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i was banned

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hi its ilovecrazyfrogs/mrwhiteman/mrblackman

iwas banned and i am sorry,ive been banned for quite some time,i few months at least,tanyia i AM sorry i will never curse or swear on any channels again plz unban me,i will even make a new charecter if i have to

i love this game and plz i meen come on plz unban me i was banned sometime in 05 plz unban me entropy or tanyia or really anyone please help*echos and fades* :P

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hey its you-know-who i know im not soppose to post more then once but ive read alot of the forums and more than 75% were unbanned and they did worse things than cursing a few times,please unban me entropy

i love this game and i could only kill a deer when i was banned so i wasnt on very long,so please unban me


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