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Highlights---- Made it as short as possible.


Rojas dragon tales –


In this story EL used to be a world filled with dragons and half dragons. But in today’s EL those dragons don’t exist any longer.


This is my version – Izzy, of the dragons’ story line.


Instead of letting the story revolve around the Dragons themselves I decided to go on a relation to the current races of EL and the past races of EL.


The story of the past begins vague but progresses on to show what dragons really are and why such large creatures vanished with no trace of their existence left behind except in a few bones and books.


The DnD race that most DnD’s don’t touch on anymore is the half dragon, a human-dragon hybrid. The story begins as the original races being Aieges and Dragons. Aieges are a race very similar in appearance to humans but with a more tanned complexion.


The first groups of crossbreeds were Elven like as their ears were more elongated than a normal Aieges. (The top of their ears stretched almost 1 foot long.)


The Aieges revered the dragons as mythical creatures and to be one with a dragons soul was to bier the child of the dragon.


Many legends passed as the races began to distinguish themselves from each other. The dragons at some point just seemed to have vanished.


------ That is the basis of the story history – they player unlocks more of the story as they progress through some quests.



Hope that’s something ya liked (/_(O.o)_//)

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Well I like the idea of a half dragon/human race, I already thought of making a lizard men type race eventually.


The Aieges revered the dragons as mythical creatures and to be one with a dragons soul was to bier the child of the dragon.


This sounds kind of neat..perhaps this race revered the dragons as gods instead, and this race can be a very magical race...well i can design it/make some concepts of them later, but it's a cool idea.

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D1 part 2.


I pretty much just thought once on this and came up with this. It’s a simple thought but all stories begin simple no need to over complex an introduction as it tends to throw people off.


The Aieges or however I spelt it before eventually vanished, not in any magical way but in that the race had spread so thin that no one had the original form of a Aieges any longer.


-Before I continue I am going to reply to the post above. –


Lizards aren’t dragons and dragons aren’t lizards with wings. Lizards with wings are lizards with wings.


The idea that lizards were once dragons I don’t know where it came from but you can make it that way if you want to O.o…


The Dragoons were elfish in appearance except the sides of their faces had dragon scales on it. Their forehead also had a horn on it. I am not sure about multiple horns but I’ve usually seen art of them with only 1 horn.


The scale, horn and ears were the only thing resembling them to dragons.


But that’s all just classical stuff, you could change it to whatever >.< Just as long as they don’t look like slime goo =P.-.-…



The Aieges were naturally connected to the dragons, however the combination of the dragons and Aieges were connected to the dragons by the horn on their foreheads.


As time went on the horns began to become smaller and soon vanished. The connection to the dragons began to vanish.


Races of today were all once these half dragons but today all seem different.


Humans, Dwarfs, Elves, Orcs, Goblins and Miniatures.


The purpose the dragons served today is completely unknown. Some even say draconic magic once existed because of them.


That’s all I pieced in this puzzle. If anything dragons aren’t lizards that breath crimson fire and can fly. =P They get offended by that =D.

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No offense to you personally Izzy, I think the idea is wonderful.


But I must ask, you ever read and of th Dragonlance books? They are based on the realms and such of DnD.


I believe in the oboks they are called Draconians (which are described as half human/half dragon)


In the Dragonlance Chronicles, I believe the 2nd book of the series, has these Draconians being created by strong and powerful mages from baby dragon eggs.



Now how would you make these Aieges look? I will definitely be one if they are created as I really like evles, but you just cant beat a half Dragon.



As for the storyline sounds good. But I also noticed that if someone got into looking REALLY hard, they would fins that pleigerism (think I spellt it right). I mean in the Dragonlance books, they also have a race called the Irda who are similar to your idea, which also made me ask lol.



They arent close in very many ways, but they are similar enough that if they arent changed someone might be filing a law suit.



I suggest not linking the two together but maybe have a war of sorts against say.....13-14 races, and the existing ones are the only to survive the onslaught brought by the dragons. The last line of defense the remaining Dragons grouped together with the races that joined these powerful creatures, and they were all turned into half dragon hybrids, and fought a long war where many of the races were destroyed and are no longer even heard of, and the dragons eventually lost and the half dragons surrendered.


I like your idea better Izzy, but maybe come up with something al ittle more.......not able to be sued for by lol. The Irda were unheard of by all but Raistlin in the books for the longest tim andthenother powerful mages leanred of them because of such powerful magic they posessed. And the Irda were the first of all the races lol.


Jsut wierd that it is so closely linked. I figured I would wanr you if you havent read the books.

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I do read allot of books but none of them were any of the ones you mentioned. Any relation I have to dragons and this story is from my mind no one elses.


It is probably hard for you to imagine but I came up with all this in like 15 minutes of playing some game (wont say name) and the game I was playing has nothing to do with dragons at all. I started eating some spegetti (hope I spelled that right; its always best to run through a spell check if your not certain.) and typed it up.


The Aegis arent half dragons, they are tanned in complextion and all of them have slightly green eyes, they do allot of summoning of animals and so on. None of them are mages well some of them are but the dragons arent summoned creatures. Atleast I never saw it that way.


I'm glad you liked the story outline however I will look into what you posted.


Even if there is any connection to the DnD books I probably wont change them. By the way.


EL cant be filed with a lawsuit unless the story explicitly uses concepts from another selection that has a copy right placed on it or is researved.


Thats from what I know, I've been through allot of copy rights in my short time on earth =P.


I write short stories O.o.


Also in no way was what I posted a story format its all just a bunch of ideas I threw in this section for devs to use or throw away.


Infact I doubt I will write it in a full story or in subsequent sections.

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Ok heres:


1. Response to Saii


2. Re to all


3. More info on the story


4. Conclusion


5. Sample story piece.



I think I figured out what you meant after I reread your post.


When I said draconic magic I didn't mean mages used it to summon dragons; I meant that dragoons could use it to talk to dragons and live peacefully with them.





I wasnt sure about what it would be, so I basically worked this off as a paragraph that tells an entire story. So dont get confused.




This is where I explain why and what. The dragons and what happened to them and how they vanished, as well as some of the events that occured because of their disappearing act.



The dragons do vanish but they didnt die. I sorta added old EL stuff in it, cause I liked it when ppl were half ghosts.



Note Part 1:

In the year of Gordra (Gwarr-drra) the world was moved by the magic not of arcane but of the soul. It wasnt until the ending of the era that we Aieges had discovered the side-effect of such magic...


Note Part2:

The magic was potent but and harmless, it could only be used to spur life in the lifelessness that we once withdrew ourselves. But, the soul is something more complex than what we could of anticipated.


Note Part3:

It would so happen that using this magic taped in a limited well of energy used by our souls to make us mortal and sustain us. We lived to create more souls but souls go on forever... why would they have need of reproduction?


Note Part4:

Ezikeal has asked the Dragon of the sky - Highwind to help understand the souls purpose, but he replies in mumbles of nothingness. I continued to experiment on my own soul, I found the truth, thats when I started writing this.


Note Part5:

Each of us were being recreated in another world, only as halfghosts, our souls lossed potency in this realm and began to reform in another. The non existance of a soul in once place aparantly led to its existance in another.


Note Part6:


I remember tales of the ancients who destroyed this world telling how people would sacrifice their whole lives to find the origin of it. As foolish as it may have sounded I began to wonder myself. What the soul really is...



Side note:


Oh k now thats just like an intro, I didnt want to make it "too deep" nor too edgy or too plain. But I hope I skimmed on all 3. =D

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Ok, thanks...


The Aegis is just some random name I made up dont like it then hey name it what ya want >.<.


=P Its all fine. But because I dont want to reffer to the races name as (undefined) I'll just leave it Aegis for the sake of not confusing anyone.



Response to subject::


As for Tumaros' post about submiting stories, I wonder if your collecting stories then whats the point of the forums?



Ok story time, I omited some ideas before and I dont think I'll be adding them cause I actually liked em =). But I will finish off the story and the addition of dragons.




>>NEW<< Tablet story



These are the whats left off a tablet that can be read at any time there are 5 tablets.


Tablet Piece 1-


Magic of the soul, draconic magic, arcane magic, and even black magic - they are all the same, I have begun my experiments on mixing them and they dont do anything. All five just four maybe three if I'm desperate two...


Tablet Piece 2-


But no difference, I wonder why I managed to hone the magical abilities into sigils but its only arcane magic, well alteast now your average peasant can cast magic...


Tablet Piece 3-


The secret to the sigils comes only after a long time, I didnt realize my mixtures had worked, the sigils are incredable, sometimes I am afraid of having mass produced so many of them, but I doubt anyone could figure this out...


Tablet Piece 4-


So this is why the magic of soul was banished, only the Aieges were able to use it efficently, whats happening to me must be a long term result of combining draconic and soul magic...


Tablet Piece 5-


If some one were to find this log the living may be in danger - it is my responsability to destroy it... It's times like this I am sad I enchanted the damn rock so it couldnt break or crumble.


Notes Continued::




Note 7-


Magic of the soul, if these fossils are correct and there was a race predating even old Neku golden age then soul magic could be potentially dangerous. It may explain why the fossils are almost transparant.


Note 8-


Here it is the Sumalio text, I found a base to it, certain symbols resemble that used of pre Neku royal code, It says - "The soul, burns, yerns, learns it will never die as long as it must not..." I don't get it, doesnt make much sense.


Note 9-


Age seems to be catching up to me, these twelve thousand years have been kind to me, I have no apprentice to carry on my work... But I only wished I could of found the whole truth of the past, I'm still worried about the use of soul magic.



Detailed INFO:



Dragons - they thrive off souls of those who love them, they use the radiating energy from them to continue to exist. Souls even fuel the draconic magic they use.


Aieges - A race the just vanished not even a fossil is left behind.


Half-Dragons - A fused Aieges and Dragon they are all very strong both magically and physically. However after the dragons vanished their connections to them faded and they lost allot of the similarities they had to them.


Soul Magic - A type of magic that makes its user become transparent after extended use.


Draconic Magic - A hybrid of soul magic channeled through the horn of a dragon, this nulls the after effect of using soul magic.


Arcane magic - Words spoken in old tounge to cast spells.


Black Magic - Dark magic entrusted by demons to the living.


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I've been with my friends for a very long time, its almost like religion now for us to dismiss each other even in plain view of personal actions being expressed.


Since we heard rumor of the sleeper we have searched day and night for it, it seems to just stay one-step ahead of us. The walking sleeper...


Sometimes I even wonder what it dreams about for it to be locked so stern in it. If we do meet the sleeper I wonder what we would do. I mean if it wakes up then what? Will it remember its dreams?


I guess that’s why we adventurers go out on such expeditions. The not knowing of it all, I want to know that’s why I explore, it must be.


I've never had these thoughts before; it must be from chasing the sleeper... If it is a kind of dragon like they all say, I should be able to dream walk with it. I can’t wait till tomorrow, then we will finally meet.

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