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Clan Essence(magic,alchemy,and potion)

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Hey I thought I'd start a magic clan. :shock:

Im trying to make this the first "real" functioning magic oriented clan in EL


What we need: a few good players.(duh)


essence makers,

mages,(um duh...?)

potion makers(alchemy).

(we might need more people as in manu people later)


ok if this thing flys here how it will go...


#1.The essence makers.. you guys make essences and take orders.

for doing this you will always be payed over the shop selling price of 100 and are guarenteed to always have a sale(if you make the right kind that is :P )


#2.mages.. do i really have to explain this? You guys can post orders for essences and pots and buy them. Also, when the clan gets rolling(if it does)

you will recieve a FREE magic cape upon your reaching lv 30 magic(much later we might also do this for pots and alchemy)


#3.Potion makers.. ok it should be obvious what you guys do.. make spirit res pots. and an occasional body rest order when someone wants to train thier combat (which is perfectly fine but im trying to make this clan neutral for now)


as for management...

once again.. only if this gets going


top-me (Booyah!)

next-my successor

then-top of classes(highest magic is one then highest potions...etc. they are equal in classes)

after that-people above lv 20(30?)

last-people below lv 20 (30?)


ok post here if your interested in joining... el name-


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i would like to be in this guild im raising the stats you mentioned right now pm me in game or on the forum btw could you give me a member list



p.s. my stats are










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