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The Witches Chant

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hey guys i have to do a witches chant poem like the one from macbeth ( Shakespear ) and it has to rhyme .... and i need like 5-10 lines left and im REALLY stuck ...its pretty frustraiting that i have to do this even thought i speak 2 other languages... and i dont speak english at home... here is the poem i did so far ... please feel free to fix and add lines if u woudl like ... help appreciated


The Witches chant





Oh strengths of the dark immortal spirits

Form a spark of darkness in this infernal pot


Make it be an eternal spot where the graves astray

All the spirits arise, disguise and rave

Now cast an unholy spell over this soul

Add a cursed heart of a doomed warlock

Eyes of a deaf man and ears of a blind

Venom from a spider and fur of a hamster

Chilled with acid by a killed deer

Boiling earthlings and lightning creatures

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