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The Ocean Strider's Voyage

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A hooded figure made his way towards the docks, his ragged, torn cloak serving as his only disguise at the fog-layered shipyard. After a few quick inspections of the area, mentally preparing himself for the bold maneuver that stood before him, the elf drew out his bow, notching an arrow with the deepest regret. With one last look at the steadfast dwarvish sentry before the grand ship.


"Too long..." he muttered to himself, bending forward in the bush where he hid. "Too long have I been trapped here, all because of those damned dwarves and their gambling...every time I come near here, they always throw me back on that frozen wasteland of an island..."


He steadied the now-tense bow on his knee, cocking his head to the side for a better view of the dwarf.


"...But not this time."


He released the arrow and watched as it flew, unnervingly slowly it seemed, directly at the side of the guard's head. Within a few moments, the missle found its target, and the dwarf fell to the ground, impaled, and dead.


The caped elf wasted no time as he darted from the bush, bounding over the dwarf and scurrying aboard the pride of the captain's fleet loomed before him, the water below shimmering in the last of the light. Before long, he managed to find a half-filled storage compartment, and, with a great sigh, he flew in, closing and locking the door behind him.


After finding a seat on an overturned barrel that reeked of rotting fish, the elf finally lowered his hood, and stared into the darkness in silence. After these many years of torture and depression, he found himself consumed by eagerness...


Tumaros Treesoar was coming home.





















[~ :pinch: My roleplay-esque way of saying, "Hell yes, count me in :o]

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Appaled by the nature of things that had just happened. Brom stood from the rooftop he was hiding on, sitting in the shadow was a good idea, he was glad he followed his instincts. Still with sadness he looked upon the dwarf with his keen Draegoni eyes.

"Why are elves so rash, he could have simply knocked the dwarf out!"

Still with admiration in his eyes he thought to himself, "That was a good shot however, 50 paces out and right through his temple. Made all the more hard due to the fact he was wearing those darned dwarf helmets"

Walking to the edge of the roof and climbing down with little noise he walked upright to the spot where Placid was sitting behind the wall, unseen.

"Should we go drag him out of there or let him stow-away to Irilion?"

and a second later.

"If they make it"

The gnome only looked at him, holding his response to himself.

"Right then, Until a decision is made...Im going too!"

Brom runs off to the boat, searching for a place to stow-away as well, grateful that the guard had been removed. Brom, forsaking his stealth yelled toward the gnome.

"There are a few barrels here you could stow in too!" Knowing that the gnome would not like the joke.


Placid mumbled to himself, "Draegoni..."

























{ This is my way of saying, Heck yes, Im in! :icon8: }

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Gilthanas steps out of a nearby boat. "time to join the party", he mumbled. he stealthly jumps onto the boat and sneaks over to the captins chambers. he quickly ties up the captin and stores him in a storage room not noticing another elf in the corner, then he takes the captins clothes and puts them on. "nice fit", he says to him self quietly while smirking and heads to the captins chambers again. He then decides to lay down and go to bed.


(here is another lets go.)

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Starman steadily watched the numerous strangers stowaway into the ship. He had the flyer in his hand he had stole from a bulletin board at the portland library.


"Finally, a chance to free myself from this land..." He thought.


Starman Omega, or so he was called, quickly moved along the stone walkway to the docks. He unsheathed his old thermal titanium longsword and crept onto the beatiful Ocean Strider. as he hopped on, two grizzled sailors were coming toward the ship. He hopped off and with lightning reflexes, quickly jumped into a small cargo hold.


Starman quickly shut the door and took a fire essense out of his pack and into his dirty palm. the small essence dimly lit the damp innards of the cargo hold, and had stumbled upon some crates of fruit and beef. With the cargo door locked he thought of the land of Irrilion that awaited him, and the The old evils and nightmares he had left behind.



(Count me in as well.)

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Watching quietly from the limb of a nearby tree a half-elf by the name of Jormane watched as all these strangers boarded the ship. However there was something about the elf that shot the guard that reminded Jormane of an old friend from the past, but it couldn't be....could it....


Nimbly despite the titanium chainmail and large two handed sword strapped across his back Jormane dropped to the ground. As the moonlight hit his face only for a brief second you could see the gleam in his eyes, the thought of another adventure. Silently he wrapped his black cloak around him giving him the illusion of disappearing.


Moving quickly and quietly through the brush he moved to get a better vantage point on the two burly sailors before they discovered the fate that had befallen their friend. Pulling his cloak a little tighter Jormane moved even closer. With uncanny agility he jumped from the bushes using only two fingers placed in the right spots and a little magic the sailors dropped in a heap clearly unconscious.


With that he moved onto the ship taking refuge in the storage compartment to wait out the journey...


(Count me in too)

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A Elf cloaked in blue and wearing Strong, but light armor, stalks behind his Fellow Wanderer Tumaros, to not allow him to see him. Aokan moves silently from tree to tree following Tumaros from the tree branches.


His face covered by the cloak, one would not notice his presence in the dark even if they looked at him. As he approaches the docks he hears a arrow shoot with precise aim only Tumaros could supply. He smiles as he knew his friend would accompany him on his voyage.


As he approaches the Lamp on the docks he mutters some words under his breath and the flame goes out. He scurries along the tree branches to get closer to the Ship. A slight rustle in the night draws his attention as he sees Tumaros run up upon the ship and chuckles silently.


"My friend..use better tactics next time."


Aokan jumps down from the branches into a large crate of apples. He moves himself down into the bottom of the crate under the apples. and mutters.


"And so the fun begins, see you on the other side my brother Tumaros, don't die on me just yet."




((What can we say...Tuma and I can put up some bad ass rp..this is off the top of my head and rather short. Im also cold at the moment. But as it shows, im in! :icon8::D:P ))


((Edit: All RP posts moved to RP board, please continue RP posts their!!~ :lol: ))

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A lank, gracile shape covered by a heavy black coat, just like the elfs used to wear it, hides behind a barrel on the busy crowded dock of the Portland port, glancing up to the impressive expedition vessel:

... either they let me join this expedition or I'll just invite myself...


Thinks and grabs a thick rope dangling down the ships rail and swings herself up the ship easy like a feather.


... may my godess diskordia stand by me on this journey...

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Thanks to many hours in the Magic Convent's libraries (and other libraries), t'lan was able to secure passage from the Mage Council as a scribe and historian

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Atahn watched as the crowd gathered, and, while feeling out of place, he found his way to a wall, and leaned for a moment as the commission for the voyage was read. He always hated large crowds, and avoided them with passion, but he tended to find himself on the fringe of them at the most opportune times. Or the most inopportune, whichever case it might be.


As the crew boarded the ship, and the crowd seemed to thin, Atahn started to approah, then hesitated a step as an arrow flew past. He followed it to where it had struck, turned back, and saw an elf rush past. Fine shot, he thought to himself, I will need to get to know that elf.


He calmly walked toward the ship again, and stopped again as a Draegoni rushed ahead, nearly knocking him down. Some people are inconsiderate, he again thought to himself.


As he started again, he let nothing stop him this time again except the guards stationed at the ship. "None shall pass!" one bellowed as Atahn stopped, grasping his staff. Another spoke, "What business have you on this ship?"


Atahn spoke, "Do you not know who I am?" This was more a bluff; Atahn barely knew who he was.


The second guard responded, "Well, you don't look like a sailor, and rarely have I seen a mage clad in chain and leather. You'd fit in with soldiers, but all are accounted for."


With that, Atahn muttered a few words, and dissappeared. He reappeared on the other side of the guards, and continued on up the ship.


"SIR! You cannot... Stop! Get back here... Ah well, he must be of the company of the mages," the first guard called, with resignation.


They could definitely use some better guards, Atahn mused to himself. He then began the task of finding a place to stow away; as long as the others thought he was in the company of the mages, he'd be safe, but as soon as they showed up, it'd be obvious he wasn't one of them.


As he settled into a spot in the ship's hold, he bagan to think of what this new land might be - what secrets would it hold? Certainly he'd not learned all of them in Seridia, but now was the time to explore a new land. But even so, something in his mind kept nagging him - something didn't bode well for this trip.

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The Grandmaster heard the sound of footsteps in the hallway.

"Hmmm, rather late for vesper" he said to himself. Seconds later a gentle knock on the door was heard.

"Enter" the grandmaster said.

An Initiate stood in the doorway, he bowed and said:

"Pardon me Grandmaster, but the Grand Inquisitor humbly asks for your precence in the auditorium."


The Grandmaster looked surprised. Now just what could this be? Disturbing news, no doubt Then he turned to the initiate and said: "I will be there shortly, You may leave"


Minutes later they were all gathered in the Auditorium, and the Grand Inquisitor spoke: "Brothers and sisters! Lord Luxin of Whitestone City and Mayor Nyeald of Portland City are planning on sending a ship to the fabled Irilion. We know nothing about this continent, more that it is our ancestral home. Irilion is the continent we escaped, long before the Mythic Legion was formed."


The congregation looked startled. They had all read the scriptures, but never thought about the possibility of to hear from Irilion, not to mention being able to actually go there.


The Grandmaster looked at the anxious brothers and sisters.

"I sense your hesitation and fear, brothers and sisters. Maybe the secular government does not know what they are doing, or maybe they do. That I no nothing about, but I do know that the heretics of Irilion will have a bad influence on Seridia and our way of life. We all long to be able to walk the path of the great one, but this seems premature. Now let us pray for guidance"


The gathering discussed the matter for quite sometime, but the decision was that the Inner Sanctum, was to handle this. So after morning vesper the Inner Sanctum discussed the matter.

"I don't like this one bit" said the Grand Inquisitor, who was in a terrible morning mood, "They do not know what they are doing! The war in Irilion was the very reason we had to leave in the first place. Who knows what heresy goes on there now." he continued.


The Grandmaster looked at the Inquisitors and said:

"Well spoken Grand Inquisitor, I am afraid that we will have to delay this trip, until such time that we know more about the state of affairs in Irillion.

Wonder if the Scylla Dynasty is still making things worse.... Anyway, we need to know more before we can allow the innocents of Seridia to have contact with the Irilians."


The members of the Inner Sanctum nodded and the Grand Inquisitor was appointed to solve the matter.


Later that afternoon, two cloaked men met near the lighthouse in Portland. One of the men was tall and commanding, the other looked more shifty to the casual eye.

"Make sure it fails" was the last words spoken in their conversation. The tall man left hastily, wilhe the other looked at his newly gotten drill and dived into the water.

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From all the eyes seen and unseen, cretures from altered planes that were in Portland that night, one elf hooden in black, slowly found his way to the boat.

He was unsure if seen, his glowy red eyes could have given him away, if not that, moonlight that reflected from his plate armor might have.


Two swords, one hot as fire in his eyes, and other cold as his heart tasted no blood that evening, they prayed him to, affected his will.

He has seen the elf, admired his bow skills and his patience that he lost in Irilion.


It was a windy winter night, he remembered as shivers ran trough his body.

Lurking in wild lands, known as Kilaran fields, waiting for the right time to go to the Ruins of Tyrnim, when world started to shake, and demons came and took him, and all he could recognize from their evilish talk was "irilion", now he knows that there will be no life for him untill he goes there and now he has the chance to find out who took his power, who feed with his evil, who took his strenght and skills away, who made him reborn as half deamon back on the main land, weak....


He will go to Irilion seeking knowlegde and skills, items of great power, to pay back the deamons for all they did, and then return to the main land and slay the living in wild lands...



(p.s. deamon is entropy for not backup up the chars before the big crash LOL)..

(count me in)

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A young draegoni had packed her bags, and dressed into her finest linens the morning before the great journey to Iriliron, with tickets in hand and bright futures in her mind to come.


"Ah, Mistress Katrina, we've been expecting you." said a man dressed in a white tunic and fancy brown pants, with leather boots that went up to his knees. It was none other than the captain's second in command. "Please, allow me." He offered his arm to her as they stroud upon the large ship.


"Oh, please, call me Kat. No one ever uses my full name except for my parents."


"It is only proper, but as you wish."


"What a fine and glorious day for sailing it truley is....yet, something is afoot."


"I do not quite understand what you are saying." replied the man, as he lead Kat to the bow of the ship."


"can you not feel it? I feel as if there is someone watching....hiding....prehaps a spy, or a stowaway?"


"Oh, Katr- I mean Kat. I assure you that there is no one else here besides my crew gazing at upon your beauty, and of course a few other adventures like yourself. Now, enough of this, i'll take your luggage to your cabin. I'm sure that it is to your liking."


The captain's 2nd in command had left Kat staring out into the huge never ending sea, and had left her thinking of home, and the new life she was to have. She quickly brushed those thoughts away and left to go to her cabin. As she opened the door, she noticed a shadow lingering in the far end of the cabin.


"Hello? is anyone there?" she called out. There was still no answer. Kat had became very nervous and slowly took out her hidden dagger. A floor board creaked behind her. And before she knew it. Kat layed unconsious on the floor.



[My way of saying... wOOt! wOOt! new places to go and see!!!]





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An old, tired man walked to his bedroom window to a view of the nearby ocean. He could clearly see a large ship loading about 300 yards in front of him.


He opened the bottom drawer of an antique oak desk an pushed aside a few papers and coins. Behind them he saw an old wooden box which he quickly removed and placed atop the desk. Upon opening the long box, he sighed and took out the old telescopic device given to him by his great grandfather. Carefully he aimed it toward the ship and jumped back as he saw an arrow fly swiftly into the head of a guard dwarf. He continued watching as a sleek hooded figure darted aboard the ship. A glimpse of light caught the eyes of this stowaway, and at that the old man knew who it was.


He reluctantly left the window to change from his pijamas into something more appropriate for such a joyous day.

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Alderan silently watched from the top of a tree as the Elf shot the Dwarf and made his way onto the ship. He also saw several others making there way onto the ship, "Going to be crouded in that cargo hold..." Silently he jumped down from the tree, and quickly made his way onto the boat. He jumped into the cargo hold and hid behind some crates. "it's gonna be a long ride" He mumbled to himself.



((I'm in. :D ))

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Now wearing his nicest suit and shoes, the old man stuffed something in his pant pocket and began his walk toward the ship. He carried no bags or weapons with him.


His only fear right now was that there might be complete chaos onboard, but he knew he still had to board. Passing the murdered guard's corpse on the ground, he approached another guard, who gave him an unfamiliar look.


The old man reached into his pocket and showed some kind of palm-sized round object to the guard, then quickly returned it to his pocket. The guard patted the man's shoulder and whispered something in his ear, then motioned him onboard the ship.


The man entered the ship, and the stench of a dead orc filled his nose as he forced himself not to vomet. In the shadows of each room and compartment that the man walked past, he seemed to see hints of movement, but he kept walking until he reached a rather large crate at the end of the narrow hallway that he had been walking down. He patted the top of the crate, and sat on top of it, letting out a sigh of relief.

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Hiding in the shadow of a nearby house, stood a man concealed in a black cloak. Watching as the arrow felled the guard, Dunian planned his next action.


Taking three small round balls the size of marbles from a pouch, he placed them in his hand and uttered a spell under his breath. The balls swirled and started to shimmer in the darkness. He quickly hid them under his cloak, hiding the light from the guards.


Slowly the essences combined into magical energy, which inveloped him as he vanished into the mist. Then the spell began, and he felt himself being pulled; past the dead guard, through hull of the ship, and finally into the hold, where he rematerialized in the midst of the other stowaways.


This was his first voyage beyond the sight of shore, and he wasn't going to miss it for anything.


((I'm in too))


((Edit:Forgot to add that this is my first time RPing))

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(( Bah, my first try =P ))


As SisteMa told his strange vision of Irilion by the campfire of Isla Prima, the people around him watch in excitement:


"The first thing that I remember was the ship itself, with a few people aboard, sailing in the sea... and then... BANG!!"


*everyone jumps*


"Everything was black for a few minutes. Then I felt cold, very cold... the blackness started disappearing. After the blackness had faded away, I realised I was on the floor... covered with snow!!"


*everyone gasps*


"I don't know how I got there... But I remember that the snow was different" he gets a handful of snow from the floor and shows it...


"The snow in Isla Prima is very soft compared to the one in my dream. It was more like.... ice.. but still snow. Anyway, I looked around... it didn't look anything in Seridia, yep... I saw great blue glowing columns, reaching the skies... There were snow covered mountains, and caves, and… it was amazing!!"


He stood up, and started pacing back and forward, as if he was trying to figure something out...


"All of a sudden, I felt this warm breath behind my neck. I turned around and came face to face with the most beautiful being I had ever seen. She had blue eyes, and long white hair. She said something I couldn’t understand...-"


- What?!?

- Ah, you must be from Seridia, my young one?

- Er.....

- Come with me...


"She touched my hand, and at that very moment everything went white.... and I suddenly woke up...."


He sat back down, looking depressed....


"I wish I could see her again… too bad it was a dream....."



(( w00t! am I in?! =D ))

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Kendai's bright golden eyes glint in the moonlight as she smirks at the fallen dwarf.


"What fools they were..." she thought to herself. This would be so simple to complete her mission. Pulling her cloak tightly around herself, she silently strolls on board, her long black hair pulled under the brim of a sailor's hat, looking as gruff as any of them. Heading for the cargo hold, she sniffs the air. There were rats on board... and not just the creatures. Stowaways, no doubt, like herself. But would they oppose her or join her in her mission? Reaching into her cloak for a dagger, she keeps it close at hand as she settles behind a barrel, waiting for the ship to take off before she made her first move.


(This RP needs a few bad guys... or girls, in my case :()

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Regar listens to people scurrying around the ship from his post outside Baron Wilde's cabin. Pretty active for this late hour. Well, as long as no one disturbs the Baron, I'll let them be...after all, I'd be sneaking aboard, too, if I hadn't managed to get this job. Regar sighs. I just love guarding pampered, overbearing nobles, like Baron Wilde. I swear, I hope he suffers from Centau's Curse. But hey, at least I'll get to see Irillion before the rest of the Seridians. As Regar considers all the movement he's been hearing all night he sighs again. Well, most of them, at least. Regar chuckles as he shifts his thermal serpant sword in its scabbard and settles in for a long, sleepless night. I hate wearing all this Mortos-cursed metal, it chafes. Regar adjusts his cuisses. I hope none of these glory-seeking fools tries anything tonight...I'd hate to have to kill anyone I might know.











Count me in, too! (all u criminals, sneaking on board...for shame :(:blink: )

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A new post hangs on the wall and is announced by the two scholars


Friendly Relations established with the Idal Empire!


Baron Wilde, leading the diplomatic mission to the citizens of Irilion, has been met with a warm welcome from the Imperial Court of the Idal Empire. We have discovered that the Idal Empire does not have a cure to the curse of Mortos, although they have been similarly affected. Baron Wilde and Empress Hyanithe IX have agreed to work together in trying to discover a cure for the curse. Empress Hyanithe IX has expressed her commitment to helping establish a safe route between Irilion and Seridia in order to further enhance co-operation between our leaders. At the moment, the mages of Tarsengaard are working at establishing a temporary teleportal on Irilion in order to facilitate transfer of essential people and materials between the two continents.


~The Association of Scribes and Scholars~

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The young humkey flys out of the crate marked, "send far away from me. DON"T RETURN TO SENDER!"-kala. "hey, wtf this isnt Roanof :( " Sora the humkey said. "Well I might as well stash inside a barrel like all these other visable stash aways," he thought, "I'll just ask Kat the Draegoni, after all I must have been sent here for a reason, other then that half of Seria wants me dead." With that, the sneaky humkey grabbed a barrel with his tail and jumped in.


(count the only humkey in :wacko: o and sry if its a little short i was in a hurry :icon13: )

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((Atahn, taking place about the time of the wreck))

Atahn had dozed for ahwile it seemed; the trip hadn't been that rough - or at least as rough as he thought. Why couldn't he shake this feeling of foreboding?


Just then, the ship jolted, as if were smashed against a wall... Had they struck something? Would they be able to repair it? Were they already in Irilion, and about to die? Certainly, if ever there was a time to move, now was it.


Atahn leapt to his feet, and steadied himself on the crate he'd sat in the shadow of. Certainly, whatever happened, he wouldn't let such a thing as hiding in the ship's hold keep him from adventure.


He opened the hold from the inside - gotta love the security here, he thought to himself - and came out on the deck.


He leaned to a sailor, and asked, "What happened?"


"Who the 'ell are ye?"


Just then, Atahn found himself saved by the Captain himself, as he bellowed orders "Nevermind him, we must get the cargo off this ship! You!" he continued, now looking on Atahn. "You can help us. Get anyone you can off the ship, then help haul off the cargo."


Atahn wasn't about to question, and as the Captain continued, decided he'd try to blend in with the company of the Baron, if he could. This is where the real adventure would be, for now, any other advernture could just wait. Disguising himself, he made his way off the ship, ducked behind a bush, and waited for the Baron's company to depart.


EDIT: typo.

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((James, also around the time of the wreck))


The old man had just begun reading what appeared to be an ancient elven text when out of nowhere he was heaved off of his crate by the jolting momentum of the ship. He knew this meant the ship had crashed, but he did not know where they were.


He pulled his crate about three feet away from the wall and walked around to the other side of it, where it read "Sir James Gossard" in capitalized red letters. He forced the top open and took a look inside at his posessions, taking out a compass and two small tools.


He sat down on the floor between the crate and the wall and arranged the three items on the floor in front of him. After studying them for quite some time, he said to himself "Ahh, we've made it to Irilion alive."


He put the items back in the crate, pushed the top back down as far as it would go, and began dragging it through the hold, then out onto the deck. He was met by a few guards, to whom he flashed the round object from his pocket, and carried on. He pitied the many stowaways who he saw being put to work.


Once off the ship, James pushed his crate underneath a tall tree and sat down next to it. He needed a rest after dragging such a heavy crate such a long way.



(err..count me in ..i forgot to say that earlier :ph34r: if it makes any difference)

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