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oh my god they are super men?

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I am not advertising or anything but I almost got an heart attack right around now...




so my ipod came atfer around the end of the second week waiting...



Is an american company , www.ipodmods.com



shit I almost choked atfer reinstalling my ipod program and see how many space in my ipod...




I suppose to have only a 4 gb IPOD , but shit I almost choked , and I choked so bad , they gave me a 6 gb microdrive and only charged me for 4 pb microdrive with everything else...



because of water damaged everything have to be replaced , now the shell of my ipod has 4gb on it when is a 6gb...




Shit this company is nice , this is a such an american friendly company...



my ipod just came a second ago... from the gobal mail people.




if you don't know yet , my ipod is only suppose to be a 4 gb green mini.... but now it got a powerful 6gb micro DRIVE....


are they super men?

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first of all, i think this is supposed to go in miscilanious (i know i misspelled it, but who cares)


and second of all, it sounds more like they made a mistake over there, like, they gave you the wrong drive. but STILL! dammit, why cant anything ike that ever happen to me? damn lucky *grumbles*

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