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Mori Ranmaru

The Tale of Mori_Ranmaru

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This is the tale of Mori, of the Ranmaru clan:




A long time ago, on a distant continent, two families settled on the bank of a beautiful river. The families were the Ranmaru family and the Date family. Soon, more settlers, fleeing the troubled lands to the south, joined the two families and soon a town was formed. The town grew and soon became a safe haven for those seeking protection.


One day, the river ran the color of blood, and became undrinkable. The townsfolk murmured and discussed what this could mean. The people who had come from the south said that a similar effect had happened to their rivers, and in a year or two, the monsters would attack. However, most of the townsfolk decided that this was foolishness and disregarded it. Only the two original families heeded this warning. In the meantime, the water had to be purified, and one of my ancestors, a great scholar and mage, created a spell that rid the water of all taints, making it pure. This spell was only taught to members of my family, the Ranmaru family.


As the years passed, the town grew as always, but soon the houses to the outside of the town reported seeing fire in the distance and seemed troubled. My family and the Date family both recalled the warning about monsters and constructed a boat each, in preparation to flee if the monsters should come.


One day, a horde of monsters appeared on the other side of the river, Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, and Cyclops were there. Chimaran Wolves hungered for blood, and Ogres eagerly awaited the massacre. The town was shocked. What shall we do? How will we survive? What will happen to our children?


The Ranmaru and Date families told the citizens to flee and seek the safe haven of the great elven cities of the North. The families loaded up their boats and prepared to depart, leaving the doomed village behind. For days they traveled on the river yearning to reach the open sea. Armed with fishing rods, and the spell to purify water, they said goodbye to their home.


When they reached the sea, they decided to make their life on the ocean, never again to set foot on the troubled lands. At first life was hard, and many died. There were pirate attacks, and seasons where the fish seemed to disappear. However, life grew better, and their dream was realized as the two boats slowing turned into a small floating island of wood. As the years passed, the small floating island grew into a floating fortress, with forges, kitchens, bedrooms, and everything that the Families needed to survive. Young children were trained at a young age, taught the water purification spell, and well learned in the art of fighting with the Katana to defend our home from the scum of the sea, pirates,. I was one such child, the floating fortress was the only home that I had ever known, the birds were my friends, and the fish were my food. This is where my story begins.



Part One, Childhood:


When I was young, when I was carefree, when my only worries were whether or not my friends would be able to play that night, those were the best days of my life. I attended the small school that taught the children of the Fortress, and slowly grew strong with the Katana. When I had gotten to fifth grade, I had already mastered the Water Purification spell, and was learning advanced magic that was normally not taught until adulthood.


One night, I heard shouts and jumped out of bed, forgetting to grab my sword. I ran outside my room and ran to my parent’s room, to see what was going on, as I approached, I realized that the door was cracked, My parents always made sure that the door was shut. I peered through the door and saw my parents kneeling on the floor. An unknown voice cackled and taunted my parents. Sounds of fighting drifted from the outside part of the fortress. I realized that it must be a pirate attack.


Suddenly, my body filled with anger as I watched a hand reach out and grab my mother. Simultaneously, I heard a voice utter a command in a language that I didn’t know. I watched as an old cutlass descended on my father’s neck. I watched in horror as the blood started to flow. I didn’t have time to get my katana, so I prepared one of the most advanced spells that I had been taught, and pulled open the door.


The pirates glanced up at me, probably dismissing me as child, who couldn’t do anything. I concentrated and uttered the words for the spell. The pirates froze where they were; I held them with bonds of air and created a box of air around them. Then I summoned water from the ocean and filled the box with water. The water slowly filled the box of air; the pirates realized what I was doing and started to struggle against the invisible bonds. When the water reached the top of the box, I watched in a grim satisfaction as the fire inside the pirates slowly spluttered and went out. I cast a small lightning spell, making sure that the pirates were finished. Then I sat by my father’s body and wept for hours.


When the Elders discovered me, I was punching the pirates’ bodies over and over again, not even realizing what I was doing in my grief. From that day on, my mother was a different woman; she was seldom seen outside of her room. She never said a word to me, and when I was fifteen, she passed away, it wasn’t worth living to her anymore…


Part Two, The task:


I had grown a lot since the night my father had perished at the hand of the pirates, and was turning into the strongest warrior that the fortress had seen since its creation. The elders charged me with the education of all the children on The Fortress. I dutifully taught the children, hoping that when the time came, they would have the strength to do what I was training them for.


Our existence on The Fortress remained unknown to the rest of the world. One day, the Elders called me to a meeting. They wanted to see how the outside world has advanced since the two families had fled their town centuries ago. They wanted someone to travel the oceans and see if the world has changed enough for the Ranmaru and Date clans to reveal themselves. They had chosen me to research for them and bring back new knowledge that would influence the decisions that the Elders would make in the Future.


I was grateful of their decision, as my job teaching had become dull, I needed some adventure. They said that I would have one month for me to prepare for my trip. I gathered food, polished my armor and Katana, and created a list of the things that I needed to find. First, I would have to see if the monsters had been defeated or if they had pillaged and burned across The Lands.


Then I was to gain knowledge, spells, weapons, cooking, anything that I thought would better The Fortress. When the time came, I cast off in my ship, looked back at the only home that I had known, and set sail to complete my task. After many weeks of sailing, I came across an Island that seemed to be infested with small furred creatures and many people. I learned from a woman named Lasud that I had arrived on Isla Prima, part of the continent of Seridia.

My quest has begun………




This is the first story related to Eternal Lands that I've made, so tell me what you think =)


I'm not quite sure if this is where to post this though


Edit: I added the paragraphs (Let me know if I divided it up at a bad place), some small grammer, capitilization corrections.

Edited by Mori Ranmaru

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Well written, however there are a few things that need to be ironed out.


Aside from the usual grammer ( :bow_arrow: ) and spelling mistakes, there needs to be paragraphs. As it is now you only have three when there is the potential for more. This would increase the ease of reading and flow.


Also, I am not too sure on the katana sword. I would venture to say that there could be curved swords such as the katana sword in the game. However it would not have the same name as the Katana is associated to a real life class of people (the samurai). Perhaps it could be renamed in game, however that is a decision best left up to the developers. I also could be wrong and they may want the status quo. My advice is to leave it in hopes that roja or another developer will take a look at this (i will bring it to their attention). Once they reach an agreement you can go from there, and i will be happy to provide a suggestion if you need.


Thank you for contribution we storylines appreciates it.

Edited by Quinticus

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I was kind of hoping that the Katana (could be renamed, but the basic concept), and samurai, could be native to the "Distant continent" perhaps to be implemented later. For example, Samurai (again, could be renamed) armor and weapons could only be purchased on this continent. This also opens opportunities for new building models, NPC quests ect. ect. ect.

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Unfortunately I doubt this is possible at least in the foreseeable future. I only say this because the developement team has thier hands full now with the second continent. Also with the update on the second continent will be new weapons, armors, and objects.


After this update, who knows. But I doubt very much anyting related to real world themes will be implemented. A curved sword, like the katana could be implemented easily (i presume, of course). However everything it embodies would have to be subject the specific person utilizing it. It's symbol would only be relative to those who would view it in its original context in game. Other wise it is just another blade.


I do appreciate your hope and contribution, though. And I do encourage you to continue pushing for a blade much like the katana in game. Though the titanium long looks much like a katana (more of the ninja make as it is straight). I would like to see it and others.

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