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A new website

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For those that don't know me, friends call me Shall (in EL that is)

For those that do, here's something that's been in the works for awhile


Granted, it's still under construction...


all my poetry I've written so far is all in one place

Right now the only parts of the site that work are the poetry and contact sections

Drop in and let me know what ya think..


And check on me from time to time to see the progress thats been made !


My Webpage

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Don't be shy to ask for help if you want, i'm in Web Design and i have acess to Dreamweaver and Photoshop 7 ^^

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thanks so much y'all..


broken bonds is the real personal story of the process i went through..

refinding the hidden parts of me that had stayed confined and "chained" for so long..

the "me" in it was the surface me.. what the rest of the world saw and knew

the "her" was what I call the "essence of me".. the soul.. the artist, pure emotion.. the part of me that had not been allowed to surface in literal years..


as for help for the site, i have a programmer/coder.. the designer of the site, but he isn't as strong in graphics as he's like to be..

if you have ideas for graphics/pics/backgrounds for individual poems, email them to me at shallara@hotmail.com

i will use the ones i think suit the poems themselves best, with props to the submitting artist, of course :)


thank you all so much for your support and words of encouragement

as any artist or writer knows, it is a vital piece of keeping that creativity alive

Edited by shallara

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