me

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The summer wind caressed the trees just as I was once caressed; wind a gentle element capable of destruction that could easily tear at the leaves as just my heart was torn by a simple caress.


The radiating summer heat gradually faded with the light as the lands slowly welcomed the proud spark of onyx. The moon shone her beauty and begged to the sun to allow darkness to arise. Day shed his skin and fell into night with a sigh of gentle breezes.


Beneath the stern gaze of the forest and her children, a solitary feminine figure with shimmering silver hair layed herself down beside a small stream of crystalline freshwater. Glistening with the glitter of a blue draegoni's scales, the woman appeared to glow in the soft din of twilight. Her soft pale lips were slightly chapped from her day's journey, her hair dishevled and tangled. Her eyes glowed with fiery ambition long nulled by the weathers of travel. She was placid, like the water that danced beside her. The only noise that echoed through the forest was the soft crunching of her unicorn mare that grazed contently on the volumptious grass that growed nearby.


((I'll add more once I get the chance..feel free to join in.))

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A crystal clear stream, Just what any elf could wish for. He moved from treebranch to tree branch, his footsteps never faulting in their quietness. He almost seems to be dancing by himself,So used to the movement he could do it with his eyes closed.


This elf came to a stop, quite nearby this dragoni, He just sat there for a few moments, watching her. Almost as if he wishes to watch her there, But also irritated that he did not have the spring to himself. His long blue hair was braided back. On his back are two swords, looking alot like daggers. His armor light weight and compact. He has leather gloved with the fingers cut out. His limpid brown eyes and silky smooth movements, shows all the signs of a master of whatever he does. He calls out to her from his spot in the tree.


"Tell me. Do you always travel alone, And why do you choose to linger alone even if you do travel as such. It is not smart miss. Should use your head one of these times?"

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