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Time Travel?

Do you think time travel is posible?  

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  1. 1. Do you think time travel is posible?

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    • No

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of course I believe aliens visit the earth, do you think im insane ? :D


meh, the last bit about not believing everything you see on T.V is just a bit of off topic brain fart because I heard someone mention the Discovery Channel.


The UFO bit was to make a point about our lack of understanding about time.


But again, personally, if someone tells me they have seen a UFO i'm inclined to believe them , same with alot of wierd shit that people see.


The reason for that is ive seen what you would call ghosts, yeh yeh im sure you could all have a good laugh about that over the next few pages and forever more. But its true, in my heart I know what ive seen and experienced.


Therefore I sympathise with those people out there who get called crazy because they completely blow your mind away with far out ideas. Obviously not all of them are genuine, some will be a hoax , but not all of them.


You can believe me or not believe me when I say ive seen ghosts, I know they are there, likewise with the people who have seen UFO's, they know to.


You could even use ghosts as an example of our completely ridiculous notions of time, for example with a major traumatising event in history being replayed again and again. How does that fit with the notion that there is this linear straight line thing called time that only goes forwards and once one moment is past its never to be repeated?


*edit* brain fart

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