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Places of EL

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Starting a new post, just so its not confusing.


Place town stories here, so I can read them lol. Theres like 4 posts with diferent stories for town backgrounds, and its just confusing to read through an understand it all sometimes. And I really dont have time to waste looking for new stories so if you would post them here.


I will be posting a in depth history of WSC or lakeside maybe in the next 2 hours or so.

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Go ahead with the WSC history. Read my other posts on the game calendar and storyline-weaving, and then write it up in full. I read your summary in the Sticky (the one about Wiliam H. Stone). It's not bad, but you need to flesh it out and give it more details. :) Read Saii's History of the Lands to make sure you don't conflict with him.


You also might want to work on Lakeside's history, as well.


And yes, to all others: Please post any (completed) short histories of places in EL here for me to read. That would save a lot of scrolling. :D

You can open separate threads if you just have a story idea you want to discuss, but if you have a completed story about a place, post it here.



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