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Guest BeeQueen

The True Great War

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Guest BeeQueen

Well while looking for deathbags inside the ruins in Tirnym :icon13: I came across this scroll covered in dried-up blood. I don’t know who wrote it or why but I thought you might want to read it..



Short history of the True Great War



  When men first settled Seridia, they had no true ruler. They agreed to share the land and its fruits and to live in peace with eachother. But while years passed, young hunters who did not accept elder's teachings, saw the opportunity to take control of the land and rule its inhabitants. That led to decades of chaos, full of constant battles among the powerhungry youngsters. The last and the most notorius was named Ratz0rz the Snake. His greed and lust for fame made the people restless and many of their children took the way of the warrior. The mightiest of them were Jipomax, Dragonsyoung and Elise, who joined forces to defeat and banish Ratz0rz from Seridia for good. The second period of peace and prosperity of the land began.

  In that time, the Vikings family was growing ever stronger. After Jipomax and Dragonsyoung left the land in search of their fate, the eldest of Vikings, Donpedro, with Egomatrix and Alobar at his side, claimed the throne of Seridia with no resistance, for their family was well respected among the people and other warriors. The third period of peace and prosperity started in Seridia.

  Mortos, the god of death, was not pleased with this, for the lack of bloodthirst in the land diminished his harvest. He planted a rotten seed among the people and it was born by the name of Satan. To counter this threat, the good gods sent down their son and he was named Shasso.

  The two boys, clueless of their fate, grew up happily under Donpedro's rule. While Shasso was building up his strenght and sword-vielding skills alongside the lads from his family, the Elysians, evil started to fill Satan's heart. He began to challenge Donpedro daily and managed to bring the old king to his knees a couple of times, but the Vikings family was still too strong to be defeated, although they have lost Alobar, who has passed away a few years earlier. Satan kept trying to get the Elysians on his side, to help him overthrow the Vikings, but they instead chased Satan and one day Shasso killed him. Elysians felt that the old king has been ruling the land with great wisdom so they saw no need to fight him and rather lived in peace. But Mortos revived his seed of evil and gave it a new name - Scarr.

  Donpedro was getting worried about the rising strenght of young Elysians, while his own family was growing old and weary. He tried to cut their wings by hiring assasins to kill their young. But Egomatrix took it even further, he ambushed and murdered one of Elysian warriors, the act that triggered the war that will be remembered for centuries to come.

  Not used to the heat of a true battle, Elysians accepted Scarr's offer to fight with them. Donpedro, Egomatrix, son of Alobar, and their ally Rogue did not stand a chance against Nidan, Doctor, Shasso, Scarr and Smooms - Scarr's half-brother who was not touched by Mortos. The young challengers crushed the king's army and took control of Seridia. The god of death was pleased.

  But Donpedro was not about to surrender his throne with such ease. He regrouped his army and kept attacking the ones who have defeated him. With each battle his sword was faster, his fist was stronger and the fire in his eyes was burning again, like it has in his younger years. Elysians were holding on thanking their supreme summoning abilities. Until evil avoken again.

  Scarr was not pleased with the way Elysians were ruling the land. He wanted more power to turn things his way, so he switched sides. He turned his back on his brother and went to join Donpedro's army. Nidan, enraged by the betrayal, shot an arrow from the high wall of Mynadar and sent it right throught the dark heart of Scarr, half way across the land. But Mortos revived his seed of evil and gave it a new name - Shivar.

  The revived Prince of Darkness, as he was later called, started his own family, Hardcore, and allied it with Donpedro's Vikings. Together they marched against Elysians whitch got reinforced by Jipomax who has returned from his journies. He brought with him new thermal swords, never seen in Seridia before. Nidan, Doctor and Smooms, now the leader of Elysians, wielded them and led their family to new victories on the batlefield. Toomass from CA$H family then swore to assist Elysians in the war whitch seemed to be nearing its end. Donpedro was less and less eager to keep on fighting, but Shivar's split tongue was convincing him not to give up.

  Then Mortos planted another seed among the people and its name was Chickengeorge. He joined the Hardcore family and entered the war. Mortos also supplied Shivar and Donpedro with thermal blades and suddenly Elysians were loosing their ground. Chickengeorge's strenght and cruelty had no bounds, Shivar fought ever more fierce, Donpedro, whose mind was poisoned by Mortos already, felt twenty years old again, Argian, one of the Hardcore youngsters was proving himself on the fields, and Rogue, who still respected the alliance with the old king's family, was casting deadly spells on the defenders. Elysians cracked and started to collapse, one by one. Nidan was the first to fall and dissapear from the land. The youngest, Clansman and Jakie got slaughtered by Shivar the next day. It is still not known how Shasso and Toomass fell, but soon only Smooms, Doctor and a couple of not yet established warriors fought the growing force of darkness and eventually they too were overrun and had to flee the land.

  Viking - Hardcore alliance triumphed completely and enslaved the whole of Seridia, bringing it into the dark age. Murdering, looting, burning were daily events, people were afraid to leave their houses. It was Shivar, the seed of Mortos, that ruled the land, for Donpedro was now his puppet and even Rogue did not dare to oppose the dominant Hardcore family. "It can't get worse than this", said the people but were soon to realize they were horribly wrong, after Enyo, the evil witch of Morcraven, became the queen of Hardcore family and governed with even more cruelty.

The dark domain has not been challenged to this day, the alliance stands firm, but the hope is still alive that someday Elysians will rise once more and crush the terror upon Seridia. People are whispering of Smooms and Doctor regaining their strenghts on some land far away, of Clansman, that was reborn as Nitager, roumors are saying Shasso's death was a hoax but there is still no news of Nidan, the original leader of Elysians. Also, Dragonsyoung has returned to his homeland, stronger than ever before, though the answer to the question whitch side would he take if the war blazed once again has remained unanswered for his true heart has always been a mystery..


This obviously has to be at least a few years old since the battlefield looks completely different now. Many things happened, like Dragonsyoung fighting for Vikings, Shivar getting crippled and the other ‘seed of Mortos’ joining Elysians, turning their souls dark. So someone might want to finish the story when the war finally ends. If it ends at all..

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I love this! ;) I absolutely LOVE this! ;):P:(


You've got talent, BeeQueen. :) We might not be able to publish it in the game, but I think we can definitely feature it in EL.net as one of the fan-fictions. (And hmm... well, we'll have to think about it, but maybe putting it in a scroll at Tirnym wouldn't be too bad after all...)


Keep on writing! I would love to hear the second part of the story!



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