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Death of the Soldiers Part 1

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In a field in White Stone stands a small army with 1 General.General Palador says to his men:

The Lands.The Lands are destroyed by all the races that lives here.We Humans must save the Lands.The Smelly Orcs and Goblins must die!!!All the creatures must be destroyed except the Dwarves and Elves.I Want to see their heads rolling over the floor.I want to drink THEIR BLOOD!!Now we go to White Stone City.General Tryks will stand there with an army of 120 men.Now,off we go!!

An orc was in the bushes,he heard everything what General Palador said so he runs to the caves tells Vocrot(The Leader of the Orcs) that the Humans are coming.

Vocrot:Go to the Gargs,fluffy's,Trolls,Skeletons,Cyclops and our blessed Chimeran Wolf to tell that the humans will attack,maybe the Elves and Dwarves will help!!!The Ogres shall not help.They hate wars...

AAAaaahhhhhhh!!My friend Palador!!Welcome in White Stone City!We are ready to help you cause the monsters are annoying in our city.

Come and we destroy every monster here!Wow wait,Tryks.First we go to Vermor Castle and we kill every monster then we go to the caves.And the rest of White Stone!!!We Will win this war, the White stone Humans shall rule here!

And they left WSC....

MONSTERS!!!!Listen to me!!!we go to Vermor Castle!!We gonna hide there and suprise the Humans!!!i want 2 heads!!!Tryks and Palador bring them to me!!!And they also went to Vermor Castle...

After a few hours the Humans stood before the castle.No monsters here.Very strange.But then they saw before then a big army rises out of the ground.With the evil Vocrot!!!Attack!!!!!!They ranto the enemy.In The first seconds

it was full of blood.Green and red blood.But the humans were surrounded.They still fight but they will die there.Palador said:Dont give up ive got a little suprise for the monsters!!!Omg a rabbit on my leg!!!NOOOOOOOO!!!aaarghhh!!!a soldier was taken by the Fluffy rabbit a Chemiran wolf was ready to attack.After the monsers there was a bunch of Elves with bows and Dwarves with axes!!

Lets kill those ugly monsters!!The Elves shot the Chemeran right in the head and the humans are fighting harder because the monsters are still looking to the reinforcements.After 5 minutes the monsters were defeated.Victory for the Humans,Elves and Dwarves but what they didnt knew is that there was a new Lord of Evil in Vermor Castle...end of Part 1

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The Door of Vermor Castle swings open and there she stood.Everyone thought they were friendly didnt do anything but now the words of the old man Aragorn1(i think he died near a Chemiran wolf) and the refreshing MadGambler are coming true: The Ants have lost their minds!!!The Ant_Queen stood there with OMG said Palador and Tryks: Lord Shivar!!!!Tryks said:Its starts with bagjumping and killing,it ends with killing and World Domination.Hes the son of Lord Vermor says people!!!!He destroyed the FBS(Federal Bot System) and stole the Ants.He programmed them again and now their standing there.He finally got his army.

Welcome Human races.Today the Human army will be destroyed and then the rest.

To bad Donpedro and the others left the army for be with their family....But this is my family. I Hate Mortos.I Hate Gods!!Black Ants attack!!!!!!

Suddenly a Black Forced army is coming to the Humans and The small army's of the Dwarves and Elves.LETS THROW THE HOLY HANDGRENADE!!!!!shut up Velot,you one-liner,dont steal from good old movies!!!!Its Copyrighted,yelled Palador.Ok,General.100 ants coming closer.A creation of the Humans shall destroy the Humans!!The Dwarves and Elves ranned away.They got fear of the dead but Humans,nonono they will stand there till they all fall on the ground!!And so the monsters and the Ants attacks them.Please Mortos help us,cryed Tryks!

And suddenly,the cloudy weather dissapeared and the air changed in fire.Mortos and his army of soldiers came from upstairs.Mortos looked to the Monsters and Ants.A big fireball hits the ground.The Humans ranned away to their city cause Mortos will kill the Monsters&Ants.They saw fluffy's burning,orcs melting and Shivar+the Ants dissapeared.This war is Not over Shivar still lives and there are still a few monsters in other maps....Thank Mortos for this wonder!!!

But its not the end.This is only a beginning of the end(dam i hope Tolkien is not after me and Monty Python)

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pplzz 1 reaction



By far the worst story in the forums. ;)


EDIT: I noticed this is, Death of a soldier part 1. When are you planing to release the sequel?

Edited by giannis

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Hey not the worst :P yeah i know its very bad and short got already another oen but to lazy to type it.Its much longer and more adventures i think i made the story to fast.And ends to fast.Next better

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As there were two different parts to the story and two separate threads, i merged the threads.


Sorry i haven't been as active as i should be the past few days, the wife had wisdom teeth removed leaving me to care for our 7 month old son.


I would like to say you have an interesting story going here. However, it feels a bit watered down. The grammer and spelling could use work and i would like to see more description. HOWEVER, i think if these things were worked on you'd have a very compelling story.


Great job, thank you very much for making an addition. PM by forum me if you would like some help.

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