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What is "luck"?

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Luck, what is it? Many people have pondered over this for many a century. Most people have just discounted it's existence. But to all you who think luck doesn't exist, you're wrong. As it has been explained before, the Universe is ruled by 4 laws, the forces of General Relativity, gravity, and the forces of Qunatum Mechanics, electromagnetism, the nuclear weak force, and the nuclear strong force. There is also a theorized 5th force, magic. Now, magic is very unkown, it exists everywhere at every time in every universe. It has is weak enough to go unnoticed everywhere, but has the power to overide every force. Magic can be affected by words, thought, items like medallions, essences, wands and staffs. Lucky items, such as horse-shoes, rabbit feet, four-leaf clovers, and the such, are random objects that seem to give-off Magic. This can do various things, and why some objects have certain qualities, this is quite unknown. Some theorists think that these objects create a rift in the Space/Time Continuem and allows the items to affect whatever they otuch with the magic that flows out of this rift, witch opens into the Etherial Plane of existence, causing the surrounding area to be affected in odd ways, luck being one ability.

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