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Trouble in Whitestone...

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((This story is about Lord Luxin facing the troubles of the food supply and overpopulation in the Whitestone area, I decided to use REAL guild names and player names hopefully to get more people into roleplaying, guild names and player names can be edited if they request it for their protection :D ))


Lord Luxin was in his tallest tower overlooking his realm, one would say that he was enjoying the cloudy view of whitestone with the sun's rays pouring through the clouds that allowed it, but if one were to really look at him you could see the trouble in his eyes. Lord Luxin knew that there was civil unrest not only in the Whitestone realm but in all of Seridia. He feard that because he was a eternal and would never die that he would be overthrown by conspirators if he did not take care of the rising problems in Whitestone. As Lord Luxin was pondering on such matters his advisors came in. "What do you have to report today gentlemen?" asked Lord Luxin. The advisors began their report.

"Lord Luxin," said his military advisor, "crime is growing in the city streets and roads going out of the city, people are stealing food from farms, money to buy food and the elves in Tirnwood Vale are growing restless, they want their independance from us sire."

"hmm," murmured Lord Luxin,"next."

"Lord Luxin," replied his financial advisor, "There is not enough money to go around with the overpopulation of the area, there are too many poor people, raising food prices, lack of jobs, and not to mention the overharvesting of natural rescources has taken its toll on us."

"Overharvesting?" asked Lord Luxin.

"Yes sire, the once abundant flowers, vegtables, and animals are dying out, soon there wont be anything to harvest for money and the animals are being eaten by the Leprechauns, Brownies and Wood Sprites."

"*sighs* What else?" asked Lord Luxin.

"Lord Luxin," said his foregin affairs advisor, "I have been told that gnomes from Irillion have been mobilizing their fleet and may launch an attack somewhere in Seridia."

"Great...just great!" yelled Lord Luxin. He looked at the rest of his advisors, "Does anyone have some GOOD news?"

No one had good news for Lord Luxin, after a long silence he sent his advisors away and locked his tower door. "What will I do..." Lord Luxin said to himself, he had been talking to himself since his most trusted advisor was caught in a coup to get him overthrown. Lord Luxin got himself a glass of wine and sat down on a chair looking at the sky from where he was seated.


Meanwhile back at Trinwood Vale...

The representatives of the elvish guilds and clans were meeting inside a treehouse to discuss elven liberation. The guilds that were present were the Infernal Elves represented by Teli, Elven Liberation Force represented by Arby, Elven Helping Hands represented by Skaboy and other smaller guilds and clans along with individual elves that were not in any guild or clan. Among the elves was the only human, Zelse. It was in the midst of the meeting..."So what do you all think of the gnomes' proposition?" asked Zelse.

"It's a bit risky." said Teli.

"It's the only fighting chance we have Teli." replied Skaboy.

"An opportunity like this won't come for a long time, if ever; again." said Arby.

The elves began debating on a proposition made by the gnomes presented by Zelse, then they voted and told Zelse their decision.

"I'll go tell the gnomes, what odd circumstances I find myself in..." said Zelse and he was off to Irillion.


Meanwhile within the City of Whitestone...

Guilds and Clans were becoming aggresive with eachother, forming fragile alliances and secret treaties. Along the streets of Whitestone one could hear the protests and riots of the people demanding food, jobs and better wages, not to mention the theivery of bandits. Bandet of the Warriors of Whitestone City was trying to settle down a angry mob at the gate of Lord Luxins Castle. "Calm down everyone! fighting wont make anything better!" he yelled, but the angry mob answered back in yells and shouts.

"Hand over Lord Luxin!"

"Give us food!"

"We need jobs!" shouted the protesters.

"You all will have food if you would just go to a farm and grow crops and raise animals, it is because all you people do is travel and explore, you never stay in one place and do what needs to be done, you just do what you WANT to do not what you SHOULD do!" yelled Bandet back at the crowd. Then a Draegoni attacked Bandet and soon the rest of the mob joined in, Bandet called for the guards and soon a civil war erupted in the city.


At Lord Luxins Tower...

"Luxin, Luxin your life is in danger!" Dunian, one of Lord Luxins good friends was knocking on the door yelling his name. Lord Luxin was asleep and jumped up to hear his friend. He unlocked the door and said, "It always has been..."

"Your people are attacking your gate, go to the overlook and see for yourself!" pleaded Dunian.

Lord Luxin looked out the overlook and saw in horror that his good friend was right, he was being attacked by his own people, the fighting was slowly spreading throughout the city streets.

"Dunian, go get General Montarius and tell him to smash this riot!" said Lord Luxin, just then a scout came in and gave a quick, tired report "ohh Lord Luxin!" it was the scout Sylvester "The Gnomes fleet ambushed the Whitestone Armada, they have docked at the Lakeside Village, Trikes Army is holding them off, but they wont last!"

"How did you get past the gates?" asked Dunian.

"I used the teleportation spell to get into the gardens" answered Sylvester while panting.

"DUNIAN! go do as I asked now!" said Lord Luxin in a panicking voice.

"Right away sire!" and Dunian was of to get the general.

"You there, scout." said Lord Luxin as he was writting something onto a sheet of paper.

"Sir?" said Sylvester.

"Go get a captain and give him these orders, they are to protect the castle walls so no one can teleport into the garden to try and kill me, the other order is to lock the city gates and get an array of archers on the wall to shoot at the rioters." said Lord Luxin grimly.

"Y-y-yes sir..." and Sylvester was off.

Lord Luxin was alone in his tower again and he decided to stay clear of the overlook and go to a more safer location. Just as he was about to leave he received a message to his mind, it was from a elf.

*Lazy Lord Luxin, the elves of Tirnwood Vale declare their independance from your foul reign; do not send your troops into the woods for they will be swallowed up.*

"Just what I need, another revolt!" he said as he pulled his hair and went to the throne room.


Meanwhile back at Lakeside Village...

"Fire the cannon!" hollered TirasHazor and *boom* the Lakeside tavern was destroyed. Zelse watched from the tiny island of Lakeside as the village began to burn. "Where are those elves at?" he said to himself, a soldier gnome came to him and told him that the preparations for the attack on The City was to commence soon and if the elves were ready. "They are not here yet, tell commander Tiras to send a band of troops to walk the rest of the way to teh city through Tirnwood Vale to rally to elves to come join the attack on the city."

"Aye aye." said the gnome as he marched off the the ships.


At Tirnwood Vale...

"Teli, a small force of gnomes is at the edge of the woods waiting for us to go attack the city." said an elf.

"ok, Skaboy and I will lead the attack on the city, Arby is to defend Tirnwood Vale and prevent re-enforcements from entering the city." said Teli. Soon the agile elven army mobilized and set off with their gnome allies to attack Whitestone City.


At the Fruit & Veggie's food store, WSC...

Shydenaya and EngelNacht we're trapped, they were stuck in the general store with Marcel, the owner. They were being shot at with fire arrows from orders of Lord Luxin to put down the revolt.

"At least we wont starve to death." said EngelNacht jokingly.

"I wish I was as relaxed as you Engel." said shydenaya.

"Well you wont starve ta death 'lessn you gots munny hunny." said Marcel as he hid behind his bar.

"They're shooting arrows as if it was rain, and the people outside are falling like flies!" said shydenaya in shock as she peeked outside the window. Suddenly the arrows *wizz* stopped and faint shouts from the men on the wall were heard yelling "gnomes!"

"Lets make a run for it shydenaya." whispered EngelNacht and off they ran.

"Yall come back now!" yelled Marcel.


Meanwhile in Lord Luxins Throne Room...

Lady Wolf of the Wolves was on her knee's at the foot of Luxins Throne bleeding. "You can't lead Whitestone Luxin! you have poor leadership abilities and you need to be replaced!" she yelled and was kicked by a guard.

"Lady Wolf...I presume?" said Lord Luxin grimly, "you can help with the overpopulation problem..." Lord Luxin got up and stabbed The Lady Wolf sending her to the underworld. "Filthy woman." he said as he cleaned his sword. Just then a soldier came in and reported that a joint army of gnomes lead by TirasHazor and Elves lead by a council of elves was attacking the city east gate.

"Get a mage to send a plea of help to Portland." said Lord Luxin.


During the war...

A strong sense of nationalism arose when the Whitestone City rioters realized that their city was under attack by gnomes and elves. They aided Lord Luxins men in defending the city walls. Hours later they gnome-elf army broke through the city walls and were fighting street battles for control of the streets, but were pancaked by the Portland Privateers and Whitestone Defenders. Despite the gnomes superior technology, they were outnumbered and being eaten by Orchans from Grubani. The elves were unorganized and were falling apart. Despite losing the battle the elf-gnome army managed to storm the castle and capture Lord Luxin.


Dungeons, Whitestone City Castle...

Lord Luxin was captured and held hostage, his loyal friend Dunian stayed with him.

"Now Lord Luxin...lets discuss a treaty." said TirasHazor.

"Read him the propsed Treaty Zesle." said Skaboy

"*ahem*" began Zelse, "Tirnwood Vale is to be made into a independant nation with its borders respected, Whitestone is to pay the army of gnomes all of the money it has borrowed from the nations of Irillion immediately and there will be no more expeditions to Irillion aided by Whitestone." Zelse said as he read aloud the demands of the elf-gnome army.

"Zelse...why are you with the enemy when your a healer?" asked Dunian.

"I am a healer yes, but I am also a citizen of Palon Vertas, Irillion and I believe that Lord Luxin should be removed from power and that the elves get their freedom." answered Zelse.

"I can't believe you Zelse..." said Dunian sadly.

"I will never sign such idiodic demands!" roared Lord Luxin, which earned him a backhand-slap from Teli.


Meanwhile at Whitestone City...

The elf-gnome army found a gap in which to escape the city and we're given orders to leave. Lord Luxin had stalled his invaders long enough to force them to release him and retreat withought him having to sign the 'treaty' but while the elf-gnome army was retreating, they set fire to and destroyed the cities food supply, pillaging and burning homes as they went.



Lord Luxin knew his people would go through a famine soon and prepared for the worst, parts Trinwood Vale were in his control although elves were still revolting, and he set bounties on Zelse, TirasHazor, and other 'villians' who he saw as 'preventers of production' but Lord Luxin faced a even greater challenge -aside from constant assasination attempts and kidnappings- which was to feed his people and maintain order as he tried to prepare as best as he could for a invasion of Mortos...

Edited by Zelse

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Only a few problems I have - mainly, "overproduction". The curse that keeps us from being permanently expended seems to do the same for animals/resources - how would this be a problem? (Also, note spelling for resources in the first paragraph. :whistle:)


In the second block, a few errors:


"So what do you all think of the gnomes (try gnomes') proposition?" asked Zelse.

"Its (It's) a bit risky." said Teli.

"Its the only fighting chance we have Teli." replied Skaboy.

"An opportunity like this wont (won't) come for a long time, if ever; again." said Arby.

The elves began debating on a proposition made by the gnomes presented by Zelse, then they voted and told Zelse their dicision (decision).

And one last thing, that repeats later - Tirnwood, not Trinwood.


Fourth paragraph - *Lazy Lord Luxin, the elves of Tirnwood declare their independance from your fould (fowled?) reign; do not send your troops into the woods for they will be swallowed up.*


At the Fruit & Veggie's food store, WSC... the player's name, I believe, is EngelNacht, not Natch.


Meanwhile in Lord Luxin's Throne Room... "Get a mage to send a plead of help to Portland." said Lord Luxin.


Last paragraph - "villans" should be villians, I believe...

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