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Joining guild

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Some pieces of advice for those who're looking for a guild. Read this, it might help you.


1. You need to fulfill game requirment to join any guild. That is at least one of your skills (not including overall level) must be at level 20 or higher.

2. When you achieve this, just look around. Talk to people. When you find out that members and attitude of certain guild is familiar to you (that is, you feel this is guild for you) use #guild_info <tag> command and look whether they're recruiting and if they are, what are additional requirments (each guild might require other things: certain level in choosen skills, speaking certain language, etc.).

3. When you do this, just contact members of this guild (best would be having at least one person that would introduce you to leaders of the guild. You might as well, just PM leaders of the guild.

4. If this fail, just join channel 4 and ask whether there are guild recruiters (type #jc 4 and talk in channel starting with @).



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Just a few points I'd like to add.


Researching guilds isn't just in-game; you can also check their webpage/forums (usually shown in the #guild_info), and EL's forums.

Not everything that people post will be reliable, but you may still get an impression about the guild or guild leaders.

If you're really keen, you could also research the guild's allies. That will give further indication to how the guild acts.


Take your time when considering guilds. It's better to spend one more day guildless and pick a guild that you will be happy with for a long time than to jump from one to another and not be happy in any of them.

Ask the recruiters questions.

Make sure that the guild is of the sort you want to join.


If there's a guild you'd really like to get into, but you don't qualify for certain reasons, work on the issues (usually just a matter of gaining some levels).

In the long run this will work out better than settling for a guild you're not so keen on.


If you can't find a guild that you want to join... keep looking. You may find the right one a few days later.

Again, this is likely to have a better outcome than joining the first guild you can as soon as possible.

But one caveat on that: there are some guilds set up for training/helping newbies.

These are valuable to join as soon as possible, and there's also the assumption that most members will leave later.

This makes it a lot easier when you decide that you want to move on

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