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A Poem, A Poem

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The rabbit was sitting

Sitting in the forest

He was living on his island

And eating lots of porridge (well it was a strange rabbit, I mean most don’t stop running)


He was running

The rabbit was being chased

He was running

The n00b was catching him


The rabbit was being skinned

The n00b has caught him

The rabbit’s meat was taken

He was dead


The n00b had left the bones

They settled into the ground

The gods hadn’t looked them over

The bones were given a gift


They were allowed to rest with the speaking bones

The gift was given with love

All n00bs were told to listen

And to respect the bones


When they passed them over

They heard a voice telling them

Asking them:

Whether they had any respect for the dead


The rabbit was sad

He did not know why

He was feeling pain

And horror


He didn’t know what was happening

But he knew that something was changing

Suddenly there fell

Something white through the air


The older bones told him it was snow

He did not know what it was

He felt the cold

And he perceived that it was called winter


For the word was in his blood

He wished the winter would pass

That it would soon go away

It did not stop


The snow stopped falling from the sky

But it piled in drifts everywhere

He did not know whether to laugh or to cry

But he did know that his wish was denied

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