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Evalin's weekly lucky draw

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-PM me at any time in game, and hand me 1k gc.

-I will then write down your name here and how many tickets you have purchased.

-I will add your gc to the pot, and keep a tally running here for all to see.

-Come Sunday, I will use a number generator to pick 3 winners.

-1st place wins 50% of the total pot.

-2nd place wins 30% of the total pot.

-3rd place wins 20% of the total pot.


good luck to all who have that gambling spirit, these are the best odds you can get out of a lotto, being I get no profit, it's all sent to winners.



29000 gc



Ailenya - won 14.5k gc

Phenic - won 8.7k gc

Asmodai - won 5.8k gc



32000 gc



Phenic - won 16k

Kylara - won 9.6k

Hooked - won 6.4k



25000 gc



Rapono - won 12500

Duckyo - won 7500

Gizz - won 5000


*Phoenix83 hosted this week's lotto in my absence



88000 gc



Chaoogie won 44k gc

Van_Binsbergen won 26.4k gc

Chaoogie won 17.6k gc

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well, kals, you wouldn't have a problem hearing about it, I announce in guild channel... as for everyone else, mods said they won't announce anything that requires money to participate. Since it costs 1k per ticket, I'm on my own to advertise.


random idea though... I'm going to make it a weekly thing, and keep it updated here. If you want to buy a ticket, it's 1k gc. pm me in game and I'll write you down. Drawings will be every friday (no set time, but I'll post the results when I log in friday)


we can do this 2 ways, either everyone picks a number (1 to 50) and if someone, or multiple people get the number, they split all the money. If no one hits it, that jackpot moves on to next week's, but the closest person gets a certain % of it.


choice 2 is just do it the way I did, and have everyone get a number, then draw the random numbers for winners each week.


As of right now, I'll do it the 2nd method, but post if you'd like to see it the 1st way.


Either way, lotto tickets are on sale as of now at 1k gc each, buy as many as you want ^_^


1st - 50%

2nd - 30%

3rd - 20%

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i would like to see the first option put into practice. it seems like a very good idea, and this way everyone could buy a ticket at some point and not have to worry about missing it.


i spend about 99% of my time on the Newbie channel, cos i like the people and it gives a chance to pass on my knowledge, meet some nice people (and every now and again it needs keeping under control when the mods arent on which is where i try and help). only broadcasting on the market channel would stop me from even knowing that you were putting on such an event, so buying tickets in advance is better.

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Winning is fun!


I think your other idea is worth trying out Evalin, the supa lotto rollover.

Im willing to spread the word manually during the last lotto hour or so. Basicly going to storages, telling people, maybe screaming, not quite sure yet.


If we can drum up a large number of happy gamblers then :D if you know what i mean.


finally ive got my cheap as chips hotmail registered here :fire:

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drawing will be tomorro night, I'm expecting the pot to grow to near what it was last week when i start advertising on channels, but who's to say I'll be on when you are, buy those tickets while you can :P

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just a reminder, tickets are on sale all week, but i only advertise the day of drawings (friday) pm me in game to pick one or more up.

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phoenix83 (another riva) will be taking over my lotto as i'm leaving el


i've passed the money to him, and instructed him in how to host. it's all on his shoulders now :P

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okay folks, evalin is leaving el and i pray not 4 ever and has asked me to step in her place to run this so if u wanna buy a ticket pm me ingame, ill try and be online as much as i can handle :P


tickets are still on sale for 1k gc and i will be in the riva house on friday to host the draw, the riva house is located in votd, if u dont know where this is then its the end house north of the storage bot


it will b hosted at 9pm gmt time on fridays so make sure you have your tickets by then


if u have any ideas or suggestions on making the lottery more fun then message me your ideas on this forum with a subject saying 'lottery ideas' so i know wat its about


i hope i make eva proud in this and good luck to you all



25000 gc



Chatterbug89 - 1 Ticket

Ujio - 1 Ticket

Assasin - 5 Ticket

Gizz - 1 Ticket

Gink - 1 Ticket

Coco - 1 Ticket

Marc - 2 Ticket

Link_I - 1 Ticket

Tenebrae - 1 Ticket

Sorinake - 1 Ticket

Hooked - 3 Ticket

Duckyo - 2 Ticket

VampireVorador - 1 Ticket

Gink - 1 Ticket

Rapono - 1 Ticket



3rd - Gizz - 5000

2nd - Duckyo - 7500

1st - Rapono - 12500


i will do my best to catch all winners when they r online





Edited by phoenix83

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and has asked me to step in her place




even after i'm gone people pull this... :omg:


Evalin = male != female


Evalin equals male not female


don't make me post pics of myself, only riva's aloud to them documents, highly confidential :P

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due to lack of interest this week... and abundance of parties that are drawing me back out into teh rl... I'll be postponing the lotto til sunday, and will host it on sundays from here on out. the pot this week so far is at 22k thanks to a couple high rollers. come take there money and participate in a hopeful 50k gc pot :blush:

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sorry i wasn't on last sunday, but i'm home for the week (visiting teh folks) and don't have a computer down here. you won't be seeing me in el til monday. see ya then.

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