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The invasion of Mortos

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In a small house near the sea's edge of Portland a lone elf staggered back to his home. Unlocking the door he walked into his house and lay down upon his bed. His friend Faye was still off on a mission had her bed; nay the house looked empty without her. Fox had still yet to return and so Lemon decided he must record his tale for other to hear about.


Stepping off the bed he walked over to the table and began to write.


Portland storage again. Once more down the toil of the grindstone. "Faye needs the Health essences. I must complete"... Lemon stifled a yawn; he had been at this for hours now... "Must complete them all. Nearly all done."

With a final chant the ingredients mixed and he added the last essence to the pile.


Standing up and stretching a strange feeling descended over the storage. All those present felt it, something wicked this way comes. A voice spoke from the very ground, the floor rumbling in response as a voice spoke. Mortos the God of evil called across the land.

"Bow down before me mere mortals! My armies have gathered and we shall crush Unolas, god of magic and knowledge, upon the centre of his power: the magic tower of Vermor castle."


Shock and panic spread though those gathered. Fox and I just looked at each. As paladins of Aluwen we knew what we must do! Grabbing our armour, and weapons we sprinted out of the storage and beamed ourselves to Ilsa Prima to protect the forces of good. The boat across to Lakeside was packed with fighters in all manner of dress, the strongest wielding mighty swords while even the smallest had taken up mighty branches to fight the enemy Mortos. I clutched my Quarterstaff tightly. It had seen me through many a battle and now it was called upon to defend Unolas. Fox stood beside me, no fear showing in his eyes as we made landfall. Running off the ship we met up with our dear ally Master Maxim from the W&W guild. -IC- and W&W together we ran towards Veromor castle.


It wasn't long before we realised something was wrong. The sky was dark and stormy, even in the middle of the day. The ground shook with each step as we raced onwards. Then they came. Gargoyles appeared from the sky, flying down on mighty wings to beat off the defenders. Many fell, but more people surged forward, weapons drawn to defend the castle. I saw Max take care of several skeletons by himself. His Sword dancing through their ranks and laying carnage to them. Fox was holding his own as well. Many nights of hunting the foul creatures had left him more that prepared for the skellies attacks. For myself, my staff glowed with energy as it smashed another skull from the corpse. The battle was short lived, the defenders quickly overpowering mortos.


Suddenly, with a huge clap of thunder Mortos himself appeared. The air around him black and evil as he spoke...

"Do not underestimate me!"

Another clap of thunder and her was gone. Off to the Triym entrance to try and invade lakeside. The fighters that where left turned and ran towards lakeside for the next part of the battle.


I got split up from the others, lost in the maze around the castle. Though I could here their shouts I told them to carry on and defend the land. I ran onwards, there was nothing else I could do.


Lakeside was a mess when I arrived there. Bodies turning to light all around. I saw the briefest glimpse of Fox as the curse took him deep underground to the underworld. There wasn't time to even think on this. Before I knew it a mountain chimmy was upon me. I tried to run; my feet however had other ideas. Tripping over myself I felt the creatures massive jaws crush my feet. My leather boots destroyed instantly. Thankfully, even as the pain shot up my leg the creature devoured the rest of me.


Deep underground I awoke. Most of my healing potions lost, but some how my staff was still with me. 'In that case I must return'! I ran out of the underworld, the other fallen warriors around me as we headed back into the fray. By the time we arrive at Isla Prima's port the captain had said that lakeside was already safe. We all breathed a sigh of relief... but it was short lived.

"The eleven home town, Trinwood, pah, it shall feel my wrath!"

We looked at each other in horror. The tree village must not fall! Making landing in Lakeside I found Max alive but injured. He had managed to hide in the general stores strong stone walls, Unable to cope with the chimmy but ready to do his bit. I soon caught up with fox as well as once more the brave solders poured forth into the battle.


Carnage and chaos awaited us when we got there. Selain had joined in the attack from his temple and was adding more creatures to the battle. Orcs and Ferrans littered the field, and the sound of battle reached us as we came forth and leapt once more into the fray.


For me the battle was short... A ferran had managed to slip past my Staff and gotten me straight in the chest, with a final swipe at it I blacked out once more. The Underworld was quieter this time. The strongest warriors arranged themselves well and took down the force with ease. Even as I left the underworld news spread that mortos had been defeated. Cheers erupted from those gathered as the heavy weight of exhaustion spread over my body. Joining the boat once more I travelled back to Portland, and back to the IC's home."


I had just finished when the door opened and in walked fox. I stood up quickly and embraced my brother in arms. The night grew old as we swapped stories of the battle.




Commander LemonStar -IC-



P.s.. Just a note to the mods/devs of this. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN :D:D thank you so much for organising that, despite the several deaths (hey what else do we expect) that was one of the great nights of EL! Loved it so much! Thank you thank you THANK you! please do some more! Then I can go write more stories about it.

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Well heres my version, and Maxim needs to post his as well, methinks. Just wanna say thanks for waht was the most fun I' ve had on EL for ages! despite the constant dying. I killed one skel :D



Today, I fought a war. Not a conventional war, with the men on one side, and orcs on another No. I fought alongside Elf and Orchan alike. Gnomes, drarves, elves, and even the scattered Dragonei of Seredia.


I remember….well, of course I remember, though in the many deaths I died my memory is fuzzy. I do remember visiting one of my dearest friends. Lemonstar, an elf of the guild –IC- I belonged too. I had mixed him some death essence. Turned out he would need them.


As I made my way back to Nordcarn, I had to go through the land of Whitestone. The journey should have been uneventful. A booming voice echoed the lands; though I got the impression it was within each of our heads we heard him speak. The very sky darkened as though in fear of this new threat.


And a threat it was. The voice made the claim to be the Dark lord Mortos, most evil of the gods. He mocked us, challenged us to defend the god Unolas of spellslinging.


I believed it. I can’t say why. Maybe it’s the way such evil gets into your brain


Luckily, I was in armour……well. I wore a fur cloak and leather pants and boots. Hardly armour, but I had my blade at least. A steel Two edged sword.


I ran all the way to Vermor castle and right into my dear friend Maxim Ironist, renowned warrior of W and W. I grew concerned, as I knew Maxim had served Mortos in the past, but my friend was insistent he would use the power of the evil god to do what was right.


By the time I arrived the fighting was over, more or less. I met but one unclaimed foe, and engaged in duel with a relentless pile of walking bones. The fight lasted not, and I sent him back to the grave he belonged in.


Part of me was disappointed. The other part was grateful. The latter was soon disappointed though, when the voice once again cursed our names in our minds and challenged us to fight at the boarder to Tyrnum. I would not miss this battle.


Maxim and I took off at a run, our stamina wearing thin as we finally reached Lakeside. My supplies were limited, as this was all much unexpected. I had only a handful of Health Essence with me.

In these situations, you notice not your allies. Until this point I hadn’t realised how many of the people of Seredia had arrived to fight this evil threat. Grim determination reflected on every face.


Some claimed to see the God himself. I never saw him. All I saw was a Mountain Chimerian wolf dashing towards me with a hungry glint in its red eyes. I took up my sword. It was no use. As the heavy beast crashed into me any hope of defending myself was lost. I thought I heard Lemonstar calling my name, and prayed he would have the good sense to run.


I clambered to my feet in the world of fire and ash, besides a pool of lava. The pain was intense as always and normally I would take a breather. However, Aluwen needed me now. Checking the damage, I had lost all but my sword and fur cape, which the flames were licking at, so I abandoned.


By the time I got back to Whitestone the arena had changed. Tirnwood Vale, location of the summoning god Selain, was under assault. There appeared to be confusion, as no one was sure which side Selain was truly on. The question was answered for me as a Ferran sought me and maxim out.


It swung a mighty claw at my chest, and that was it’s mistake. As I dodged the blow I pushed my sword forwards, slicing clean through the creatures Leg/arm. It didn’t even react as it lost a paw, and I overestimated the blow I dealt. That was my downfall. Another visit to hell for me…


When I finally reached the point of my demise once more, the battle was over. I was pleased to see Lemonstar standing in one piece beside Master Ironist, his staff still intact. Maxim caught sight of me and a wide grin broke across his face.


“We won†he told me in the tone of one whom wasn’t sure weather to believe it himself. The two words were slowly repeated all around him, by the many warriors whom had turned out.


Maxim rose his sword and pointed it skyward calling “Victory!†Soon the battleground was as loud as it had been during the fight, us mocking the god that dared attack what was right.





Fox looked over the parchment he had written over, and smiled to himself. Holding it in one hand, he used the other to shred it into four equal pieces, and threw it in the air, letting the letter float onto Whitestone Lake.


It did not matter to him if Aluwen read it, only that he had told her. If Evil came again, Fox would be ready, and hopefully stronger


Time to get home, Lemonstar needed more Death Essence.

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Master Maxim walked in his small but neat room... still finding it a bit hard to walk due to the injures gotten in the fights. He sat down, grabbed some health essences and concentrated his magical powers on him to heal his lighter wounds. Then, he grabbed a piece of paper and a quill, then inked it and started writing his tale...


"It was a calm and bright evening in White Stone city, like any other. Birds were singing and merrily flying around, free, and the wind was singing together with the dancing leaves of the trees. All out of a sudden, the skies became dark, heavy clouds covered it all and an evil voice broke out. It was the god of death and destruction, lord Mortos. His threatening voice announced that he was summoning his creatures of the dark to attack Unolas, god of magic and knowledge, on the center of his power: the magic tower of Vermor castle. I suddenly got up, grabbed my sword and ran there. Mortos had granted me great powers, but I didn't agree with his dark and violent ways... besides, Unolas had favored on me, too, so I would not let any innocent souls die that day. On the way, I met my good friends: FoxLupine and LemonStar, from our allied guild. We greeted each other, and each other's presence there lightened up our spirits and woke up our warrior soul. We started running as other mighty warriors and brave apprentices joined us.

When we reached Vermor castle, everything was silent... too silent. Suddenly, gargoyles flew down from the skies and skeletons got out from the underground and started a violent melee. One of the skeletons attacked me. A quick blocking and a fast slash blew the creature's head away. Then I had to deal with another two, together this time: as I dodged one of them, I hit one on his back and then threw a back blow to the second skeleton. Then, I raised my head to see my friends had just come in and were fighting too. FoxLupine was dealing with a skeleton, and since he was pretty good at sword fighting, I tought he'd be ok... then I noticed that LemonStar got lost at the maze and was fighting a couple of gargoyles, with his elegant but powerful staff fighting style. I smiled as I recognized Lemon's old "lucky staff". Then, all creatures ran away as Mortos appeared on the scene. I was shocked... I was seeing my god and benefactor in front of my eyes!! He cursed us because of his defeat and disappeared, but it was still not over..."


Maxim looked up and took a deep breath. He took some more ink and kept writing...


"Then, Mortos' voice showed us that his next objective was attacking Aluwen on her old sacred lands of Tyrnym. FoxLupine, LemonStar and me ran there as fast as we could, followed by a long file of warriors, in order to get the entrance to the ruins of Tyrnym safe. I knew I should be at Mortos' side and specially now we were against our archenemy, Aluwen. But I'll be always righteous in my mind, so I decided to use the power Mortos had granted me to help my good friends, Fox and Lemon, paladins of Aluwen.

We reached the entrance of Tyrnym. As we carefully looked around us, the silence was broken suddenly: a group of female orcs ran towards us. It was a really massive attack!! I started fighting one of them -- not much time ago since I started fighting those fiends, but I used that small knowledge to do my best and fight them. I could feel every of their hits through my shields, and every blow of my sword and blood drawing form them made the orcs fight even in a more berserk way!! Then, the orcs stepped back. Fox and Lemon were injured, and I had a light wound on my left leg but was standing still... then, the horror came. A group of mountain chimeran wolves fell upon us. The group of warriors disbanded as we couldn't stand such a thing. I saw how FoxLupine died by one of those fiends, and Lemon ran the opposite way I did. Me and some average fighters hid in the general store, as we cursed ourselves for being too weak to take on the chimeran wolves. Then, I held tight my sword and walked outside. It was already clear, as stronger fighters had made the jobs. Lemon walked back to my side and Fox just reached back from the underworlds. Then, another message from Mortos came up..."


Maxim took another deep breath as he remembered the horror of that battle, many unexperienced and not strong enough warriors dying by him, and his friend Fox falling under the chimeran's claws... he got some more ink on his quill and kept going...


"Mortos announced another attack on Tirnwood vale, the very center of the elven race. I tought of my friends standing by me, Fox and Lemon, and specially about my guild mistress, JezeBelle. She was an elf, and one of my closest and dearest friends... I couldn't let her down at this time. Hard times were here, and this was my moment!! We all ran to Tirnwood vale. We met up at the center of the city along with the remaining warriors, but had not much time left to get organized: a pack of forest chimerans attacked. Strongest warriors took inmediately over them, then another wave of orcs attacked us, right out of Selain's temple. Then we realized that Selain was supporting Mortos!! Mortos showed up again, his evil laughter broke through the warrior's hearts. Fox and Lemon, fed up with anger and wanting to honor their godess, charged right at the orcs, but died after a couple of battles. I looked at Mortos, didnt' know how to feel right at that time, but I charged again. An orc faced me... males were more ferocious than they say about them... he attacked me. After a couple of punches, my iron shield was gone and my left arm seriously injured. I grabbed my sword with all of my strenght and wide opened the orc's belly. He roared in pain, then punched me right on my face with all of his might. Everything turned black in front of my eyes..."


Maxim touched his left arm, still stun and hurting, then kept on writing...


"I walked out of the underworld as I pushed the ashes and sulfur out from my shoulders. I ran back to Tirnwood vale and gladly saw how Mortos' forces were defeated. A scout told us that Isla Prima had been invaded by the animals that fled from White Stone, but they were easily taken back by the youngest warriors in the land. Everything was under control. Fox and Lemon walked by me and smiled -- everything was over. I yelled a victory shout and everyone around did so, while we drew our blades and weapons to the air. The battle was gone... for now. But who knows what Mortos keeps for us? I may be one of his paladins and blessed warriors, but I'll never let him harm innocent people. Until then, I'll keep an eye on Seridia, and I'm sure that Fox, Lemon and all of our guildies will too. When Mortos threatens Seridia... W&W and -IC- guilds will fight together again!! for pride!! for honor!!


Maxim Ironfist"


Maxim led his quill fall in the ink bottle and got up the chair. He slowly walked to his bed and laid down as he lived the whole battle again through his head...

-"For pride... for honor... when the hard times come back, we'll fight together once again..."

Then, he laid his head down while he smiled... and fell asleep.

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Good stories, both of you. May your quills and swords stay sharp to defend the lands!


"For pride... for honor... when the hard times come back, we'll fight together once again..."


Great ending :P

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Thank you Derin ;) Even tought I lost some minor equipments because of my death, I enjoyed the event so much, so much that I found it worthy of writing about it :) It was really a lovely sight to se how warriors from different guilds and people who didn't know each other cooperated to kill the monsters that invaded our beloved lands. I'm anxiously waiting the next event, and training hard until it comes :) I hope to see you all back in the battlefield then :) ^_^


Maxim Ironfist

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