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Dwarven Traveling Song

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Oh! Tough as leather,

hard as nails,

listen as the beaten wolf wails.

Who knows what our journey will find?

The enemy's bones we'll break

and will we'll grind!


I know the road

may seem rough,

but trust me when I say,

if we raise our axes and strike,

we will beat 'em all away!


Oh! Why do we, children of the earth

travel over water and stone?

Why, we do it to be

the best of the best!

Better than all the rest!


The wind does howl on lonely nights,

and we may long for a warm lil' nook.

But when the sun rises we may splash

around in a warm running brook.


Oh the traill runs from hither to yonder,

some say it doesn't end.

But we'll traverse that distance through

flood and drought!

We're the best of the best,

because we have food and freind!




Dwarven Song, Written by Argon Bearstrong

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