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teh uber punishment idea

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like if you break a rule first you are warned and if you like continue to break that rule you can be sent to teh ebul island of doom! what does it do you may ask? it takes away about 5 lvls from every stat AND you can have negitive stats. if you were lvl -2 it would be the same exp needed to lvl at lvl positive 2 :unsure: now more about the island it would have no objects just a desert island surrounded by lava no objects and nothing fancy so nobody will be like "i want to see teh ebul island of doom" while on the island you can't talk no local or channels so they cant go pestering anyone. ill like even make the map it cant take very long to make...

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Maybe a Box would be better, a piece of land big enough for one person to stand on and have passing invulnerable monsters keep attacking/ killing them. Auto-Respawn on the box (no underworld), so they are stuck in a death loop eventually the'll loose any items they had on them (as they can't reclaim their bag as they will be attacked once then get respawned).


In order to stop people logging out and not logging in so they can try to work around the box, make it so they have to spend a certain amount of login time there (time dependant on what they did).


The box is an adapted idea from an old 2D net game I play :-) (but in that any active staff can take the place of the NPCs).

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on the island why dont we put GRUES in it to do both the harm AND the lagging, theres nothing worse than a hungry grue on there island where they are 'fed' the 'bad meat' :lol: oOooO you know what would be cool too?! having the bad people be servants! this might put learners ants out of the picture but then again there all over the place lol j/k learner, but it will be like putting them on paroll until they have made up time for there crime <-----just a thought :(

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