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Tarsengaard storage

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If they make it so you can't manu in any storage this game will get around 100X harder for makers


Maybe that is the intention.

For lvling in a skill you need to make billions of stuff and you sell it a very low prices, because noone is willing to (or have money to) buy billions of stuff. So if there was less maker, the price will increase and the economy will get more balanced (in relation to the money you get for the effort you put in a item).

As many ppl likes to roleplay a trader, i can only imagine two ways:

-- a system where you gain experience for the time you spend doing the item (i think its the point of the new manuf system, if its true hooray);

-- make npcs buy itens at high prices, and make other npcs sell very good itens at very high prices (this itens should only be bought for this npcs, just like the capes are bought today).

If someone can add more info or have more to say about this issue i would really like to read it.


EDIT: please disconsidere this post, the food idea is a lot better.

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Food idea?


This idea is from Entropy and was originally posted in the thread "crafter's strike" in general chat. The basic idea is that will take more time between eat and eat again, balancing the experience for the increased time spent to make the itens. This should restrict the mass production of the itens.

Plz correct me if i am wrong (very likely lately).

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