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cont2map16 ideas

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These are some names and ideas I jotted down to help the map maker. I'm posting them here so that you guys can take the ideas and expand upon them..do what you like, just don't change what I have written here :P



Map name= Southern Redmoon Island (map 15 is north.

the island is called Redmoon because the Legendary

Orchan cheiftan, named Redmoon, founded it.)


northern village= Nargash

Southern Village= Trigonu

snowy Mountain= Mount of Sorrow (here the legendary

redmoon died in a great heroic battle, he sacrificed

himself to save the Orchan people).

spa= Healer's Mists

South island= Nar's Island (Nar is some orchan guy)

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Back in the days of old, around the year 5900 B.G.W., the world was calm and peace was at hand. The creatures were still getting adjusted to the Lands, and the gods were still producing more and fitting them into their surrondings. The Orchans had populated the area of the wild Eastern Islands of Irilion. They, according to current records, had been created in 6000 B.G.W. and were still in a state of anarchy. The villages and settlements were in total chaos, and there were blood-feuds and threats being carried out throughout the Islands. The other races stayed well away from them and their barbaric ways, and the coastal eastern towns were dealing with frequent raids. Then, one red Orchan rose from the chaos with a axe in his hand. His name was Redmoon.


Redmoon was born in the northern village of Nargash and was raised in the warrior caste, marked at birth with the red mark of the Blood-Fist Clan. At 4 he held his first sword and at 6 he was already practicing by wrestling pigs. At 7 he started cutting wood, harvesting crops, and other various chores. At 8 he was killing wolves with his bare hands, and at 9 was fighting goblins and various other monstrocities. At 14, he had his Coming of Age ceremony. He was brought to the summit of Mt. Pyron, the local volcano. He threw a sacrficed a boar caught by his own hands as a gift to Glydoc, their patron and supposed creator. After the ceremony, he was accepted into the town millitia. He was given his own armor, and foght gallantly and feircely, climbing the military's ranks to general. At 21, he left the military and went to joining the Peacekeepers, a band of orchans crossing the lands and restoring peace. He rode across the lands until he was 30, and only when he joined the Peacekeepers did he realise the utter chaos the Islands were in. He rised among the ranks of the military, and eventually became a feared but respected leader. He was proud and looked upon, but was wise and not blinded by glory. He then crossed the lands with his mighty axe in hand, restoring peace.


He went around with a group of followers, bringing peace to the chaotic villages. He settled feuds, killed savage beasts, and banished raiders and outlaws. He was claimed cheif of the Orchans of the East, and led campaigns to bring peace to the other people of Irilion, even the Elves. He led battles against invaders and fought traitors. He settled a small village on one of the islands and it was named Southern Redmoon Island in his honor.


In his last battle on the Mountain of Sorrow, the Orchans were attacked by a great army that conquered the Orchans with their great numbers. But Redmoon stood his ground with a small band of followers upon the peak, and fought to his last breath. The Orchans fled, and he raised his mighty axe and defeated the enemy, but at a cost. He was stabbed in the heart, and with his last breath, roared his famous war-cry that had made many enemies tremble. That day the mountain shook at his loss, and the day is mourned and remembered by the Orchans of the East. This is the tale of Redmoon, cheif of the Orchans.




Grishmak, Orchan Lore-Keeper


(If you have any suggestions or edits or anything you want done with the story, just tell me.)

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all of this is about map 16 only? not about map 15?


I wanted to name and write stuff about map 15 =D


PS. been busy as f*** roja, havent worked on my map much for the past month, but im getting back too it

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MikeH this is about map15 too, because the island is 1 island..just split into 2 maps ;)


Btw, on map15(the northern part of the island), there is a volcano..so you can work that into the story too.

Edited by Roja

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