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Guest Aloyse

tomj death bag jumper

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Guest Aloyse

hi people,

i died because of a connection problem in white stone, then came back to find my stuff and find a guy called tomj standing near the bag... then i looked into the bag but only some items were there. He had taken my leather armor, about 10 empty vials, vegetables, snake and boar skins ...

he put some flowers inside the bag cause he probably had no room in inv to take all i had in my death bag.

I asked him and in newb channel, politely, to give me back my armor but he never answer.

I know this is not against the rules, but it is against the honor rules i and some other nice players follow.

It was just to let you know. bb :P


sorry, it was a chain armor, not leather...just bought ... lol

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Most players are not in the newb channel, so it is possible he didn't see it (or he could just be mean).

Next time you might try to PM him also.


Dan582 seems to have had the same problem with him... Hmm...

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