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The origins of fluffies and chimmies

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The rabbits side of the tale


Long ago before Fluffies and chimmies ever existed, the rabbits lived peacefully on Isla Prima. They were very happy despite being killed so often. Then one day the rabbites had an argument, the brown rabbits were arguing that the white rabbits had hoarded all the food for themselves and greedily kept the supply from the brown rabbits. The white rabbits argued that the brown rabbits were just lazy in gathering their food but the truth was that they had more trouble blending in with the snow that they where spotted and killed before they could bring the food back to their hideout. They realised this and rushed to the cave on Isla Prima to make plans. The white rabbits however were gnawing away on their big supply of food in their secret hideout the second secret cave on Isla Prima. The brown rabbits formed a plan, they put black paint into the pipes that brought water to the white rabbits. When the rabbits when to the taps for their daily drink, they were covered by black in and there blending in ability was destroyed. This made the white rabbits in danger because not only did the brown rabbits constantly attack them, but the players could easily see them. So the white rabbits sent a representative to go to the Valley of the dwarves and sneak into the temple of Mortos and negotiate with him to help the rabbits win thier war. He agreed that if the rabbits promised to help him in his invasion he will help them win thier war. So the deal was made and Mortos granted the rabbits ultimate power. He made all the white rabbits on Isla Prima into fluffy rabbits. They destroyed the brown rabbits and drove them underground. They soon began to attack the people on Isla Prima. As a result they built snow forts and snow catapults that you still see on the Island to resist against the fluffy rabbits. This held them off for a very short time but the will of the gods are kind for Aulwen sent her army to the temple of Mortos to distract the bunnies from Isla Prima and to send them to the Dwarven Valley. This diversion worked well and the Fluffy rabbits left Isla Prima to defend Mortos. They were spared.


The wolves side of the story


The wolves have lived so happily along both sides of nordflaq river. They all lived under one alpha wolf and he ruled with power. All was well untill one day Aulwens forces marched along the east side of the river and destroyed thier home. This angered the Alpha wolf and so he sought revenge upon Aulwen. He went to the temple of Mortos during the night when Aulwens forces were resting and made a deal with Mortos to serve him forever if he could get revenge on Aulwen. This deal was made and Mortos turned all the wolves into Chimera Wolves.


The battle!


The next day Aulwens forces arrived at the temple of Mortos when they were attacked. Fluffies attacked from the north and Chimmies attacked from the south. This battle destroyed the town of Mynadar and killed many dwarves. The army of Aulwen was destroyed and Mortos sent his army to attack the rest of Serdia. Even to this day the Fluffies and Chimmies serve their master Mortos. They are an unstoppable force and power. Perhaps other animals will go to Mortos to ask for power in the distant future.................................

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