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Sellin some stuff out of my storage, PM me ingame only.


BP cloak- 2.5k

Conjurer cape- 4k

29 star meds- 150each

3uni meds- 100each

2sun meds- 100each

40damage rings- 110gc each

143IP rings- 10gc each SOLD

1 rostogol- 14k SOLD

220 magic ess- 6.5gc each SOLD

16polished rubies- 30gc each

16 polished emeralds- 30gc each

10000 chrys- 0.5gc each

iron axe constr.- 150gc

steel axe constr.- 200gc

Serp- 9k


EDIT: added serp to list.

EDIT: sold some stuf :(

Sold em before i saw your forum post benhe, sorry. I did say ingame PM :)

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