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why do people sit around forever?

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Thinking back, I remember wondering the same thing as a newbie. Thinking really hard right now, I realize I must be sitting cross-legged somewhere pointless on the Whitestone map picking nose.....


Right from the beginning I saw a large group of people sitting around a veggie patch doing nothing and thinking of the Peanuts kids waiting for the Great Pumpkin on Halloween. Then I noticed while reading the game docs, that I was doing the same thing.


I have a PC strategy 3D game called Empire Earth in which 'villagers' while harvesting, squat down and move their arms around blindly in front of them. When doing nothing, they stand still and jump up and down every so often. It's hilarious.....


I thought about suggesting such movements in EL so it would look like players are actually doing something, and making it easy to tell if players are AFK or not. This would probably use up too much memory or bandwidth somewhere, so not useful. Besides, it's more relaxing doing nothing!

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I don't know why others do it but I like to sit around and look purty. That or I passed out again.

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