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Brom and Sholi

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This is a story truly dear to my heart, As I am the one featured in it. Many events within this story actually happened in my life, and all of the people mentioned are real people but the names have been changed to protect them. Here you are, Your welcome to edit it or throw it out, up to you. This is my last post for those two years so, Keep the game clean and good, Ill be back. May your sword stay sharp and Long live EL!

Brom and Sholi

The story of two lovers, not exactly an old one, but the struggle that existed between the two was truly an old story. So, if you will read calmly and slowly I will reveal the story of two. Two people caught in life that help each other out, onto another plane. Grow into love and admiration for each other, then issues appear and they take them in stride, winning praise from none else but themselves. For the struggles they endured were of the sort where only three people matter: The man, the woman and their Dieity.


Chapter one: Sholi

Sholi stood firm after leaving the transport from her home she loved and hated. She was heading to another place. A new home that would not exactly be bliss or paradise, but would suffice her in her need in life at that moment. Home was not the best for her, she constantly wanted to leave the life she grew up with, as it was not the best. She would take long amounts of time with her boyfriend, away from home, so that she would not need to deal with life at her place of rest.

Now that she was truly gone from home she felt an ease pull itself over her, but at the same time another feeling encompassed her beautiful features. She did not find herself perfect at all, though many a man had told her of her beauty and grace. Men, they were more than half of her problem, always reading you, and knowing that you were a creature who lives off of feeling, so easy to manipulate. Oh, she hated that most of all, being manipulated by men who learned the craft of manipulating women. Fits of anger would course through her body at the thought of it. She had little to no trust in men.

Stepping to where her bags could be picked up from gnomes who had carried them to a a large pile next to the carriage she rode in, she picked out her bags and started making a pile. Her grandfather who she had come to stay with came then. "Hello Sholi, Welcome to Morcraven"

The stink of the marshes she knew she would get used to quickly, because non of the locals seemed to be bothered by the horrendous stench.

"Hello grandfather" she said while giving him a short hug. Looking over her grandfathers shoulder she found a man staring at her, he was not looking at her face, but at her form. Though she had grown accustomed to men looking at her, it still rubbed her funny to have the same thing happen wherever she would go.

"Lets get you home." her grandfather said. Her grandfather started talking of the accommodations in a house next to the vineyard and where she would be working while here, for the job had already been found for her. They walked toward home. Sholi, with a determined mindset to do what needed to be done.


Chapter two: Brom

He was with a beautiful girl with dark hair, they were dancing; dancing in the middle of a dance floor with everyone around, not but 10 people dancing, but hundreds around watching. At a second glance he noticed a man in a tux and a woman in a pure white dress, "This must be a wedding and I am dancing with this beautiful girl I do not know." he thought to himself. Spinning and twirling around he noticed he could dance very well, flowing from stance to stance, controlling the girls movement. He was not able to do this in real life. They left the dance floor not walking, but sort of gliding. They were both famished, thoughts dry from all of the breathing and moving around. He picked up a laddle, filled it with the strange punch they always seemed to serve at wedings and filled a cup with it. Then to his astonishment he gave the cup to her, despite his throught being the one HE was bothered with. Then filling one of his own and drinking it, after insuring she was sated. She looked over her cup towards him, looking deep into his eyes she said "Thank you." with a voice like a silver flute, he leaned toward her, knowing what would happen...

Brom woke with a start. "Why do dreams have to be so wonderful and here in real life, nothing of the sort really ever happens!" Angry and depressed from his unfinished dream, Brom rolled out of bed and stood, walking toward the couch. There he kneeled and prayed to his God. This god he prayed to was not the true one. He knew that. In fact the God he prayed to was an evil god Mortos, one who was the anti-God of the true and good god, Aluwen. He knew what he did was bad and wrong, but it filled him with such power, he could not give it up. The problem with praying to a god who was not good is just that, the experience was not really good. It filled you with power, yes, but after your prayer was finished you had a feeling that you had done bad and the depressions would come back, thus forcing you to your only way to make yourself feel better, praying to that false god again for the elation and power it gave you. Brom had tried many times to stop worshiping the evil god, but to no avail, he had him firm in his grips.

Striding to the window he looked out, and as always he saw several of his friends walking toward the combat training school he attended. They would get up earlier than he and get ready with much detail, arriving at the school looking their best and ready, having done the training at home. Brom however would not do the assigned tasks, he felt that did little for him. He was already one of the best fighters in his class, ranging with all sorts of weapons, He favorite being the quarterstaff. Where others would prefer a thin weapon of steel or titanium, he would prefer a staff, one that could strike like a snake from two ends, not hack and slash like a blade. Not to say he could not wield the thing, He was quite good with a sword, but prefered the security and safety he had with the staff. Brom dressed and picked up his staff he had made from a sapling many years ago.

Walking to the school after saying "Hello" and "I love you" to his mother on the way out. Brom had a very large family, no less than six sisters. He had a brother who had died when he was just three weeks old, so he had never known him. Due to the large size of the family, Brom slept in the basement and would not come out of his "den" or "cave" until he had to leave or eat. Brom had many weaknesses, one was his very famous "being truthful". He would tell the truth no matter who it hurt. So, when his teachers would ask "Did you train at home with the blade?" Brom would respond with "No" which is what the teachers had grown accustomed to. His grades were not high due to losing points at not training and he was not popular. Everyone who knew Brom liked him, even the teachers, for he was a very honest and intelligent student. Brom prefered the shadows and small groups, not the limelight and center stage. And thus the class begun "Alright, today we will be continuing the learning of the longsword, its light and long stature makes it perfect for dueling, however you...."


Chapter Three: The meeting

Church was a great part of Sholi's life, it gave her comfort during bad times and though the ways of the world would pull her away, she would always come back to it because it was a place of stability, which is what she needed right now most of all. Since she had moved she was going to be moving church groups also. It was the same church, The church of Aluwen, the teaching was the same and the methods also. The thing that changed was the people. She was transferring from a congregation of families, into a congregation of students, ranging from ages 18 to 30, the basic idea of this group was so that people could meet others of their age and possibly be married in the church. Sholi's purpose in being there was to make friends. She needed friends, people to talk to, to confide in, and most importantly to vent all life's frustrations to.

Walking into the building, she found two men emerging from a door in the side, One was about 5'11, short blonde hair with glasses, the other was just shorter, dark hair one shade lighter than black with a decent build. They were wearing church clothes, the usual garb for the church of Aluwen. She was attracted to the larger man instantly, but the shorter one addressed her first. "Hello, are you new?"

"I am"

"Its nice to meet you, I am Brom" the shorter man looking to the taller one.

"I am Stephen, what is your name?" he said.

"Sholi" she replied, thinking, "Hello Stephen!"

"Are you visiting or did you just move in?" said the shorter man

"I'm living with my grandparents over in Morcraven marshes"

She could tell these two were friends, but not close friends in the way they interacted, the responses to each other were not instant and the shorter man yielded to the taller one in most occasions, only the shorter was the one that seemed most interested in her.

"Did you come to hear the priest speak tonight?"

Why would he ask her that, of course she was coming for that. As that was the only thing going on in the church at that moment.

"Yes, the priest" she said while thinking "Duh!"

"Follow me to the room where he will be speaking to us." Brom said.



Brom had just met someone new, he guessed his night was going well. She was very pretty, not stunning, but very pretty indeed, a very good form and she looked like she took care of herself. Brom had a natural knack for knowing things about a person they did not reveal in words. And he commonly would drag them out without the person realising it. Brom had seen the girl when she walked in and the first thing he thought was "Great, another girl outside of my age, probably 24 or so, and I am only 19." He then set about learning more about the girl, Name: Sholi, Reason for being here: Moved in with grandparents, Age Group: confirmed with a statement if she was going to the priests speech tonight, Does she like me: No, she turned toward Stephen but not toward me when addressing us.

His next task was asking her age, but that question was difficult and he may employ someone else to obtain it for him. Such as one of the friends he had that were girls. Brom was a strange fellow in that he got along with women better than he got along with men. They did not like him more than a friend, but he could feel what they were feeling, which he attributed to his upbringing with six sisters. He was best friends with a girl named Roddaleigh whom we called Rodda for short. He would ask her to get her age for him when he saw her next.

Brom was on the lookout for a girl, as always, though he had not had one since his last breakup about five months ago with a short, flame haired girl named Ashona, and only one before her. That was the nature of Brom and relationships, If he was going to start one, he would do everything in his power to keep it together, which made breakups very hard on him, because he would poor his whole heart and soul into the relationship, losing himself in it.

Sholi sat herself next to Brom and Stephen, though closer to Stephen. Brom did not mind, in his opinion she was out of his league. They sat and listened intently to the priest speak about Aluwen and life that she governs.


Chapter four: It begins

Sholi continued to attend church regularly, As did Brom. Rodda was introduced to Sholi and they grew into good friends. Rodda would invite Sholi over to to her house in Lakeside, where Brom lived a few houses away down the street. They would do things together, train with weapons, go exploring, hunt for the white rabbit, and many other fun activities. It was at the first time they hunted the white rabbit however that things started between Sholi and Brom. At this time Rodda had a boyfriend named Chini, they would often hunt the rabbit together on the secret beach next to the riven sea. This time we decided to follow suit and do it in groups of two. Brom got placed with Sholi, we thus set off in three or four groups hunting for the white rabbit.

Sholi and Brom spoke little, mainly focusing on hunting for the white rabbit. Eyes would play tricks on you while hunting for him, you might see a white flash and run towards it, only to find it was the sun flashing off of a waxy leaf, or you would see movement in the brush and charge, only to find a very perturbed beaver rabbit or rat staring back at you. Sholi and Brom decided to take a break and sat down against a large oak somewhere in the Vale of Tirnwood. It was only then, when they were taking a break and not hunting that they spotted a white rabbit. only this rabbit was different. It had red teeth and a dribble of blood ran down its fangs onto the ground. This was a fluffy white rabbit, the most foul creature you have ever laid eyes on. It was stalking, If you have never seen a white rabbit stock, believe me it is quite a sight. It followed a deer to the edge of an opening and stuck! jumping six feet high and 20 feet in length toward the deer. The deer was no more among the living.

Sholi and Brom quaked, they slowly and carefully went around the oak toward a large rock, There was just enough room for both of them to fit there, JUST. It was tight, but plenty of headroom so they stood up and found they were pressed against each other. In this predicament however they could not further solve because the fluffy white rabbit pounced around the tree and off behind the rock. They could not move, I'm sure if someone was to walk up at that moment and see the two, they would be appaled and likely drag them both off to their mothers for a good lashing. They were not even dating! The good part was, They were not facing each other, that would have caused more trouble. She was facing the rock and he was facing her. They could hear the cry as another animal or beast fell prey to the fluffy white menace. Despite the fact Sholi and Brom were pushed into doing this, they were happy to have each other at that moment, Brom caressing her shoulder to soothe her and a feeling that something was growing between them, a mental and spiritual connection that neither party was planning on.

They stay there, waiting for all signs of the fluffy menace to leave, then staying an extra half an hour to make sure, It was growing dark. They then left heading south so that they could reach the road that must be there somewhere. When they got the road they calmed down and walked west toward Morcraven.

They talked. What the talking was about neither party was expecting. They talked about each other, how they both felt they would fall into a relationship and that neither of them could or wanted to get into one right now. So they decided to remain friends and see how things went along. Awkward yes, to to have a "define the relationship" talk the first time they were alone together. It was a long walk back to Sholi's home, so they spoke about life and things they enjoyed and things they did not, Brom reading everything as if it were a delightful book. Sholi wrapping everything she said in mystery and taking the information given to her about Brom and storing it away in her own personal way.

They arrived at Sholi's house and Brom knew they would simply have a short goodbye and likely meet again in the next day or two. He being the chivalrous man he was, opened the door for her so that she could go inside, They embraced in a hug and she left, closing the door behind her. Brom had not hugged anyone in a few months, the feelings that accompanied such a small things were familiar, but strange at the same time. He would ponder on the evening the rest of the way home.

Reaching Chini's house in Grahms village, where they usually spent the evening until late. Rodda hammered Brom with questions about what happened this evening and how did things go. Rodda knew that Brom had liked the girl but thought he would not have a chance with her. Rodda told Brom she had found the girls age to be 19! Brom had already learned this however from his sister who told him a few days ago. After the questions and prodding, Brom left and walked to Lakeside where he would return to his basement "cave" and ponder the evening. Brom was completely unaware of the magnitude of what had just happened.


Chapter five: It breaks

Sholi and Brom became good friends, they would do a lot of activities together and they got to know each other so well they would finish each others sentences and knew the same inside jokes. One day Sholi and Brom were asked to go on a double-date with Rodda and Chini. It was to a fine restaurant in upper White Stone Castle where the cooks would cook right in front of you and the dishes were legendary. They had so much on the way there, riding horses because of the length of the trip. The meal was an excellent experience, but the food was just below par for both Sholi and Brom. During the meal however something strange happened. Brom found his arm was around the back of Sholi's chair! That was strange, I did not put it there... Did I? Other strange things happened. While walking out to the stables to get their horses Brom was walking with his arm around her waist and her hand around his, her finger in the loop where his belt was. They usually walked arm in arm as tradition held, but this was a different walk. They rode slow and closer on the way back, a ways behind Rodda and Chini.

When they arrived to Chini's house something completely the other way occurred. They sat down to chat and converse Brom sitting next to Sholi and Sholi sitting next to Rrond, who was Chini's older brother. Sholi was sitting next to Brom yes, but she was turned toward Rrond. "What is this!" Brom thought to himself. "I just spent a great deal of money for a great dinner and lovely evening, and at the end she cuddles with another guy!?" Nevertheless he was not going to let this one take him. He had just realised that he was already attached to this girl and became jealous in an instant. Rrond stood and offered to walk Sholi home and she accepted! They left and Brom was left to wallow in his own thoughts. Occasional "Helpful" comments from Rodda and Chini.


Sholi did not know what came over her. She was having a great night with Brom when she met Rrond. Brom was a nice guy, but, Rrond was a MAN. He is someone she could latch to, someone stable and mature enough to help her with what she needed. She knew she was hurting Brom, but did not worry about it, they were not dating after all, they were just good friends who went to dinner and did things occasionally.

The next week or two she spent many many days with Rrond, every night he would walk her home before the gargoyles came out. And they would grow into a relationship. Rrond was a bit older, He was nearly 24 and she was just 19, but they both wanted to get into a relationship and it happened that way. She thought little of Brom in those days. Just a friend who would be there, acting strange around her at the outtings they would go on.

Brom became aquanited with a new friend. The "Charm" of Chini's family. It appeared that Rodda and Sholi had both caught it. Brom noticed that Sholi changed, a very small bit for Rrond, which made Brom furious. Why change, you are nearly perfect how you are! He would speak of this to Rodda and a few select others, describing to them that he was determined not to make a fuss about it. When Brom would get home however, he would not feel good at all, commonly praying to that evil god Mortos so that he could feel better, despite the evil feeling dripping off of him afterwards. He would conquer his addiction to the evil god, he knew he would, just now was not the right time he felt, a little longer cannot hurt, I know its bad and I will be able to stop eventually, Brom would tell himself. Prolonging the time and procrastinating the day, Brom knew he was in deep. But without a way or reason out he was stuck. Due to his increased church attendance with Sholi however he discovered another high he had not before. He could achieve a very similar feeling with Aluwen that he had with Mortos. He would now, after feeling very bad about praying to Mortos, pray to Aluwen and learn of her teachings. Brom was changing and growing for the better.


Chapter Six: Revelation of trust

Rrond and Sholi dated for a week, then separated. Rrond found another girl within 24 hours and Sholi returned to her friend Rodda with the charm now broken. Sholi would often sleep at Rodda's house for the night if it was late or she wanted company. A few of these times Brom would also stay late over at Rodda's and spend time with both girls. Brom still had hard feelings toward Sholi, but he knew the hard crust he had built up would break easily if it was prodded.

That prod came over the course of two nights, both plays presented in Tarsengaarde. The first was a thrilling story with a man and a woman falling in love with the grace of their goddess Aluwen. Brom and Sholi felt a connection while watching and they walked out arm in arm back toward the ships in Mynadar that would take them home. A closeness was back and Brom's crust was broken.

The next was a date, planned, and once again with Rodda and Chini. Chini and Brom would actually fairly good friends, they had grown up together and had trained against each other in the combat school. They planned this date together. They went to see a silly play that showed the tricks and perks to courting successfully. A simple one that Brom learned and took note of was how a girl would stop at her front door if she wanted a kiss. A girl who did not want a kiss would go straight into her house then say goodbye from behind the door. A girl who wanted a kiss and would like to spend more time with you would stay outside and say something out of the way such as,

“I had a really great time tonight Brom.”

To make the night even more complete, this same thing happened to Brom that same night he took Sholi home. Sholi did just that, did not go in directly but said that she had had a great time. Brom read it correctly but was honestly scared. She walked inside and looked out towards him. He suddenly felt bold and felt talking could help him through anything, so he asked Sholi, “You wanted me to kiss you tonight didn't you.”

Sholi replied quickly but with a giggle which showed her lie, “No, I was just thanking you for the evening.” A small smile brushed Brom's conscious as he found the lie and loved the feeling of it. It was a strange thing, being happy because of a lie.

Brom and Sholi continued to spend time together, after one evening in particular Brom was walking Sholi to her home in Morcraven. They both expressed that they both did not want the evening to end and decided to go for a walk. They found a nice spot not too far from Sholi's home and sat down for a chat. Brom asked about Sholi and her life before she came to Morcraven and Serdia. It was here Sholi started to relax and felt she could trust Brom with anything. She told him everything that was on her mind and of importance to her. Even her deepest darkest secrets. Brom had a gift for understanding and was using it. He understood her concerns and tried his best to comfort her about anything she needed comfort for. She mattered to him, he wanted to insure she was happy. If she was happy, then she might share her spunk with Brom and loosen him up. They talked for hours, late into the night and early morning. Sholi trusted Brom very much, she told him so. Also revealing to him that she had told him things that no one else knew, even Rodda her best friend. She leaned over and rested her head on Brom's shoulder, then hugged him. They lay like that for a while chatting and even crying together before Brom finished walking her home. A hug goodbye finished the night off with the two and their lives went on.

Things became very, Very strange. Brom was good friends with both Rodda and Sholi, sometimes they would sit in the basement of Rodda's house and chat. While both girls leaned on Brom and treated him as a pillow while they chatted. It was in these chats that a stereotype was found and expressed into the world. They made up an acronym called “NGB” Which simply meant, “Nice Guy, But...” Often in a date, a young woman would agree to a night out and find something wrong with the young man. When the evening finished she would say something like, “Your a nice guy, but...this or but...that.” trying to be as tactful as she possibly could. So, they named these men NGB's. Brom himself was an NGB, his most common mistakes had been: he was unexciting and too closed off. He was in a shell and would rarely come out.


Chapter Seven: NGB's have a chance.

Sholi was unsure if Brom really was this stereotypical NGB he seemed to think he was. Brom was a decent looking boy, once the rough edges were worked out and he learned a little about himself he would be a fine man. For some reason Sholi was attracted to guys like Brom, those who were not all “there”, who still had some growing to do. Perhaps it was because she could grow with them? Perhaps it was the inexperienced she liked? Sholi was not really sure, but she could feel herself being attracted to Brom, despite his shortcomings. Brom was attracted to Sholi as well, though he was not sure if anything would happen, she was a strange girl.

“Well if truth be told, girls in general are strange. They can be so emotional and then break into the oddest mood changes that men are forced to bend in two to appease them!” Brom discussed with Rodda one night. It was the age-long debate about men and women that never seemed to end or become resolved.

“You know what they say! Men are from Rulian and Women are from Larabeth.” Rodda said, referring to the old saying about the planets that revolved around Draia. Brom sighed with consternation.

Knowing Sholi could trust Brom, she asked if he would accompany her on a trip to Tarsengaarde mage school. Brom did not really know why she had the need to attend; his father worked at the Mage school and Brom knew the way well. He would also be going with Sholi as a guard. Brom garbed himself in some light armor and asked to borrow his father's titanium longsword. Brom loved the sword, it was lighter than any and since his father was an experimental alchemist. The blade would not dent and never become dull. In the heat of combat with this weapon he could rely on it. Having trust in your weapon is a very important thing.

They headed off toward Tarsengaarde. They enjoyed each other's company and decided to take the long route across White Stone. They took horses to save their legs. On the way there Sholi revealed the true purpose of the trip, she was going to visit a wisewoman who could help her sort out the issues she had back home. When they arrived, Brom sat in the waiting room and read an excerpt from some of Aluwen's teachings. He loved to read and write. And for that matter he loved to tell stories very much, and hoped that he could entertain people with his words someday.

Sholi emerged from the room with the wisewoman, Brom was surprised to see she was so young. He always imagined wisewomen as older people. Sholi had a strange aire about her, she was in a very peculiar mood. After she filled out a few papers she walked directly out the door to their horses, barely even pausing to give Brom a look that said, “I'm leaving now!” Concerned and in wonder of what had happened, Brom followed and helped her up to her saddle. Once she was in the saddle she yelled! A scream rose from her heart and escaped through her lips, not a scream of fear, but one of frustration and anger. Brom was going over what he did and wondering if it was him at all. Sholi composed herself enough to say, “I'm fine!” The truth was she was angry, Brom had never really seen her so angry.

Leaping into his saddle, Brom said, “What happened?” Sholi looked down at the pummel of her saddle in sadness! Women are the strangest beings on the earth! Brom thought to himself. They began riding back home and in complete silence, until Sholi once again yelled out with anger and kicked her horse forward, rushing ahead. Brom charged after her, determined to catch up. He did, though he nearly killed his horse in the process. They stopped next to the white walls of White Stone Castle at a blue pool in the forest. “Stopped” meaning Brom finally caught up and slowed her horse, where she immediately started to sob. Sholi dismounted and walked toward the pool, which seemed to be slightly glowing with iridescent blue light. Despite her extremely strange mood, Brom was very concerned and walked over. Sholi had wondered why Brom had stayed with her. She thought to herself, “He must sincerely care for me and my well-being”. Brom did not prod her or ask questions. He understood she trusted him and at the appropriate time, she would tell him. After a few minutes she began to tell Brom what was bothering her.

“I don't like crying.” Sholi said.

“I had noticed that.” Brom replied.

A few moments passed and Sholi spoke again, “I trust you more than anyone else, which is why I am telling you this.” Silence overcame her, then she continued. “I have been holding back my emotions for so long, I”, she paused, “I don't know what to do!” Brom knew exactly what to do, he had been doing it for a long time.

“Let it out, Let it all out! We have a long ride home in a very large forest with very few people, Let your frustrations out, let any pain you have been holding back out. Just let go of your cares!”

“That is what the wisewoman told me to do. If I act strange in the next few weeks, you know why.” Brom nodded with acknowledgment while thinking of all the things she could possibly do while trying to let her emotions out better. He also thought to himself about how he could help her relax and feel better about this night, He decided a late night swim would relax her and help her at this time. The pool in front of them looked like a good place to relax and talk. Brom grabbed his extra blankets from his saddlebags and lay them on the ground next to the pool, then went to tie up the horses somewhere. Sholi was somewhat in a haze and did not mind whatever Brom was planning, she could trust him and what he was up to. Brom went to take of his shirt and got a funny glance from Sholi. “Ohh, I forgot to say, I thought a nice late-night swim would do you a lot of good, blankets to warm ourselves in when we get out. He elongated the word “ourselves” making it clear he meant one person in a blanket, not both in one. His shirt came off and he walked slowly into the pool, it was surprisingly warm and comforting. Sholi followed suit and soon removed the clothing she could while still containing her modesty.

They soaked in the pool trying to relax, Sholi with a downcast look and Brom trying his best to get that look to change. They chatted about anything and everything. When their bodies had had enough water and began to prune, they got out and dried themselves. It was cold, so they wrapped up in blankets and lay down to chat some more under the beautiful night sky. Brom had always been fascinated with the stars and had studied when he could about them. He pointed toward one of his favorite constellations, but she could not follow his gaze. Brom remembered that he once used his father's arm for a sight when looking at far away objects and decided to do the same now. He slid over closer to her and pointed to the night sky so that she could follow his arm. She was warm, and when it is cold outside, you do not leave a warm thing. So, he kept close to her, she in return snuggled up closer to him. There they could look up at the night sky together. It became colder and they were forced to retreat further into their blankets, bringing them up over their heads. They faced each other so that they could chat better. It occurred to Brom that they were laying facing each other and their faces were barely two inches apart.

Their conversation changed into a topic about them. They had another abbreviation called a DTR or “Define the relationship” which they were experiencing now. Talking about kissing with a beautiful member of the opposite sex while your faces are an inch apart and still not kissing is a very tedious thing. It is like trying to walk down the edge of a sword. They both wanted to kiss, but they were both unsure if they really should. She in an emotional roller coaster and Brom still having heartache for his last girlfriend. Sholi was ready and Brom knew it, he was within one and a half centimeters of her face now. Courage finally built to a level enough to go for a kiss, he leaned forward to pronounce his kiss on her. Sholi pulled back! After all of that courage building, she had pulled back. They were still close, but now back to about two inches. They continued to talk as if nothing had happened.

Sholi was unsure of herself. A kiss was a very binding thing her, in her eyes, if she was to kiss this boy, she would date him, and she was not sure he was ready for that. For that matter she was not sure of herself on the same topic. She did trust this man more than any other, perhaps she should fall into a relationship with him. She leaned forward, finally with enough set straight in her mind, she would let him kiss her now. But when she got very close to him so that their lips brushed, he pulled back uncomfortably.

Brom was in utter torment! Why would this happen? He had all this courage built up, It was broken and now he was supposed to build it up again! Ohh how love can be difficult. This time summoning up courage was a lot easier than before, but he waited for the perfect moment. They were talking about nothing in particular when it happened. Their lips touched like two wild animals meeting for the first time, sparks and fire sparked between those same lips. Binding forces caused them to press their lips together in that miraculous thing called a kiss. Time elapsed, though neither person knew how much, it could have been thirty seconds or thirty hours. It is amazing the power of such a small thing. She pulled back and pressed her finger against his lips, saying, “It starts here.” Brom understood the whole paragraph that she could have said, but those three words sufficed. Both of the two knew that they must not press any farther. It was a passionate kiss, nothing more. But even those should not be without a greater level of commitment.

They both pulled back, saddened that they had let their emotions run so wild. From a bystanders point of view, it was nothing more than a passionate kiss, hands did not travel anywhere and their bodies did not become intertwined. They were both sad due to the things that were flowing through their minds. Thoughts that should not have been there, had been. It was at that moment, Brom learned the true nature of a kiss. It had little to do with what is being done physically. It is a mental connection, a dance of passion in pure thought. If both minds are dancing the same dance it is a beautiful and very powerful thing.


Chapter Eight: Growing Apart and together.

Uncertainty filled the air as they finished the walk south and turned toward Morcraven. Sholi and Brom embraced in their farewell to each other, greatful for each others company. Sholi would be leaving the next day to travel back home for a few weeks, and Brom was past due for some hard training. Sholi finished her last few steps to her house and Brom turned for the long walk home. He knew what had just happened. The thing he did not know is if he had read her correctly and if she was in line with his thinking. The next day Brom awoke early and went to the combat school. He was fighting with his instructor early in the morning with great fierceness and new passion. The instructor named Condril noticed the change in the young mans fighting style and wished to know what caused the change. He asked Brom, “Something is different and you fight with new ferocity, what is it young lad?” Brom responded with one word that he felt would suffice. “Women.” He then attacked back to Condril, swinging at his lower calf. The elvish instructor parried the blow and made a swing of his own. They fought and trained long. Brom pushed on by the thoughts circling in his mind and the instructor to push Brom even farther.

A small and secret society existed in Serdia. They would take the upcoming generation and work them over well, this society worked them into many different groups, those bound for different futures. This society would also mold the generations into doing what they saw fit. Condril was one of this society, though no one knew of it. Condril noticed Brom's inner strength now coming out. Throughout the training of Brom he had exceeded many in the sword, but lacked the true strength and well roundedness in the rest of his life. Brom had a keen intellect, but would not bring it out unless pressed and even then only in small groups. The master blade wielder, Condril, had made his decision; Brom was now a white hold metal ready to be molded, Brom was to be one of the Draegoni. Condril attacked, slashing at Brom's body, causing flesh splitting wounds, rents in muscle and tendons. Cutting long and deep gashes down his body. Condril had studied the human form extensively and was able to cause great wounds with his blade without killing the victim. When Brom finally fainted with the lack of blood, Condril cast a spell on him to freeze him in his current state. Then Brom's body was loaded into a wooden cart and taken north. Deep into the Forest of the Fall...

Sholi carefully packed all she would need for the trip home. She would be traveling by Gnomish ship to her native land of Irilion, Sedious City. Gnomes would pester her about her beauty on the way, A wagon ride through the chimera-infested land of Bethel, and she was home. She sat down in the front room of her home and let her two younger siblings pound her with questions and statements such as, “Look at this...” , “Look what I found...” and “We have to do this...”. All of the statements directed at her. She heard them, but was so tired and agonized that she barely took them in. Sholi retired to her room and rested on the red cot that someone had set out for her.

Many things plagued her mind on the way back from Serdia, but the most keen among them were the thoughts of Brom. He was sweet, kind, loving, and completely ignorant of dating girls. They had kissed most passionately that night next to the glowing blue pool, but why? After dwelling over it for a while she decided that Brom had still been hanging on for to his ex-girlfriend and must have been using her. And she admitted to herself that she was in fact lonely and also used him. It was funny, there was something about Brom that pulled her toward him, toward his sturdy frame. It was like swimming in a rushing white water river, then finding a stable rock to rest upon. Even more it seemed that Brom was being shaped as a wedge to divert the rushing and angry waters away. If there was something she needed right now more than anything else, it was a stable rock she could trust in. Sholi then decided to help Brom become that wedge. She knew what would be good to take him and mold him into that figure she needed, and she would do it.

Sholi had a busy and painful week ahead of her, she had some business to take care of. Doctors appointments, visiting friends, and repairing relations were some of the more delightful ones. She had many fond memories of this house and the areas around, she also had many bad ones. Places where trust was broken and she was once again swept off into the raging white water.

Sholi found herself sitting on a rock looking down river with the white mass of water flowing around her. The rock she was sitting on was slippery and unstable, she still welcomed the place away from the white. Suddenly a surge of water knocked her off of the rock and downriver! Sholi looked around in-between going down and coming up for breaths. She spotted a rock and swam for it, barely reaching it. The part of the rock she grasped was hard and had a good grip. She pulled her leg over it and rested, gasping for breath. When she had her blood once again pumping at a normal level she would turn around and look downstream again. Sholi looked down at the rock she was sitting on and found that it was growing allege and moss very rapidly, and it soon consumed the whole rock. A second glance told her of her fear. It was the very same rock she had just been knocked off. How could she be on the same rock? She was pushed downriver, How could this be the same rock? Just then another powerful surge of water washed over her and she was thrown into the roiling white surges of the water.


Sholi awoke and looked around the pink room she was lying in. The same cot, the same feel, the same dread plaguing her mind. She sat up and kicked her legs over the cot and got onto her knees, facing the bed. She then prayed. Prayed with all of her might to Aluwen that she would save her from her past, creeping up on her. Aluwen must have answered her prayer because the remaining week she spent in Irilion went well and her dreams were normal. One particular night she forgot Aluwen in her haste to sleep and once again had the same dream with the evil waters and rocks.

Sholi did not like to travel on ships, however she was glad to be returning to where she considered her home to be, Serdia. This time she would be moving all of her belongings into Rodda's house. Roddaleigh's parents had agreed to allow Sholi to live with them. Sholi was overjoyed, because she did not like living with her grandfather and grandmother too much. Those grandparents worshiped a different god and would constantly pry into her personal affairs. Things with Brom were a little unsteady at first, but they soon worked back into a close friendship and found they could not keep it. They fell into a relationship with each other beyond friends and soon Sholi was molding Brom, as a blacksmith would with white-hot metal.


Chapter Nine: Learning of Lovely

Brom did not mind knowing his own faults, for a fact he learned of them himself and tried to work on them. Sholi, however, was delighted to tell Brom of what he should and should not do. Brom could see plain as day that Sholi was changing him, but on closer examination Brom did not mind a bit. She was changing him for the better. It seemed the closer he got to Aluwen and this girl, the better he became in nearly everything.

He was no longer afraid of personal barriers with people and would unashamedly hug and kiss people on the cheeks in farewell. He loosened up in groups and would commonly discuss topics that would make him cringe before. It seemed Rodda and Sholi did not mind talking about anything when Brom was around. Including, but not limited to: Girls fantasies, different body parts, and the praises and folleys in both sexes. They also did not mind asking Brom things they did not know about men. These were perhaps the most potent of their tools to mold him. These questions caused Brom to reach well outside of his personal boundaries and respond.

Sholi and Brom continued to date and grow together. Brom became in his own words, “A stud” And was no longer the NGB he once was, also Brom thought to himself, I've become a NGA, “Nice Guy And...” It was delightful to see looks that were given to him by the opposite sex. He was not stunningly beautiful like Sholi was, but he now was self-confident and comfortable doing about anything.

Sholi was having trouble with Brom. She had molded him over the past few months into the sturdy and well-built rock she needed. However a major problem lied in wait. Brom would, as did nearly all of the young men his age, go away for two years on a mission for Aluwen. They called it a mission, it was in reality more of a journeyman's trip away so that he could become a master in his given field. In Brom's case it was the sword. It was strange that Brom changed not only mentally and spiritually. Brom also was changing physically, he grew taller and broader and his ears were elongating. One night while Sholi lay with Brom talking, she ran her fingers through his hair and found white at the roots and two bumps protruding from his head!? She did not confront him about it until she noticed his skin becoming a blue color near his sideburns. Brom explained that he could no longer hide it from her and confided in her the rest of the information he had been hiding. After Brom revealed this he would have no great secrets left, this being his deepest one.

Brom told Sholi that he had been worshiping Mortos before he met her, and confided in her that she had helped him more save Aluwen herself to overcome his addiction to the evil god. He was now growing into a form that would better let him serve Aluwen.

“I am becoming Draegoni” Brom pronounced to Sholi.

Sholi did not know what to do, she knew very little of Draegoni, so she asked,“What does that mean?”

“It means I will be changing in form, Draegoni are a half-dragon race that have recently shown themselves in the southern reaches of Irilion. Draegoni are a nice race that love knowledge and have an incredible heritage. I may change in form, but I will always be Brom.”

Sholi took the news in stride, she was quite happy that Brom revealed these things to her and very, very glad to see that Brom had stopped worshiping Mortos. They continued to talk, revealing everything about each other so that they could embrace and know it to be true. They also made a very hard decision. As Brom would be leaving in a few months for his mission, they decided to continue to date, but to also date others so that they could “ween off” of each other. This ended up being something that Brom could not accept.

Sholi was, for lack of a better word, social. She did not mind speaking with anyone and giving them her eyes and attention. Brom knew that Sholi was this way and tried his best not to let it bother him when she would flirt with other guys. Here was a problem that needed to be worked out. Sholi did not see it as flirting, but as being social. Brom had a difficult time accepting her opinion, but did try to understand. Nevertheless this did get to Brom. A few more months went by and soon Brom could take it no longer, he had to cut off that part of him that hurt him so much. And that part was Sholi. He could no longer ward off the thoughts that she wanted to date others and not him solely, He could no longer ward off the thoughts that she only saw him as brother. Most of all Brom could not ward off the thoughts that he was not enough for her. After all of his changing she still wanted something else. He could not take it any longer. One day after a long walk where Sholi was flirting with Rodda's older brother, Brom had had enough. He went over to Sholi and asked her to talk with him. They walked off into the forest a way then sat down to talk.

A strange feeling came upon both of them, Brom could see it and Sholi could feel it. She dropped into a mood that Brom did not like her to be in, but he could not help it. Sholi had her arms crossed and she was braced for anything that was coming. Brom tried to ease into it, dropping into a conversation about them, Sholi detected his trick of words and said, “What is it, Brom?” With sadness Brom let the words flow out of him, he knew she would be hurt, but it had to be done for his own good, for his own sanity. Brom explained that he could not help but feel that he felt like a brother to her, not a boyfriend. Sholi told him very carefully she loved him, but she was not in love with him. She also explained the reason she had been backing off from him. It was the same reason they decided to stop dating exclusively, She had to ween herself off of him so that she would not be hurt too badly when he left. Brom had planned on doing this also but found he could not. Where Sholi backed off a percentage, Brom would push forward that percentage. So, at this point in their relation ship Sholi was giving about 70 percent and Brom pushing for the 130 percent left. They trusted in each other fully, but they could not handle this relationship. Sholi and Brom decided to separate, but still remain friends, which they figured they could still do, though it would be awkward.

They then returned to talk about anything that was on their minds, but with a strange feeling between them. They talked of the things they would go without when they would stop dating. No roses for Sholi in sad days, no best friend for Brom, no tools to hone him for the better. The list went on and on, as it did they both became more and more saddened, longing for one another more each minute. Sholi broke first and leaned over to Brom and embraced him, sobbing into his shirt. Here was one of the hardest things Brom had to do. Summoning all of the strength and knowledge in him, he gently pushed her off of him. He could not be her person to go to on the issue of him. It hurt. It hurt so very much to push her aside. It was like a dagger being thrust into his side. It had to be done, this had to be! Why does it have to hurt so bad! Sholi turned the other direction and huddled up into a ball.

“I'm sorry” Brom said to her, knowing exactly the pain she was in and hating the fact that he could not help her feel better.

“Take me home.” Sholi said with a slight sob in her voice. It was a dead silent walk home, Sholi went right into her house and to her room.

The mental dagger stabbed in deeper. Brom yanked the dagger out and with a strong downward cut, removed his own arm. And thus the dating and romancing of Brom and Sholi ended, Trust still strong and love still emitting from both. Brom did not sleep that night and he highly doubted that Sholi did. Both hurting and both wanting. Brom had lost his best friend, Sholi had lost her sturdy rock in the river.


Chapter Ten: Heartbreak

Brom had to get out. It was a Friday evening and he had nothing to do. In desperation Brom belted on his longsword and headed to Condril's home. He wanted to fight, to turn his overflowing emotions into anything but the void. Condril met with him and began to stretch before they fought.

It was with Condril that he had been revived as a Draegoni. When Condril had taken Brom away and had changed his body into that of a young Draegoni. It was also with Condril that Brom learned of Draegoni and their ways. He was angry at Condril for a while that he would nearly kill him in order to complete a task for that secret society. But grateful when he was asked to join it. Brom now had duties in that society that only he knew of, not even Condril.

They began to fight and talk. It was only minor sparing so that they could loosen up and discuss what was on their minds. As it ends up they never got into heavy fighting, just remained at the slow and balanced pace while they talked. Once their arms were leadened with the heavy swords they sat down and talked more. Mainly of Brom and Sholi's breakup. It was good for Brom to discuss the things that had been plaguing him, and after they finished talking his mind was at ease. And a plan was laid out. Brom would date others, as many others as he could before his mission away, That way he could learn all the better what he did and did not like in a woman.

Sholi had a dream that night, she dreamed of the rock she was on. A pinnacle of solid white stone that caused even the water around the rock to calm. She was held high above the raging river and could look all around. Then she felt two hands push her away and she fell from off of the rock into the roiling surges of the sinister white river. She turned around and looked back longingly to that white rock she had been so content to stay on. When her strength failed she was forced to turn around and look for another rock. Her mind was spinning and her heart ached while on her bed curled up into a ball. Rodda was with her and she was being as comforting as she knew how, curling up with Sholi to show her care. Rodda had also broken up with Chini about a month earlier and they both cried together. Luckily Rodda had become very great friends with a man from Tahraji Desert named Jands. Rodda was still a little unsure of her feelings for him, but she was molding him into what she needed just as Sholi had molded Brom.

Remaining friends with Sholi and Brom became very difficult. Brom and Sholi had both been seeking others to date. Brom's luck was not going well. He had finally found a wonderful girl that he would like to date and then found that she was leaving on a mission of her own the next day. Sholi found out about this and had to enjoy a laugh about it. She had found a very handsome man that liked her and she was willing to let him date her. To make matters worse, Brom could find nothing about this man to dislike. He was a very nice man, good and honest in all of his doings. It drove that ethereal dagger deep into his mind that he was not everything she wanted or needed. He had to cut himself off from her more. Brom formed thoughts of hate against her, fabricating them into a crude weapon to separate himself from her. He knew the thoughts he used were not true, but be had to separate himself from her!

One night Brom was trying to talk to Sholi about anything, so he brought up the first thing on his mind, which was the man she had been dating. Sholi revealed to Brom his strange mood toward her. When she asked him if she was his girlfriend or not, he responded with, “I'm very fond of you and want you to be my girl.” This was all good, but something was not right about it. Brom was overjoyed! It was obvious to Brom that this man had the stamp across his face of “Noncommittal” and if anyone was to date Sholi they could not have that stamp on their faces. As sad as it is, Sholi was not low maintenance and a noncom could not handle her. Brom did not want to get together with Sholi again because she hurt him so much while they were dating. He resolved to not get back together with her again.

Sholi separated with the man and continued to date a few others, Brom once again became a friend with Rodda and Sholi. It was a very strange friendship between Sholi and Brom, but they both dealt with it well... So they thought.

One night came where Sholi was not feeling good about herself and Brom was there to comfort her. He held her in his arms which reforged his love for her as easily as a cyclops would break a rabbits spine. She held him tightly, glad to once again be safe with him. They looked at each other and came close, their lips touching in a kiss. Only one kiss, only lips touching, but the emotions and flowing from the two was overwhelming. It was the best kiss they had ever shared.


Chapter Eleven: Unconditional

Things were warming up between Sholi an Brom. They all but ignored each other that night, which they had agreed to before returning into the house to join the party. They both knew that they loved each other, but they felt it unwise to join up again before Brom left on his mission. And so it was, Sholi and Brom decided between then without many words, to not date again until after his mission. Young hearts can fool themselves, is what Brom learned. Over the next week or two Brom and Sholi only grew closer, closer than they were before they had broken up. And, as thing happen, they began to date again. Things were different this time. It was not a chasing game like before, they loved each other equally and wanted to stay together as long as they could before Brom left. They had now been dating for one year. Revelation hit Brom as he realised, “I have dated this girl for HALF of the time I will be gone!”

Brom received word on when he would be leaving on his mission for Aluwen, he would be leaving in one month. This was hard, Sholi and Brom were faced with a choice they just did not want to make. They had to choose to break it off slowly so the pain of separation could be spread out, or to share time together up until the day Brom left. In the interest of their love and care for each other, they decided to break it off slowly. It did not work. Every time they tried to hold back more and more, they would find they grew closer and closer. They would also get into trouble sometimes, kissing passionately and drawing their bodies close. After this they would hate themselves for doing it, Giving into the lusts of the flesh.

After one particular night, Brom was mentally pushed into a decision he did not want to make. They would have to separate before Brom left. Plain and simple, they had to take their loving relationship and push it aside starting that one month before Brom left. From nearly engaged to friends is quite a step, very tricky footing. They decided to fast the next day and pray often for Aluwen to guide their paths and to ensure they were making the correct choice.

As it turned out, Brom's original idea was not what actually occurred. After conferring with the priest of Aluwen and asking friends and family, Brom and Sholi decided something else. They decided to remain two people in love, but fight for the right thing to happen. They would involve Aluwen in their day-to-day activities more and prepare Brom for his mission together. This they did as best as they could. And as the last week drew abreast of the two, they were still more in love than ever. She would not swear she would not date others while he was gone and Brom did not want her to. He knew that she would need to continue to grow at home as he grew on his mission for Aluwen. With luck they would be reunited again once he returned and with hope, be married forever in the Temple of Aluwen. This was both of their desires and they would push for it. Devotion, Trust, Hope, Faith, Virtue, Goodness, Light and Love.


It could really use a good proofread and a lot of formating and editing changes. Thanks!

Brom the Storyteller.

Edited by Brom

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I went through the first two chapters with MS word


place. A new home that would not exactly be bliss or paradise, but would suffice her in her need in life at that moment.

Maybe "place; A new home that would not exactly be bliss or paradise, but would suffice her in her need in life at that moment."?

Home was not the best for her,

Maybe "Home was not the best for her;"?

"Lets get you home."

Maybe "Let's get you home."?

flowing from stance to stance, controlling the girls movement.

Maybe "flowing from stance to stance, controlling the girl's movement."?

He picked up a laddle, filled it with the strange punch they always seemed to serve at wedings and filled a cup with it. Then to his astonishment he gave the cup to her, despite his throught being the one HE was bothered with. Then filling one of his own and drinking it, after insuring she was sated. She looked over her cup towards him, looking deep into his eyes she said "Thank you." with a voice like a silver flute, he leaned toward her, knowing what would happen...





Brom however would not do the assigned tasks,

Maybe "Brom however would not do the assigned tasks;"?

He was quite good with a sword, but prefered the security and safety he had with the staff.

He was quite good with a sword, but preferred the security and safety he had with the staff.

Brom prefered the shadows and small groups,

Brom preferred the shadows and small groups,

the learning of the longsword,

the learning of the long sword,

Edited by Dunian

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its so sad! you should definatley (oh gosh how do you spell it :) ) write more things :icon13:

Yeah. I've been forgetting to read it since he posted it. I wanted to wait until I wasn't distracted so I read it this morning.


I spent a long time bawling my eyes out. Very sad and touching story. Thanks Brom, you will be missed by many.



/edit: typo

Edited by Torg

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A semicolon is only supposed to be used when connecting two very related sentences into one sentence. For example,


She went to the store to buy bread; although money was tight, her family needed to eat.


So, there should not be semicolons after "place" or "flute."

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It's a nice story but I think it needs more "filling" to make it a great one. Right now the story ONLY concentrates on the relationship between these two people, and I think it needs some more excitment than that that would in fact enhance the story about Brom & Sholi, to make the story stronger. For example, if you had a story about the evil priest of Mortos who wants to disrupt things with the followers of Aluwen in the nearby towns by summoning evil creatures to kill them(well you get the idea :devlish:..and inside of that other story you insert the one of Brom & Sholi, and you get a much longer/bigger story, but one more fullfilling and fun to read.

Hope that made sense :D


Also..I'm not sure that the Draegoni transformation works well here..it's not explained as to why and how it happened exactly. The draegoni are a race on their own, and were not humans/elves transformed that way. If anything they really used to be dragons that transformed themselves into a more human appearance for reasons not known right now.

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