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Well, my guild mate and best friend around here, riche_anderson, was training on goblins today and died. When other of my guildies, GarfieldClown, got there, Lufia had already taken over the bag and was sitting on it. We all asked her to give the items back, even told her what was in the bag, but all she did was pretend she was afk. Then, she logged out. When GarfieldClown looked in the bag, only a couple of essences, food and a fur cloak were left. riche_anderson lost a steel chain armor, 60 health essences, 6.4k+ gold (he forgot to leave it in storage) and an iron sword. Later on, Lufia came back online and we tried to chat her up. All she did was pretend she was afking.


All I want now is to warn everyone around, go train somewhere else if she's around and the spawn there has a possibility of killing you, she'll surely bagjump you :D I would also encourage our mates and friendly guilds (and those who simpathyse with this) to refuse to trade/buy anything from her and kill her on sight when you see this bagjumper on a pk map. Thank you for your support.


Kind regards,

Maxim Ironfist (W&W Guild)


EDIT: Lufia created the SNES guild and they keep on on thieving activities... please extend the measurements to all of its members, since they're all the same. NO to random thieving in EL.

Edited by Master Maxim

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